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Rwanda Political History, and Crises By Lewis Boyce
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Rwanda Political History, and Crises. Rwanda Genocide. Rwanda Economy, Rwanda government A History Book on Rwanda More than 20 years after the genocide, Rwanda has become one of the most repressive... More > countries in Africa, continuing its antidemocratic trajectory as the government works to close civic space in the run up to the contentious 2017 elections. Despite these conditions, Rwanda is perceived as a “stabilizing” factor in an increasingly volatile region, causing many to fear that its deteriorating human rights record will be overlooked. David Himbara is the United States and Canada coordinator for Democracy in Rwanda Now and recently testified before Congress on the worsening human rights situation in Rwanda. He spent six years working for President Paul Kagame, most notably as chairman of the Rwanda Development Board, where he was instrumental in spurring Rwanda’s economic development.< Less
Sudan Political Environment History By Alfie Jefferson
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Sudan Political Environment History. The faith of Democracy in Sudan, Sudan War History Book, Sudan Politics Book, Sudan Ethnic differences. Even if the majority of the Sudanese prefer democracy,... More > they will choose it with subdued enthusiasm. There is something conspicuously selfish about the generational behavior of people. On the atomic level, we, as parents, are willing to give everything to our children and we dedicate our lives to their well-being and happiness. We are not familiar, in our collective behavior, however, with an altruistic generation that sacrificed some happiness for future generations. This applies to politics. Any nascent democracy is in a fragile political state. It is expected that, after decades of authoritarian rule, freedom will be chaotic, and only through generational perseverance can it last. Yet, the Arab Spring, which started as an inspiration for democracy and freedom, ended up as a deterrent from them. Pondering the situations in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, people under.......< Less
Burundi Political Conflict and Governance By John Uwaka
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The assessment of the Burundian crisis to be developed in this paper takes as its starting point conclusions reached by notable scholars of the region like Prunier (1995), Lemarchand (1994),... More > Chrétien (1993), and Vidal (1991), where terms like, “struggle for power in ethnic terms” and “ethno- political confrontation” are commonplace. The crisis that has paralyzed Rwanda-Burundi (as the two countries were historically known) is also attributed by these authors to imported and misapplied ideologies. Most notorious among these are Christianity, “racial” [sic] superiority and Western-style democracy. It is argued that the institutions put in place to enforce these concepts replaced traditional practices and nullified existing social contracts. These factors are now seen to be damaging the country’s social fabric and its potential for sustainable development< Less
Eritrea Political Layout, a History. By Edward Baldwin
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Eritrea Political Layout, A History. Eritrea and Ethiopia dispute, Economic planning. The Book on Eritrea has the entire information; During the 3rd and 4th century AD, Eritrea was part of the... More > kingdom of Axum which spread from Meroe in Sudan right across the Red Sea to Yemen. The capital of Axum was in the highlands of Tigray (now a province in Ethiopia), and the main port was at Adulis which is now called Zula in Eritrea. This Kingdom was based upon trade across the Red Sea and was founded by Semitic people originally from Arabia. Christianity was the predominant faith of Axum introduced through contact with traders throughout the region. By the 6th century AD the Persian Empire expanded and with it went the expansion of Islam. In 710 AD Muslims destroyed Adulis and the ancient kingdom of Axum declined until it was reduced to a small Christian Enclave< Less
Politically Incorrect Poetry By c. a. lindsay
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C.A. Lindsay's eleventh book contains a bold, humorous, and defiant poetic hurricane blast against the weakness and hypocrisy of today's lobbyist-controlled, mass-media-befuddled, socially-networked... More > culture. No corner of the America political and social scene is left neglected. These include the unvarnished truth regarding the economic massacre of the United States middle class, contrived water shortages, oppressive restrictions on free enterprise and hiring, and constant manipulated crises used as excuses to crush individual freedom - and fund ever-growing monstrous bureaucracies. Neither is the American dilapidated public school system, which squashes individuality and initiative while rendering US children incapable of functioning in society, left alone to wallow in its overpriced bloated bureaucracy as Lindsay hurls her poetic missiles.< Less
Mali Political Leadership and Democratic Governance By Aiden Baker
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Mali Political Leadership and Democratic Governance. A Book on Mali, A History. France’s long-term plan for Mali is remarkably short-sighted. The recent French military intervention in Mali... More > focuses on “restoring democracy,” without any consideration for the political and economic problems that caused the government’s collapse. The cumbersome colonial era-borders, erected by the French, dividing north and south Mali were significant in causing the conflict. Furthermore, French is the second official language, and the majority is not fluent. Almost 70% of Malians are illiterate, which seriously inhibits the state’s democratic capacity. Mali’s economy is also insecure. Apart from gold mining, all production companies are foreign owned. This further inhibits the government’s ability to run the country because if several companies pull out, the state will lose the majority of its financing. It is hard to imagine a “recovery” for Mali without any attention to the major problems, which led to the destabilization.< Less
Gabon Democracy, In Question, Political History By Ibrim Maklele
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Gabon Democracy in question, Political History. Find out more about this African tiny rich country, the political situation, corruption and security status, ritual killing and more. The Book on Gabon... More > has it all. Formerly part of French West Africa, Gabon was granted internal autonomy in 1958 and became fully independent on 17 August 1960. Leon M'Ba, president of the new republic, established Gabon as a one-party state by inviting the opposition to join the government. There was a coup in 1964, but M'Ba was restored by French troops. Following his death in November 1967, M'Ba was succeeded by his vice-president, Albert Bernard (later Omar) Bongo. Bongo organized a new ruling party, the Parti Democratique Gabonais (PDG), which became the sole legal party in 1968. Gabon enjoyed relative stability in the 1970s and joined the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) after the discovery of oil deposits< Less
Namibia Political History, and Constitutional Layout By Theodore Burton
eBook (ePub): $13.99
Namibia Political History, and Constitutional Layout. Political Parties and Namibia Environment. A History Book on Namibia. In 1990, after a century of colonial rule, foreign domination and white... More > racial supremacy, Namibia finally gained its long-sought political independence. With independence came a neo-liberal constitutional dispensation, which received world-wide acclaim. The essence of engaging in the constitution- writing process was stressed by Okoth-Ogendo, who pointed to the increasing complexities of modern contemporary societies, especially when it comes to the organisation and regulation of the interrelationships between not only the various organs of state, but also those acting in the name of the state and the citizenry. In his view, these interrelationships can no longer be steered by age-old conventions and practices; today they require purposefully engraved systems of rules, norms and values.< Less
Mozambique Political History, and Environmental Situation By Ethan Boyce
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Mozambique Political History, and Environmental Situation. A History Bool. Economy, Democracy implementation and general environment. Quagmire may bring down a promising economy: The unstoppable... More > force of booming business collides with the immoveable object of the country’s dangerous political status quo Faced with Mozambique’s political stalemate, most countries would muse that they should be so lucky. The head of government, finance minister or central bank governor of any country would salivate at the prospect of a 17.6% gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, which on 8 October 2015 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted would be Mozambique’s in 2020 once natural gas sales begin. Even the IMF’s news that Mozambique’s 2015 GDP growth would be the worst since 2009 was hardly tragic. A 7% growth is robust and is again the envy of most countries, including China, Russia and the US< Less
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This is a comprehensive approach to the genesis of conflict or misunderstanding amongst humans within different social, political and economic sector; with detailed information to understanding human... More > relationship as well as conflict resolution.< Less

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