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In 2015, I was twenty-three and no longer a child who smiled at everyone after his mother's death. Most of my fellow villagers had moved to cities. The village lanes were overgrown with weeds.... More > Some houses had collapsed. Our house still stood, however, even though it was made of adobe and wood. Father still lived in the house, which seems as old as he was. My name is Chao. I'm an ordinary person from a poor mountain village in northwest China.Like most other human beings, I often ponder: Why do I exist? How should I live? What is the meaning of my life? I believe my life is not worthless. Everyone should be appreciated and each of us should be valued as a wonderful individual. This is why I wrote this book - to record my life directly and share with others the narrative of my life - to provide a way for others to know another human being's life story.< Less
Some of My Time By A. R. Mallory
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This book is a collection of writings I did as an undergraduate at Montana State University. Learning has opened doors for me that nothing else has, and this collection of assignments and ponderings... More > trace that wonderful--and sometimes difficult--journey. The title was originally supposed to be "From Montana with Love," and was meant as a gift to a very special couple. But when, during a lively discussion, one of them said to me, "The only thing you may give me is some of your time," a new title was born. This, my very first book, is dedicated to those five people who always believed in me: Grandma, because she never doubted me; my two children, because when they look up to me they remind me what I want to be; and to UT and AJ--for giving me a place where I don't have to be strong, and for convincing me that I'm stronger than I know. It is always a privilege to get to spend Some of My Time with you.< Less
My Life24 By Michael House
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My life24 I taught my little brother how to smoke when he was ten years old. I dabbled off and on. Now that I'm 40 and little brother Justin died in oh six I'm pondering starting smoking. Granny... More > smoked sixty-two years. Then she died. If I get 62 years of smoking, I will die 102 years old. I know the relief available to smoking. Stephen King said quitting smoking was harder than quitting heroin. Granny was a church secretary. She asked why quit smoking. Nothing speeds or stalls your day of death. I can hear the doctor in the back of my head. No doctor likes smoking. But I am looking at how many days’ cigarettes let you live besides how soon they kill you. Papa quit smoking, but was slipping around smoking. Then when he started smoking among everybody the savor of the smokes was lost. My neighbor and I used to smoke on the barn’s roof. We were preteens. That's back when I enjoyed smoking. I quit smoking because I started feeling like I needed them. I think pretty w< Less
Gulag 401(k): Tales of a Modern Prisoner By Richard A. Marin
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“The author writes with a storyteller’s eye; his tales are rich in detail, his observations are noteworthy, and his prose is often filled with wry humor. The pictures he paints of... More > colorful personalities are endlessly appealing. An insightful, often funny account of a man who follows a fiscally rewarding path but knows that life’s meaning involves more than money.” – Kirkus Reviews In this book, the author recalls his career and explores how to afford retiring while also coping with the existential crisis that so often goes along with leaving a job that’s defined you. Drawing on his career and personal experiences preparing for retirement, he reveals how the prospect of retirement compels us to ponder what to do with our time and often requires us to find a new identity. Join the author as he rises up the ranks of banking and finance, helps people navigate financial challenges, and shares how to avoid the retirement-saving missteps and mistakes made by so many others in Gulag 401k.< Less
Canio’s Secret: A Memoir of Ethnicity, Electricity, and my Immigrant Grandfather’s Wisdom By Greg Grieco
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In 1950s Chicago, a boy hides in his closet to escape a father’s habitual rage. There he conjures up another paternal figure in his artistic Italian grandfather, Canio Grieco. With his wondrous... More > tricks and stories of “Italy,” his library and drawings, his baseball and opera, Canio becomes the model of creativity for the lonely, introverted grandson who learns to survive through ingenuity, imagination, and electricity. Canio’s Secret is a coming-of-age story about young Greg’s struggle to find solace in his mother’s Catholicism and break free of his father’s anger. Told through intimate portraits of parents and grandparents, nuns and janitors, friends and local characters, and their unsettling, often humorous, encounters, it is also the vibrant portrait of a multi-ethnic neighborhood soon to be scattered by white flight. As the older writer ponders his grandfather’s influence, the memoir becomes a meditation on Canio’s enigmatic advice, spoken in the summer of 1953: “Happiness is all that’s required.”< Less
At the End of Time By Gary C. Reynolds
