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Almond Eyes, Baby Face By Pilleater
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The millennial generation is lost in a sea of virtual reality. At the end of The 2000s, the internet took over an innocent generation onto “social media.” The world was finally over in... More > 2012. …Or was it? It began the life of a crude individual by the name of Pilleater, who undertook a quest into his own sexuality. This is a collection of short stories of all of his traumas and ill wishes upon society. From everything to horrible memoirs, awkward house parties, miserable depression, and vaporwave science-fiction, this book is about a certain subject that haunts this generation. If you ever were an avid reader of Juxtapoz, Giant Robot, or Amped Asia magazine, and you had a psychotic or abusive Asian girlfriend, you will begin to see the same revelations that Pilleater written down in this book. Flip to any page and start reading. You will regret that choice.< Less
Trip By Pilleater
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We all know Richard Spencer was banging Asian chicks back in the day! …And this book is a part of that tradition! Pilleater’s two novellas struggle with the theme of... More > “Asian-Aryanism.” Trip is about Tom Delunge, an avant-garde stand-up comedian, and his Chinese-American girlfriend, Daisy Liang. The Rape of M’khal is an erotic science-fiction story about submissive aliens and extraterrestrial action. Pilleater is an internet intellect and artist. (((THIS IS THE BOOK THE ALT-RIGHT DOSEN'T WANT YOU TO READ)))< Less
A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland By Francis Nally
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Francis Nally’s A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland is a collection of essays from his cult classic website, “Asian” It has nothing to do with national socialism,... More > but rather flips the ideology of the alt-right on it’s head by introducing a conceptual “bicultural” world after the fall of globalism and the beginning of communal “ethnonationalism.” He argues that Eurasian people and interracial couples must secure a destiny and a culture based around identity politics. Nally is a pioneer in the avant-garde blogging movement known as the “alt-left.” His writing has been compared to Jim Goad, Peter Sotos, and Katherine Dunn. A work of stunning originality, this book is a manual for all advocates of eurasian futurism and proper miscegenation. Full of humor, wit, insight, and theory-fiction. This book is for people who “get it.”< Less
Queer Culture: A Transgressive Tradition. An Introduction for The Normie and The Misguided Artist. By Francis Nally
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Are you a misguided artist trying to make it in the art world? Are you looking for inspiration to create new art? There is rules to the game. You can’t just draw a pretty painting and expect to... More > be loved. You now have to be an eccentric, or “queer.” Francis Nally explains queer culture and its transgressive tradition it carries along. Queers love being transgressive because it shocks normies, and queers want to hang out with other queers that experience “avant-garde hate.” This book not only provides an introduction to this esoteric concept, but as well a lexicon to understand the nature of queerness. Queer culture has its rules, and to be accepted in the queer world, you must play by their game. An understanding of queer culture, and it’s transgressive tradition, can help both the normie and the misguided artist understand why people at the top act so eccentric, and make terrible choices!< Less
The Stark Truth With Robert Stark: A Legacy 2009-2018 By Robert Stark & Francis Nally
Paperback: List Price: $11.00 $6.60 | You Save: 40%
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Close to a decade, this man has published almost 600 radio shows about fringe politics, eccentric celebrities, and mind-expanding topics for extroverted intellects. This isn’t Robb Stark of... More > Game of Thrones. This is Robert Stark, host of his long-running show, The Stark Truth. This book introduces a new audience to the secluded and very underrated work of Stark’s radio show and art. Inside you will find, -A personal interview with the legend himself -A complete checklist of every Stark Truth show ever published -Stark’s old writings -Three published transcripts for complete newbies -A very short film review by James J. O'Meara -And an afterword/witness experience by Brandon Adamson To this day, many are confused about the existence of this “American journalist” named Robert Stark. …Until now. A must-have collector’s item from the man that brought you Journey To Vapor Island.< Less

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