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Cumberland Plateau 2012 By Susan Clay
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Photos from Cumberland Mt. St. Pk., flowers & rivers on the Cumberland Plateau.
Cumberland Plateau 1013 By Susan Clay
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2013 Calendar of the Cumberland Plateau with pictures of local flowers & plants. Scenes of parks in Crossville, TN.
Break Your Plateau By First Class Fitness Team
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Everyone has the ability to break past there muscle building plateau, and achieve their true potential. However the truth is, you’re going to need a different approach. This doesn’t mean... More > “mixing up your workouts” or spending ridiculous sums of money on overpriced supplements. That’s what we’re here for, to break your frustration and show you how to overcome the problem and start gaining more size and strength. And don’t worry; there are no expensive supplements or super foods required. Dreams don’t work unless you do. – John C. Maxwell< Less
Champions Beyond Plateau By Sophia Von Sawilski
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Managing Local Learning in your community is serious business. There is always a tipping point, embrace it as part of our journey to maturity. Be the Champion of your Community, a quiet achiever.
Beyond the Autistic Plateau - A Parent's Story and Practical help with Autism By Stephen Pitman
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This book on autism tells the story of the work carried out by parents of an autistic child from when he was first diagnosed as having autism until leaving school. Not only will it help you realise... More > that you are not alone but offers practical help with many things including speech, communication, play, diet, wearing clothes, spitting, coping with peers and includes details on the techniques used. Contents: Introduction, Birth to sixteen months, Diagnosis, Educating Henry(sixteen months to three years old), Three years to four years, Different educational techniques (four years to six years), Diets, drugs and chemicals, Six to seven, Improvements, Henry's brothers, A mother's view, Twins, Summary of techniques used, Progress report – age eighteen, Appendix: Speech, Games, Songs, Overcoming behavioural problems, Books, Video's DVD's that helped Henry, Films Portraying autism, Recipes, Websites, Approaches to help autism, Differentiations of professionals, Glossary, Books on autism, Chemical Matters and Index.< Less
Le plateau anatolien de la fin de l'empire hittite aux invasions cimmériennes By Ugur Erogul
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Cette thèse est consacrée au plateau anatolien de la fin de l'empire hittite aux invasions cimmériennes, du XIIe au VIIe siècle avant J.-C. Les limites du plateau... More > anatolien, ou plutôt, nous le verrons, des plateaux anatoliens, seront examinées dans le premier chapitre portant sur la géographie Note1. . Nous traitons du premier âge du Fer sans aborder les raisons de la chute de l'empire ni des invasions cimmériennes. Entre le XIIe et le VIIe siècle, on peut distinguer deux phases : les périodes obscures (XIIe-Xe siècles) et l'apparition de plusieurs royaumes ou entités culturelles (IXe-VIIIe siècles).< Less
AHP10 By Various
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This third volume of collected essays from AHP includes ten new articles, one essay in the Mongghul language, three original short stories, and five folktales. Edited by CK Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe... More > dbang rdo rje, Timothy Thurston and Rin chen rdo rje.< Less
Southwest Scenic Destinations: A Guide Book to the Best of the Best By Richard Kerry Holtzin
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Beyond the scenery that entices people to visit a vast array of national parks, monuments, state parks and archeological ruins throughout this quadrant of North America is a story waiting to be told.... More > It starts with these pertinent questions: What happened here? What makes the geology of this territory so unique, and in most cases, colorful? What is this plant or that creature that lives in such environs? Who were the ancient people that first came here, then settled and built their dwellings and villages? This latter question is especially salient when viewing captivating archeological ruins. For instance, the enigmatic Chaco Canyon, or the lofty and  impressive cliff palaces of Mesa Verde, Kiet Siel and Betatakin. Naturally, some visitors want to know only the essentials, while others desire more details. This illuminating traveler’s guidebook features nearly 90 celebrated destinations is like having a key that opens doors of knowledge to all the picturesque places of this renowned quadrant of America.< Less
Tibet: 2011 By Brian Hirschy, Jamin York
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A glimpse into the mysterious life and culture of the Tibetan Plateau.
Mountain Memories 2013 By Jon Buffington JPB Photography
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Yearly calendar for visitors and members of the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly