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Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume Issue 12 February 2009 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
We at Popular Airsoft Magazine again bring into the airsoft centerstage women that made a name in this game we all love. For the past few years, we have seen the number of lady airsofters grow.... More > Although some are dragged into it by their boyfriends looking for a way to easily escape a Sunday and play, some are very passionate and see the sport as a means of building self confidence. Others have built empires, business empires.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 4 June 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
So here it is, the June 2008 issue of the Popular Airsoft Magazine, and we have...surprise, surprise, ArniesAirsoft! The largest and one of the longest running airsoft websites ever. And not to... More > mention, the most vibrant airsoft community in the world. And what do the ArniesAirsoft crew have to say? Well, better check it out. Loads of stories for you to read about airsoft.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 11 January 2009 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
In 2009, Popular Airsoft Magazine will take airsofting to a new level. We will be sowing the seeds of global airsoft competition with Rapier 01 World Airsoft Challenge: The 1st International Airsoft... More > Competition. While, Rapier 01 WAC does not aim to be big outright, we believe that it will slowly build up momentum over the years as the airsoft fever conquers other countries not yet afflicted by this addiction.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 July 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
We're PACKING HEAT and it has 333 PAGES!!! ---And we're already starting to sweat hard with a lot stories to write. This summer, there will be lots of events to cover as our writers have been flying... More > to parts of the world to give you stories that really matter. Popular Airsoft Magazine keeps on getting bigger and better each issue we release. This issue is file heavy as we made sure that you get those stories and their corresponding photos in high quality.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3 May 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
The May 2008 issue of Popular Airsoft Magazine is now released and another reason for an enjoyable download. This issue is about Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and we've got loads of articles for you to... More > read! It's worth the money downloading this issue as it is a much-anticipated one. Our writers have gone beyond the call of duty this time, and have been very prolific at writing stories and making reviews. We've covered some basics on CQC, and went to Elektrowerkz, the centre for hardcore CQC airsofters in London. What's more, we present to you two face-offs in the budget AEG area, the M4 CQB-s from JG, DBoys, and A&K, plus the MP7s from Well and Galaxy. < Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 7 September 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
In this issue, we peer into the crosshairs of three seasoned airsoft snipers and a sniper instructor, each respected in their own areas of expertise, and unlearn some myths that we all deem as... More > "common knowledge", as well as discover, whether or not, we have what it takes to be one. Know how to differentiate between cover, concealment and camouflage; properly apply camouflage face paint and zero your optics.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 10 December 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
It’s that time of year again, where good cheers and tidings are in the air. Let us all forget for a moment about the global financial meltdown and give ourselves a much needed break from all... More > the hubbubs of everyday life. As what Brahma has written in one of the cover stories in this December Issue, Christmas is really a celebration of thanksgiving.... thanksgiving for the food on our table... for the shelter over our heads and the clothing on our backs... for a loving family... and, most especially for our mothers and fathers.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 9 November 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
Airsoft “zombie-ism” is a loaded issue because we are all so close to doing it, if not already done it at one point or another. Please, do not argue with us on this, gentlemen -- you... More > would cheat in two seconds flat if you know there is no chance of you getting caught. How do we know this? We know this because we have also thought about it, thought it through to the logical conclusion. So here we are on our 9th issue – ZOMBIES: what makes them tick and what do we do about it.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6 August 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
It's the year for the Summer Olympics, and all eyes are on China. And that, our friends, is also our cover story. Though not exactly in Mainland China, where airsoft play is actually illegal, our... More > Operators went to Hong Kong, the land of all things airsoft. You name what airsoft gear you want, they have it. Hong Kong is the main transit point for airsoft and thus, we give you our story on Chinasoft.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 8 October 2008 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
In this issue, we review a selection of East Bloc-inspired AEGs. Dom tinkers with LCT's AMD-65 and MasterChief discusses the pros and cons of the CA SLR-105, while OptimusPrime is left literally... More > "shaken" by the TM AKS74U with recoil engine. The AMD DSR 1 is taken apart and scrutinized by MasterChief and Ogre. Fans of this sniper rifle will not be disappointed… Real Sword International is kind enough to send us review units of their latest offerings—the Type 56 and 97B. MasterChief sure has his hands full with these Chinese LMGs! RS International is our Airsoft Manufacturer in Focus.< Less

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