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Ruined America: The Exodus of Richard Braxton By Derek Sikkema
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Four decades into the future, America is spotted with smoggy, military-ruled cities. Economic failure, riots, and war have poisoned the land. In northern Michigan, Richard Braxton lives with his... More > friends. When a newcomer arrives, he assumes the boy is another spy for the transhumans. But when the outsider tells him of a coming war and an unstoppable army, Richard is plunged into a journey battling the horrors of a country left in ruins.< Less
Fusion By Colin Hazlehurst
Paperback: $14.50
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The northern hemisphere is gone, wiped out by natural disaster and war. The last refuge of civilisation is New Manhattan, Antarctica where Roman Dragic is a detective with the NMPD. He meets and... More > falls in love with Giulia, but his promise to look after her takes him further than he expects.< Less
The General By Ariana Selbrede
eBook (ePub): $0.99
An old man lays dying in a peaceful land, telling his grandson a story; part of their oral history. He tells the story of the General, a madman his own grandmother had served under during the wars in... More > the Time Before Peace.< Less
Encyclopedia Quilless By Julie Steimle
Paperback: $9.15
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After the death of her husband and children, Rebekah Jones once again picks up her encyclopedia set and morosely finishes what she had started when she was 13. This time she has a following as Lady... More > Epsilon with an army as well as a right hand man who has sworn to protect her with his life. Losing them to finish her task is nothing to the trouble that comes form those that keep trying to follow her. As Lady Epsilon she must confront Beta who conspired with Land Omega in the murder of her husband, but there are others who have issues with Reb Jones--those on the other side of the wall seeking Daniel Nebrewski and his rebels. Book 5 of Encyclopedia series< Less
Encyclopedia Epsilon By Julie Steimle
Paperback: $7.97
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Force to winter in the northern land of Epsilon, Rebekah Jones intends to continue her journey to finish delivering th rest of her encyclopedia set the moment spring arrives. Unfortunately, even... More > before she can set out the inafmous Lord Epsilon captures Rebekah and forces her to become his wife. Famous for his ruthlessness, Lord Epsilon promises her that if she resists him in any way he would slaughter the entire village that housed her that winter as punishment. Her traveling days are over, Rebekah Jones becomes Lady Epsilon. As her life begins once more as a Grammarian lady, Rebekah has to come to terms with many parts of her past as well as her current situation. But Lord Epsilon also takes on Rebekahs Jones's past when he takes her as his wife. Captain Alpha seeks his sister. Daniel Nebrewski searches for his old crush. Captain Omega still seeks his fiancee. Who will get to her first, and what will they do? Book 4 of Encyclopedia series< Less
Dwellers of the Night: The Road West By Anthony Barnhart
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The final installment of the Dwellers of the Night Trilogy traces the perilous and horrifying journey of a handful of colony survivors on their westward journey across the United States. They soon... More > find that the journey will cost them much more than they originally thought. The Man wrestles with his own demons and the waking nightmares that accost him.< Less
Dwellers of the Night: The City of Seven Hills By Anthony Barnhart
Hardcover: List Price: $32.00 $19.20 | You Save: 40%
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The disease came suddenly and without warning. This first installment of the "Dwellers of the Night" trilogy begins with the disease’s outbreak. This is a story about tragedy,... More > despair, and hopelessness in a world thrown askew. Covering the first six months of the disease’s rampage, this book explores the nature of “the dark-walkers” and The Man’s struggle to preserve both his soul - and his skin.< Less
36 Hours: A Tale of the Undead By Anthony Barnhart
Hardcover: List Price: $38.99 $23.39 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
April 23, 2004. The sun creeps over the sleepy valleys of the American Midwest. In twelve hours, a third of America's population is dead. In twenty-four hours, two thirds are dead, and the... More > survivors are fighting for their lives. In thirty six hours, the world's population has been all but massacred. It is the End of the World - and the beginning of the Reign of the Dead.< Less
Dwellers of the Night: The Church of 89 Steps By Anthony Barnhart
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The second installment of the Dwellers of the Night Trilogy begins at a survivor’s colony on the eastern side of the city. The Man discovers he isn’t as alone as he thought: there are... More > more survivors than just him and Mark. He and Mark settle into life in the survivor’s colony, but The Man knows it’s simply a matter of time before the survivors’ complacency is shown up for what it really is. He concocts a wild idea: a last-ditch effort, a journey to Alaska, where the disease’s effects will have had less of an impact, and where he can live a somewhat normal life. The others at the colony uncover his plans and several members wish to join him. As he wrestles with the idea of setting out with companions rather than by himself, a psychotic turncoat within their ranks spells death for them all.< Less
The Procyon Strain: Book One By Anthony Barnhart
Hardcover: List Price: $35.00 $21.00 | You Save: 40%
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A young man’s summer vacation on the resort island of Hilton Head, South Carolina is cut short when inexplicable events bring in the Coast Guard and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.... More > Strange happenings continue to mount and a government cover-up is exposed. A new virus, capable of replicating itself twice as fast as H.I.V. and claiming a 100-percent mortality rate, threatens to tear civilization apart at the seams. Attacking the brain stem and motor cortex, this new virus, dubbed “The Procyon Strain,” strips the host of all emotion and personality, hijacking the body as a vessel for direct human-to-human transmission. Society teeters on the verge of meltdown as government forces seek to curb and contain the growing outbreaks. The officials in Washington, D.C. placate the public’s growing concern by denying what they know to be true: a global outbreak of an unprecedented scale lies just beyond the bend, and modern civilization is woefully unprepared for what comes next.< Less

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