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Observing Planetary Nebulae and Supernovae Remnants By Alvin Huey
Paperback: $15.95
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Planetary Nebulae and Supernovae Remnants - Planetary nebulae, supernovae remnants and protoplanetaries that are observable above about -50° declination. About 350+ objects are included. Many... More > stellar planetaries are left out. (322 pages)< Less
Discover the Night Sky Through Binoculars - A Systematic Guide to Binocular Astronomy By Stephen Tonkin
eBook (ePub): $6.50
For many decades, the advice given to beginning amateur astronomers has been "start with binoculars" but, beyond that, there has not been any specific advice on how to go about it. Stephen... More > Tonkin shows you why this advice is appropriate, and takes you on a year-long journey through the night sky visible from northern temperate latitudes. At the end of this journey, you will have a sound basic knowledge of the sky and will have gathered useful snippets of astronomical information and miscellany along the way. Reader comments (print edition): * "...a true pleasure to read – information is presented in a way that both new observers and experienced astronomers can appreciate...seasonal targets are well thought out...excellent resource for those doing public star parties wanting some great 'eye candy' to show off the night sky..." * "...fantastic. Easy to follow and an ideal book to accompany every binocular and small telescope session...very readable."< Less
How Far Away Is It By David Butler
Hardcover: $58.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a hard copy version of a video book of Hubble and other Space Telescope pictures put together with an illustrated explanation of how we know how far away things are - from your back yard to... More > the most distant galaxies. See how: Triangulation can take us across the globe Parallax can take us across the solar system Standard candles can take us across the Milky Way Red-shift can take us across the universe The video book contains three chapters: Solar System; Milky Way; and Galaxies. It also includes a preface and a segment on credits with websites identified that can be used for further research by interested viewers. Learn about the Sentinels of our Heliosphere. See stars, star clusters, planetary nebulae, supernovae, star forming nebula, black holes, orbiting dwarf galaxies, Andromeda, the local group of galaxies, galaxy superclusters, colliding galaxies and more.< Less
A Journey Through Time With Hubble By Janet Lawson
eBook (ePub): $7.65
A Journey through Time with Hubble takes the reader on a wonderful, colourful journey with the Hubble Space Telescope. This eBook has 153 images along with explanations and descriptions covering the... More > Hubble Space Telescope, stars, nebula, planets, galaxies and comets. The copyright of this eBook belongs to Janet Lawson © 2009. Janet received written permission to publish and sell her astronomy manuscript in 2009 and 2015. In view of this, Janet has given this eBook the level of Standard Copyright License. However, all the information in this eBook is credited to NASA / ESA, STScI and ST-ECF As the beautiful images in this eBook are very colourful, please make sure that your eBook reader can allow you to view them in colour. Janet's qualifications: Bachelor of Science (BSc) Combined Studies - Health. Higher National Diploma (HND) Photography. Teacher of Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper Foundation. Usui Reiki practitioner.< Less

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