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Absalom and Achitophel By John Dryden
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Absalom and Achitophel is a landmark poetic political satire by John Dryden The poem is an allegory that uses the story of the rebellion of Absalom against King David as the basis for discussion of... More > the background to the Monmouth Rebellion (1685), the Popish Plot (1678) and the Exclusion Crisis. The story of Absalom's revolt is told in the Second Book of Samuel in the Old Testament of the Bible (chapters 14 to 18). Absalom rebels against his father King David. When David's renowned advisor, Achitophel(Achitophel in the Vulgate) joins Absalom's rebellion, another advisor, Hushai, plots with David to pretend to defect and give Absalom advice that plays into David's hands. Absalom is killed (against David's explicit commands) after getting caught by his hair in the thick branches of a great oak: "His head caught fast in the oak, and he was left hanging between heaven and earth, while the mule that was under him went on" (NRSV 2 Sam. 18:9). The death of his son, Absalom, causes David enormous personal grief.< Less
They Shot Bob Marley Outside The Dakota By mikel k
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They shot Bob Marley outside The Dakota the day that John Lennon rose from the dead. Jimi Hendrix sat at the head of the table while Jim Morrison read the prayer. Mikel K was once dubbed,... More > "The Poet Laureate of Urban Decay," by someone who ought to know. K has written as the ultimate free-lancer, briefly, for the biggest paper in the Southeast, but was, at the time, more interested in wandering around bars with napkins and a pen in his hand, way too often winding up in jail cells wondering what, and or who had hit him the night before. Then, one day,he woke up, a dad and the game plan of being a Poet Rockstar completely changed. Follow K on his long, strange trip. This man should be dead, but he's not and he shares his secrets to life with you in his poetry. When they finished the final supper, Janis Joplin began to sing. Kurt Cobain started to cry, while he walked on water. Charles Bukowski looked up from a game of poker that he was playing with angels, lit his cigar and smiled.< Less
reflections of perceptions By Angela L. Gibson
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"reflections of perceptions" is a collection of selected poems, in English and Spanish, from 1983 to 2007. The poems serve as snapshots of life events and moments in time covering such... More > areas as love, passion, loss, death, grief, aging, and the interconnections between them all.What critics have said:“…great feeling throughout – has a crisp taste so that you can smell and feel fall!”“…awesome use of word imagery, line breaks, and word play.”“…fantastic way of describing natural beauty through unique words and thick emotion! Love it!”...”raw and real...”“…I love the meter, the light-heartedness, and the positive feeling associated with such a hard thing.”“…I can picture it all crystally clear!”“…what a talent! The words come alive!”“...very honest and very sexy…”“An astute and insightful collection of poems that reflect on the subtle twists and turns of life, death and fate."< Less
The Darkness That Storms In Us By Meagan Thompson
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This is a collection of poems written by Meagan Thompson. But my voice fades and I’m looking at you. And wanting you to save me, as my health starts to fade. I'm in a hospital bed. I have... More > tried so many times, the pain would eat me. Like they loved me, like they tried to grab me. My insides were sliced open. Violins playing, screeching. “Don't let me die without you.” I scream. While these demons try to drag me down under with them. Past lives, like Indians around a fire. I'll explode, I'll retire. My body giving out, just catch me; It'll be fine. Don't let them bury me down under; What if I wake up and I can't stop breathing? What if I scream and the dirt crawls like moths trying to escape; And going to the deepest part of my soul. Interested? Purchase.< Less
Words Forever By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $16.17
Imagine how words play a wonderful and enormous role in our lives each and every day! Words have so many meanings of love, hate, and pleasure. They provide such an array of outlets for us to... More > communicate to the world at large in which we live. The wonders of all those words you have heard thus far during your life allow one to grow spiritually, psychologically, and socially. I, myself, have been afflicted and made jolly by the words I encounter each and every day of my life. Their significance to those in your life and that of others carries an indelible impact to all in your life. I can only hope and pray that maybe you, or someone you know, will always see that all words are meaningful. I hope you’ll enjoy this book and I hope, one day, you may come to know the total importance that your words have on all those you love and contact. I hope you enjoy the entire piece as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. — g.b.< Less
