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The Beginners Guide to Playing the Piano By Jonathon Tyson
eBook (ePub): $1.87
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This book will demonstrate how you can learn basic concepts and build on each as you achieve a measure of success. That way, you will never feel like playing the piano is not worth the trouble. You... More > will always have your accomplishments to remember and you can add onto them over and over again. People in their prime of life get great benefit from Playing Piano - The Beginners Guide to Playing the Piano! They appreciate the fact that this book does not treat them like children, yet it explains everything in understandable language for someone who does not know music. Elderly people learn from this book, too, with plenty of time to apply its concepts and plenty of people to entertain with their piano playing. The book is written in plain language with consideration to people who have never played the piano before. You will find that you can understand this guide better than other beginner’s lessons you have tried in the past. It is just that easy!< Less
The Ugly Truth About How to Play Piano By Brenda Mack
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Playing the piano requires long hours of practicing especially when a big musical event is coming. There are various reasons why many individuals want to learn to play the piano. Don't postpone your... More > dream to become a good pianist? Start learning now by discovering what you must learn about how to play the piano on the computer, five steps in learning to play the piano, the importance of taking a music theory lesson, learning all about improvisation, learning blues piano, how to learn the piano using a CD and much more. With this ebook discover: - What everybody ought to know about how to play piano - What you need to know before purchasing a piano - How to find the right online piano lesson - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
Learn to Play Piano: Piano Tutorial and Quick Start Guide to Learn Piano for Beginners By Kenneth J. Brewster, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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Learn to Play the Piano in a Flash, Play Piano Easy, Beginners Piano Lessons, How to Learn Piano Chords, Play the Piano Online, & Learning Keyboard When you meet someone who knows how to play... More > the piano, you would usually admire that individual. Perhaps in the back of your mind, you also want to play this very beautiful instrument. Well, you can learn how to play piano if you really want to. In today’s modern times, there are several ways to learn how to play the piano. Because of these piano learning options, your dream is attainable and doable. Many want-to-be pianists prefer to hire a piano teacher. This is a rather expensive option but many individuals find this a very effective method to learn to play piano. There are also those who prefer to learn alone. One way to do this is through a guide book.< Less
Easy As That Piano By Arturo Moises
Paperback: List Price: $76.66 $68.99 | You Save: 10%
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"Easy As That Piano" is an amazingly easy-to-follow, systematic 10-step approach to learning how to play the piano in only 7 days! Literally for the cost of one traditional piano lesson,... More > you will be playing your favorite songs or even composing your own songs in a week's time! You will see the closely-guarded secrets even famous musicians use to master new songs and be amazed by how easy playing the piano really can be. By following the simple instructions in Easy As That Piano, you will learn all about the notes and how to form harmony between them. You'll also form chords and make the most creative of sequences. With the tips and techniques you'll learn, you can quickly figure out how to coordinate your left and right hand to play at once like it was second nature. Best of all, you'll learn any song you desire by the end of this guide without having to learn mind-numbingly boring sheet music or suffer through years of expensive lessons! Get started now.< Less
The Hear + Play Affiliate Handbook By David Ø
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Interested in music? Here's a corker of an e-book which will reveal to you some super-effective strategies, which are totally aimed to result in cheques received in your mailbox - every month! How?... More > Here's a great chance for you to help other people learn keyboards and piano using a serious and groundbreaking system called "Hear and Play". Every time you sell one of the many HIGH QUALITY courses from the program, you get a healthy commission. How? Check out this free for now download for all the nitty-grittys - ZERO cost setup too! < Less
Dance Music By Nicolae Sfetcu
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Dance music is music composed, played, or both, specifically to accompany dancing. It can be either the whole musical piece or part of a larger musical arrangement. Dance music works usually bear the... More > name of the corresponding dance, e.g. waltzes, the tango, the bolero, the can-can, minuets, salsa, various kinds of jigs and the breakdown. Other dance forms include contradance, the merengue, the cha-cha-cha. Often it is difficult to know whether the name of the music came first or the name of the dance. An introduction to classical and modern dance including hip hop dance, what is dance, and the dance music (electronic music, rock and roll, disco, house, techno, trance, etc.)< Less
911 EMERGE-THEN-SEE Traditional Work At Home Jobs By Alan Cobbs
eBook (PDF): $3.99
A call to all work from home job seekers our 911 July 2013 release is available. Our eDirectory series list companies who hire employees & independent contractors as virtual assistants to work... More > at home. Buy our eBook, ALL PROCEEDS to $2000. will go towards operating PERFORMING BOYS and GIRLS Youth Program in Universal City, TX. I have witnessed the inspiring effects youth gain during & after attending Performing Boys and Girls Youth Program. Their transition after performing anti-bullying plays, learning piano & math tutoring is amazing. News and Press on us: The Balancing Act Morning Show on LIFETIME TV: Please do not hesitate to order and share our 911 EMERGE-THEN-SEE eDirectory listing many more GREAT WFH job leads. Thank you for your financial support. Remember 100% of proceeds will go to Performing Boys and Girls Youth Program Universal City, TX.< Less

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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