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THE VISIONARY. Silent is the house: all are laid asleep: One alone looks out o'er the snow-wreaths deep, Watching every cloud, dreading every breeze That whirls the wildering... More > drift, and bends the groaning trees. Cheerful is the hearth, soft the matted floor; Not one shivering gust creeps through pane or door; The little lamp burns straight, its rays shoot strong and far: I trim it well, to be the wanderer's guiding-star.< Less
Is It True? An Expose on Pilates- The Man and The Method By Kiley Baker
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"It It True? An Expose on Pilates- The Man and The Method" explores the history of Joseph Pilates and the incredible exercise method that he developed. It discusses the principles behind... More > the method as well as the beneficial effects and the ideology behind Classical Pilates versus Contemporary Pilates. This book utilizes scientific research as well as personal testimonials to prove the miraculous effects that Pilates and why it is the right exercise method for you.< Less
Is It True? An Expose on Pilates- The Man and The Method By Kiley Baker
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"Is It True? An Expose on Pilates- The Man and The Method" discusses the story of Joseph Pilates and the revolutionary method of exercise that he created; The Pilates Method. This book... More > reviews the history of the method, it;s principles, it's beneficial effects, and addresses the topic of Classical versus Contemporary Pilates. Baker uses scientific research as well as personal testimonials to demonstrate the miraculous, healing effects of the Pilates method and why it is the right exercise program for you.< Less
Pilates - Stronger Core, Flatter Abs By Shane Nicoletti
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This 61 page book can be used to teach and learn up to 20 Pilates and corrective movements. The method we use at FFI is suitable for rehabilitation and has an emphasis on training in neutral spine in... More > the early stages. We promote corrective exercise with the goal of advancing to the Pilates original repertoire.< Less
Cancer Exercise Pilates Mat Course By Andrea Leonard & June Kahn
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June Kahn introduces gentle Pilates mat exercises designed to address the specific postural and range of motion limitations and lymphatic drainage issues of cancer survivors in this easy to follow... More > handbook. This book is a supplement to the Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification.< Less
Perfect Pilates: The Art of Modeling Your Body By Martine Curtis-Oakes
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Learn how to realign your body with Pilates mat work. A simple yet sophisticated and entertaining guide to understanding all levels of Pilates mat as taught at the top Pilates certification center in... More > France. This is a simple approach to understanding not only the exercises, but the intent behind the exercises and the concepts that will aid in their execution. More importantly, learn how the concepts can be applied in daily life to eliminate pain and to truly enjoy movement.< Less
A Good Friday: From the Diary of Pontius Pilate By Michael Massey
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Pontius Pilate describes his own experience of the trial of Jesus on Friday, April 3, 33 AD.
Advanced Pilates Matwork Training - From Function to Fitness By Shane Nicoletti
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FFI advanced Pilates training, studies and teaches, Joseph Pilates original 34 matwork movements. Alongside these full body movements, we look at how they target our bodies myofascial chains.
The Gospel of Gamaliel: Lament of the Virgin and the Martyrdom of Pilate By Zen Garcia
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The brother of Nicodemus, like him Gamaliel was part of the Pharisee leadership which ruled over the Jewish people during the time of Christ. But unlike Ananias and the high priest Caiaphas which... More > conspired to murder of Yahushua, he and his brother believed that Christ was the son of God. This manuscript reveals in detail the story of Yahushua’s ministry, persecution, crucifixion, and resurrection as witnessed by the apostles and Virgin Mary. It follows up with the story of Pontius Pilate’s martyrdom for allowing the Pharisees to incite him to murder what was obvious even to the Emperor Tiberius and his wife whose son was resurrected by Christ that He was indeed God incarnate. This text will help those that are interested in the passion of Christ to a more elaborate understanding of what occurred surrounding the events of those days.< Less
Apprenez le Pilates By Alexis Delune
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Souhaitez-vous affiner votre silhouette ? Avoir un ventre plat, des jambes plus fines ? Cet ebook contient 24 exercices Pilates clairement expliqués, agrémentés de nombreuses... More > photos. En une heure, chassez votre tension tout en assouplissant et affermissant votre corps. Une méthode de gymnastique douce ayant fait ses preuves autant chez les particuliers que les grands sportifs, convenant aussi bien aux hommes qu'aux femmes. Dans cet ebook, vous apprendrez notamment à : . travailler vos abdominaux et acquérir un ventre plat . détendre votre dos . étirer vos membres . affiner vos jambes et votre bassin . méditer par une respiration contrôlée --------------------------------- Série "Apprivoisez le bien-être", volume 5. Découvrez d'autres ouvrages de développement personnel en cliquant sur le nom de l'auteur< Less

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