Beautiful Paradox By Broderick Carter
eBook (PDF): $6.95
Beautiful Paradox is a culmination of selected poems over a span of 10 years. Beautiful Paradox actually began through a tragedy in my life. I began to have a new found and creative way to explore... More > how poetry was written. Over the 10 year span, I wanted to change how we read poetry, viewed it and embraced it. Due to my love of short stories, I have found a way to put poetry into a short story form. I developed a concept of how to write poetry in short story form…sort of like an experiment with word play, emotions, day to day living and through life experiences. Through my concepts, creativity and experiments, I developed a style that would bring the reader into an emotional connection with the writer. This connection spawns a new way of writing poetry that intertwines the reader and the poet by invoking an emotional, spiritual and a sense of realism to both, thus providing an intimate connection with the poet, Broderick Carter.< Less
Two Threads By Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper & Dr. Nevel Vassel
eBook (PDF): $7.81
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Dr. Ross G. Cooper, D.Phil. is a Zimbabwean who grew up in the Eastern Boarder Districts in the 1970s and based on his rich exposure to nature, has embarked on a series of books on Zimbabwean life.... More > He is keen on charity work for the impoverished in Zimbabwe and provides his books and t-shirts and/or proceeds to orphanages. His authorship includes children’s books, an autobiography and a historical book. Some of his work can be viewed at: Dr. Nevel Vassel, Ph.D. is an African Jamaican performance poet who writes cultural poems, plays and stories. He has participated in festivals and black history month celebrations locally and internationally. He organises annual poetry events and facilitates poetry and story-telling workshops in schools, colleges and universities. He has published two books of poems entitled Poems Calling Out and Poetic Vibes.< Less
The Oubliette of the Underbelly of my Mission (take that as you will) By Azaria AyaLeigh Nori
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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this chapbook is due to quite a few things, a girl that couldn't mind her own business, an album that was completely over played in the car that summer (ani difranco's "dilate"), a few good... More > friends, a quiet place to forget about people in some dank and dark oubliette, and the comic relief of a little coffee shop in stevens point, wi called The Mission Coffee House. thus the underbelly of my mission. and you can, you can take that as you will. as for all the rest, well i feel that i have to tell you that since i had gotten so many requests for an epilogue, a continuation of characters via emotional outrages, i sat down some 5 years after the fact and ended up with "The Epilogue: that beautiful mind ____ gone awry" which is now part II of the oubliette. this will be the first edition with the new part in it, so...hang tight and i should have it done and ready to go soon enough.< Less
Love, Guns & Roses By Monica Pana
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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I write Haiku, not about Haiku I love to write Haiku (5-7-5). For me, a Haiku is like a story in only three lines. Depending on the chosen theme, if you find the right words, a Haiku can lead you to... More > think of a painting, a film script, a scene from a play, etc. I began to write Haiku after I saw it on other blogs. I saw that they are a great attraction. I discovered that Haiku is like a powerful magnet for readers. And, being a new blogger, I also wanted to attract people to my little blog. I wanted people to read not only my Haiku but also my other posts. So, I started to write Haiku. About love, nature,tattoos etc. I wrote Haiku and I attracted readers. And, because I strove to make my Haiku more beautiful and expressive, those readers gave me “likes”, then they became subscribers, and then many of them have become my close friends. So I got more traffic and a lot of friends. Perfect, right?< Less
I Place My Hand Upon the Sky By Michael Mark
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Each of these poems is a little bridge—a link from here to here—from the here that isn’t, quite, to the here that truly is. We spend our lives adjacent to grace, not always... More > realizing it, and sometimes a little stepping stool is useful to provide a boost, so we can peek over the wall that’s keeping us from seeing what’s really happening. Sustaining this view means greeting life on new terms, embracing a shift in perspective, and that’s what these pieces hope to spark. . Hafiz is the ringleader in this collection—the playful voice of my own heart. There’s a whole crew of friends in here. We scamper across dew-flecked lawns at dawn, assault the meaning of existence, dare the stars to wink at us, and drive off the edge of the road in a flying convertible. We’re just having fun as we receive, little by little, the joyful inklings of eternity’s promise.< Less

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