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Don't Be a Hero By Darrian Lynx
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Detective Jackson Wolfe thought he had stepped into the pages of a comic book. The first indication was the unlikely partner he'd been paired with. Macy Grey was a seemingly naive,... More > annoying-yet-beautiful blonde Betty Boop. He was further astounded when he learned the nature of their department. He had been assigned to the highly confidential and brand new V.S.I.D... or The Vigilante and Super-human Investigations Department. Wait... what? Did old Chief Munson have a sense of humor after all? Were they pranking the "new kid on the block"? Jackson didn't buy it. "Go forth! Track down and arrest thee Spiderman... and his cohorts!". Well, it was no prank. What's more, it didn't prove to be an easy task. The alleged "super-powered" vigilantes were apparently much better equipped and far better trained than the police or F.B.I's most valued and effective members. This just fueled the desire to put a stop to them. After all, no one should be allowed to apprehend criminals without doing mountains of paperwork!< Less
Infinity Express By C. Wayne Owens
eBook (PDF): $5.68
Cecil W. McCall loved his Uncle Shelby. When the old man disappeared and was presumed dead, it affected him greatly. Then came the package, his uncle's legacy. In the package were Time Bands: devices... More > that promised to take the wearer back in time. But Uncle Shelby hadn't left much in the way of instructions. So when McCall accidentally set them off, he was thrown back into the Victorian era, without much preparation. Being a comic and a trivia expert wasn't a lot of help, but being a history nut was. When he saw he was in the England of Jack The Ripper he knew what he had to do. With the aid of Arthur Conan Doyle & the Real Sherlock Holmes, he sets out to catch the Ripper, find his Uncle and go home. On the way he meets Adam Worth (The Real Professor Moriarty), Dr. Treves & The Elephant Man, Bram Stoker, Gilbert & Sullivan, Gaston Leroux, William Brodie, Rasputin and the Real Dracula. He also runs into a time-traveling salesman, Time Police and the forerunners of the Mafia. And that is only the beginning...< Less
WTF! By Alistair Coleman
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A confused young man three hundred miles from home, a perpetually annoyed celebrity chef slightly past her sell-by date, and an old school friend who may or may not be the Adjustable Spanner Murderer... More > of the City of Truro, trapped in a flat in the rich end of west London. With a bit of help from the hapless layabouts at an internet start-up company that isn't entirely as it seems, they accidentally get pulled into a world of corporate corruption, inept police, incompetent hit-men, and robot vacuum cleaners turning on their fleshy masters, until one of them ends up falling over a cliff and discovering how much it hurts. In a comic tale of the doomed online executive tat merchants scaryduck dot com all lower case, can our hero - accidentally called Toby Young for the first two drafts - survive his appointment with gravity? (Answer: Yes) And will true love come through and win the day? (Answer: Almost certainly not). This is Alistair Coleman's first novel.< Less
RAIN (book 1) By Steven McCumaskey
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After a family tragedy rips his life apart, budding trainee police officer Philip Rain finds himself sucked into the world of organised crime and gangland assassination that flows through a network... More > of cities known as The Four Corners. As his moral code is blurred and manipulated in the murk of the underworld by notorious criminal kingpin Vincent O'Hara, a chance to rebuild and restart his life breaks through the darkness when Rain falls in love with waitress and student Thea Styles. But the villains of The Four Corners have pulled Rain deep into their shadowy world and escape will not be easy and not without cost... Set in a bleak cityscape of perpetual rainfall, RAIN is a blistering, emotionally charged noir action thriller, with a tender love story at its core, laced with hard-boiled dialogue and bullet-riddled action sequences. This trade paperback collects series 1 of Rain (issues 1-11), published by Envision Comics UK. All profits from sales will be donated to Cancer Research.< Less

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