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West Memphis Witch Hunt By west memphis witch hunt
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West Memphis Witch Hunt is an anthology of modern poetry collected to raise awareness about the unfortunate injustice bestowed upon Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols, and Jessie Misskelly Jr., known... More > collectively as the West Memphis 3. With contributions from over 40 contemporary poets and authors such as Jack T. Marlowe, Todd Moore, J.D. Nelson, Kristin Bird, Victor Schwartzman, Rob Plath, Paul Tristram, Christopher Robin, Debbie Kirk, Gloriane, and many more, this collection boosts a vast array of talent lending themselves for this important cause. All royalties from this book goes to the WM3 defense fund, arranged by Collected and edited by Michael W. Johnson and Misti Rainwater-Lites.< Less
coping with madness By philip fletcher
Paperback: $13.17
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I have chosen this forbidding cover to illustrate the short story: WLTM, (Would Like To Meet.) The general nature of my poetry is dark matter, namely my life. If you enjoy reading Baudelaire,... More > Rimbaud, Ted Plath & Sylvia Hughes,, while listening to The Smiths/Morrisey and Radiohead at their most bleak, you'll love this collection of esoteric existentialist peetry and prose. Errol Finn. The man who said, 'Every door of creative opportunity has always been slammed firmly shut in my face, that's why my nose is a bit flat and broken.' If you want to read a preview of this work, please go to the Sony Reader display page and click on 'preview this book, you might be lucky'< Less
Between Wings: poems By James Long
Paperback: $15.95
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The author has been privileged to encounter and study with poets James Wright, John Logan, W.S. Merwin, John Unterecker, Galway Kinnell and others. The deeply personal lyrics in Between Wings,... More > written over a period of 30 years, reflect those influences, as well as the author’s reading of poets like Rilke, Plath, and the Deep Image poets. The shadow of a woman presides over the poems -- usually in the form of elegy or lament. Taken together, the poems enact the archetypal myth of separation and return in terms of the speaker's own history. They speak throughout from a perspective at the border between self and other, solitude and union, the darkness and the light -- seeking a state of transcendence-in-union glimpsed and longed for but always remaining just beyond realization -- "where the jewel of absolute darkness shines and shines / and all the masters of the light go blind."< Less
The First Anthology By Pegasus Poets
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The poems are a result of the last few years work and are mostly in free verse though there is one poetry form in the book that everyone has written, which is the Sevenling, a seven line poem with... More > rules defined by content rather than form and leaving an open quirky conclusion as a possibility which proved to be an attractive component. The poems have looked at a variety of themes, poetry forms and different poets, their work and lives; and some of the class have chosen to include poems as a result of these, particularly those poems which came out of exploring Pablo Neruda's work as portrayed in the film "Il Postino", and the turbulent marriage of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. The poets who have submitted their work in this book are the committed eleven members who regularly attend the class, and the poetry of Tessa Dummett, who teaches and runs the class and has edited and compiled this first anthology.< Less
Navigate, Amelia Earhart's Letters Home By Rebecca Loudon
eBook (PDF): $0.00
". . .Loudon's poetic sensibilities, echoing the outrage and eroticism of Jorie Graham and Sylvia Plath at times, and the matter-of-factness of William Carlos Williams at others, navigate... More > through the destabilizing mythos surrounding the historical Earhart. . . The tone of these Earhart poems is both wild and restrained, with a well-intoned formal diversity that mirrors the becalmed panic edging each poem. What we are treated to in this this small, provocative book is a vision of loss and forgetfullness almost too close to bear, making it easy to marvel at Loudon's poetic range, her prescience and daring in the face of such cataclysm." — Derek Pollard, American Book Review (March/April 2007) "The pleasure in reading this book is putting all the little pieces together so that we can examine the whole and in constructing a story for these characters and these thoughts that make sense, given the little we know about the speaker." — Laurel Snyder, Atlanta Style & Design, (Spring 2007)< Less
In My Shoes: My Poetic Journey from Abuse to Victory By Lyn Crain
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In the 1950s, the phrase “confessional poetry” gained popularity initially with Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and Anne Sexton. This form of the written word gave artists a way to discuss... More > private, painful events in their own lives without actually sharing every minute detail with the world. In My Shoes poetically portrays Lyn Crain’s journey through cancer, as well as physical and emotional abuse. Her poetry is written from the heart and can be titillating or terrifying in a world that is often more black than white. Crain felt the need to use her voice to share her story and, in turn, open the discussion for women suffering under similar circumstances. Crain is grateful that domestic violence is not a taboo subject anymore, however very few poets have addressed the subject in any length. Silence enables, but by raising voices, it is possible to also raise awareness that domestic violence will no longer be accepted as the norm.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.02
Il libro rappresenta una raccolta di racconti, conati d’inchiostro, poesie, fotografie e citazioni. Un viaggio fra i pensieri, le esperienze e le fantasie di un giovane adolescente. L'opera... More > è un invito – sinceramente modesto – ad esplorare il significato delle parole, a lasciarsi condurre dal potere evocativo di una parola, di un suono, di un colore, al fine di perdersi in un storia o di reinventarsi in un’altra.< Less
Destruction of the World By raphael sasaski
eBook (PDF): $0.00
poesia brasileira tirada direto do coração - colagem e roubo de estilo femininos no século XXI - português sem vergonha de ser
Paperback: $7.80
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Questo libro rappresenta una raccolta di racconti brevi, riflessioni e componimenti frutto della mia necessità di dare voce a necessità e sensazioni di un adolescente. Il contenuto... More > dell’opera, infatti, è stato scritto fra i miei sedici e diciannove anni e raccoglie le mie esperienze reali o possibili, le sconfitte dei miei nemici e le battaglie di eroi mai esistiti. E’ un invito – sinceramente modesto – ad esplorare il significato delle parole, a lasciarsi condurre dal potere evocativo di poche sillabe, di un suono, di un colore, al fine di perdersi in una storia e reinventarsi in un’altra. E’ doveroso aggiungere che ogni riferimento a persone, luoghi, fatti realmente esistenti è intenzionalmente e ironicamente casuale.< Less
Twisted Tongue Magazine Issue 11 By Various
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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Twisted Tongue Magazine issue 11 is now available, with another fabulous cover from the talented Steve Upham. Interviews: Joseph McGee, Shaun Jeffrey and Steven Deighan; two articles:... More > ABRACADABRA—It’s ALLAKAZZAM!and Painting the Words to the Music; short stories: Jo Thomas, B Goddard, Bunny Dees, Gemma Farrow, Michael DeMasi, Michael Kechula, Kyle Steele, Joseph Hirsch, Gary Beck, Thomas Sullivan, Jesse Click, John Vieczorek, Bill Schweizer, Grey Freeman and Skadi meic Beorg; flash fiction: K A Patterson, Grace Andreacchi Hadas, Peter Tennant, Jezzy Wolfe, Timothy A Fralick, Jay Mandal, P S Gifford, John Morgan, Frank Dutkiewicz and Charlotte Bond; poetry: K A Patterson, Ash Lomen, Peter D Goodwin, John Grey, Colin James, Rob Plath, Robert M Hensel, William Landis, Stevie Amuzu and G David Schwartz; novella by Caroline Barnard-Smith.< Less

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