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One plus One By English poems Poets from Demer Press
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Anniversary collection Demer Press (2012) of poets who have published poetry (their own volume, or have participated in several anthologies) at Demer Press, Belgium. Chahra Beloufa (Algeria), Floris... More > Brown (South Africa), Miller Caldwell (Scotland), Gary Clark (England), Thierry Deleu (Belgium), Paul Gellings (The Netherlands), Albert Hagenaars (The Netherlands), Joris Iven (Belgium), Moshé Liba (Israel/The Netherlands), Roger Nupie (Belgium), Willem M. Roggeman (Belgium), Hannie Rouweler (The Netherlands/Belgium), Stella Evelyne Tesha (Tanzania/The Netherlands), Marion de Vos (The Netherlands/U.S.A.).< Less
To Be A Poet By Robert Horton
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Robert Horton was born in London in 1956. One of seven children, Robert became quite introverted, especially after the death of his father in 1967. Finding it difficult to communicate, Robert turned... More > his hand to writing poetry as a means of expression and would write poetry when faced with difficult emotions. Roberts writing has become more prolific over the last five years and is now able to write on a variety of subjects in different styles. This book is a snippet of his works, tackling love, insanity, poverty and war. I hope you agree his words are insightful yet poetic. He often says "I am blessed with the desire to be a poet......yet will never truly be"< Less
A Poet By Terry Trainor
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A complete selection of poetry by Terry Trainor. There is no index as the pages have been put in the order that the poet would like you to read them. All of these poems have had fantastic reviews and... More > are a collection of the best of the best. The author has been writing poems for many years and has published many books. The greatest compliment any reader can give me is to just enjoy the book. The poems contain many historical information as the poems stroll through time. I hope you enjoy the book and it leaves you with an understanding of how beautiful poetry can be.< Less
Poet By Marc Marcel
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With over 260 poems, from 17 spoken word CDs released through his career, Marc Marcel releases this massive 700 page compilation of work in a book titled, ‘Poet.’ The title is play off... More > of one of his earlier performance poems entitled, ‘I Ain’t No Poet,’ which he has since shared his reasons being that poetry is just one outlet, a form of expression, for him to communicate his inner thoughts and artistic gifts. While he has continuous expressed throughout his career that he is more than just a spoken word artist, it is hard to deny or ignore the impact he has left on the genre. One of the world’s most recognize, prolific and consciously aware spoken word artists of our generation, his poems read more like poetic short stories, most ranging anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes in length during his performances. Compiling all his poems together from his albums, truly reads like you are watching a documentary of someone’s growth and ideals through their experiences.< Less
The Poet By Tylan Bainter
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The Poet is a short but exciting book with a story that takes you through a suspenseful murder mystery that will figuratively put your hair on end. Strange things begin to happen in Redglaser Town,... More > London, when Tiffany Spears' house burns down and she finds a mysterious poem laid out for her, followed by an epidemic of murder. Determined, Tiffany takes on the case and gathers evidence to solve the mystery.< Less
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Poems of love from renown Savannah poet, Thom Hall. This book contains 78 of Thom's best poems, including Andalusian Night, The Portrait, The Last Kiss, The Poet And The Muse, and Letting Go.
Favorite Poet's Poems 2010 By Poets World-Wide
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This book includes some wonderful poetic works both in content and form, that is full of variety and much diversity of thought that poets get just through living, loving, caring and by sharing their... More > feelings. Inside the pages you will see much spirituality expressed with good moral values to follow, included are many purposely written poems for children, so aimed to give guidance whilst delightedly reading. Thus this great 2010 book is for all ages to read, to be greatly moved by and hopefully be guided into finding the peace of heart that comes with the true loving of each other….< Less
Favorite Poet's Poems 2014 By Alliance Poets World-Wide
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This is a compliation of poetry written with the joy of portraying to the reader the love of poetic art and how it can move readrs of all ages to laugh and smile along and maybe frown too as they... More > relate to the many varied circumstances that can be found in life< Less
Sea Poems by The Fernandina Poet By J. Charles Cripps
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A collection of poems devoted to the sea by The Fernandina Poet J. Charles Cripps
Recent Poems by the Fernandina Poet By J. Charles Cripps
Paperback: $12.90
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An ecclectic collection of poems written by the Fernandina Poet within the last year.

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