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In the cool of April 1936, scientists Daniel Adams and Charles Chamberlane receive a mysterious package that includes a key and a map of the Belgian Congo. The directions say more packages are to be... More > found, and the end result will be Adams’s destiny. The note is signed “The Future.” Suffering from unrequited love, Adams accepts the challenge and Chamberlane follows. They travel the world collecting pieces of advanced technology that only once completed and assembled will reveal their true function. Adams and Chamberlane encounter two mysterious men both named Mark—one is trying to stop them at any cost, while the other seemingly tries to help. Adams travels through time—1566, 1938, 2286, 1937, 2517, 1880, and finally back to 2481. Along the way, he encounters a mysterious woman who seems to know both him and the identity of his benefactor and his true motivations. Adams ponders the identity of the mysterious woman and wonders if and when she will reveal all she knows.< Less
Who's With Us? From Wondering to Knowing if You Should Start a Business in 21 Days By Angela Lussier
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More than 600,000 businesses are started every year in the US. Yet, for every person who actually starts a business, there are millions more who are saying, “This is my year to start a... More > business!” …and then don’t. Many business books tell you how to start a business, but they don’t focus on answering the most important question of all: Should I start a business? The thought of business ownership is a promising one if you’re dealing with a boss who makes you want to scream, a job that is less than exciting, or a career path that doesn’t look promising. Not your typical business book, Who’s With Us? is a manual walking you through 10 self-assessments to determine if entrepreneurship is something that matches who you are, the lifestyle you want to create, and the future you are envisioning. You’ll also hear from 30 business owners who share what made them say, “It’s time.” Rather than ponder this question for a lifetime, spend 21 days reading this book.< Less
The Muse Volume One By Gary Francis
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A rich life I have had, yes. Full of experience and learning of all things physical. But my real journey of discovery started but a few years ago. When the spiritual awakening commenced for me.... More > Captured are some 206 writing’s in this first volume, given to me as I begun to walk anew in my Life. Topics are wide and varied, but most are reflective, causing the reader to stop and ponder about themselves. For the path of self-discovery, both physical and spiritual can only be walked or begun for you, by you. Written in a way to hopefully cause you to take stock of yourself, your surroundings and who you are in them. Written to broaden your view of the world. To allow you to take notice of those things that should be important to us all. They are captured in the order they came to me, as I walk this path called My Life. Let the Art speak to you. May it enrich your Life, this Art of the Right. Ars enim non salvificem mundum< Less
Where Have All the Elves Gone? By Christian Warren Freed
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Everyone knows Elves don’t exist. Or do they? Daniel Thomas spent years making a career of turning his imagination into the reality of best selling fantasy novels. Only, no one wants to read... More > about elves and dragons anymore. Daniel learns this firsthand when his agent flatly says no to his latest and, what he deems, to be greatest novel yet. Dissatisfied, he takes his manuscript and heads out to confront his agent. His world changes when he finds his agent dying on the floor of her office before it disintegrates into a pile of ash and dust. Daniel doesn’t have time to ponder what just happened as a band of assassins breaks in, forcing him to flee to the Citadel and the home of the king of the high elves in order to survive. Daniel soon discovers that all of the creatures he once thought he imagined actually exist and are living among us. His revelation comes at a price however, as he is drawn into a murder-mystery that will push him to the edge of sanity and show him things no human has witnessed in centuries.< Less
The Meat Murderers By KA Shott
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The Meat Murderers is a collection of poems exploring "flesh" with diversification of specificity ranging topics often broached {death/birth/war} and those often considered taboo... More > [cannibalism...anorexia] with many falling between these extremes. One example is the poem, "President Meat Man." When pondering the image of three dead soldiers lying prostrate on a beach the poem compares war to cannibalism: "Will those next three be one of mine? Will they be served up for wars made of bologna and peanut butter in a world whose stomach prefers meals of what's been ground down "No bones, please. No teeth. Pass the meat through the grinder again, make it soft enough to eat," while we feed our children to the Sausage-Maker who encases them in the uniforms of --the intestines of- 3 dead soldiers lying on a beach..." K.A. Shott (author, poet,artist) currently lives in Southern Iowa with her husband and two sons.< Less

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