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POST BOOK By Diego Padilla
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In the spring of 2011 six digital explorers descended upon an art space in L.A, known as machine by those who love it. Exploring dusty corners; going on an archeological expedition in the search of... More > remnants from extinct art installations. Finding secret memories of artistic gatherings lurking about like forgotten whispers. Curiosity and humor crafted a portal through which our spoils are rediscovered and are documented here through a poetic and fearless process of form and landscapes. This digital journey with its five person ten-eyed perspective and multi-layered textural depth resulted in this on-demand voyage of furry blurriness.< Less
Post-Atomic Integrities By John O'Loughlin
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A lonely writer of radically philosophic tendency is visited by an old acquaintance one evening and becomes, to his considerable surprise, amorously involved with her and, subsequently, willing to... More > take-on responsibility, outside of marriage, for her teenage daughter, whom he tutors, once she has come of age, in the ways of what he calls post-atomic integrities - a term doubtless deriving from his philosophical bent! Originally dating from 1982, the year of 'False Pretences', this little novella comes at a time when the author was in the process of abandoning fiction for philosophy, and is therefore likely to provide ample food for moral or social thought.< Less
Post-Apocalypse Movie Review By James Dakin
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Post-Apocalypse movie reviews, those that survived the weeding out process to remove the posers.
Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealism By John O'Loughlin
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In this project, largely composed of loosely aphoristic 'supernotes' dating from 1989-91, the Element-based quadruplicities, or fourfold structures, of earlier books, including 'Elemental Spectra',... More > have been further developed and even expanded upon, to include T-like diagrams whose intention is to facilitate a sense of the respective positions, vis-a-vis the Elements, of each component in the overall hierarchy of any given quadruplicity. In that respect, this eBook also anticipates the next one in what is an ongoing process spiralling towards a more comprehensively exacting summit, the end-product of all such formative essays into truth. The cover shows one of John O'Loughlin's more pronouncedly absolute abstract paintings suitable, we believe, to the idealistic bias of this self-styled 'critique'.< Less
How to post unlimited ads on craigslist! By Jacob Morris
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This e-book will show you how to post multiple ads in any city on craigslist. The e-book explains how to get around the "roadblocks" preventing people from doing so. This book literally... More > takes you by the hand and shows you a very simple process on how to do so. I used the techniques and I am experiencing great success.I operate a network marketing business, and since I've been using these methods I've experienced a large increase on my downline! Its amazing! I would recommend this to anyone. Craigslist is a tricky website, it takes expertise to get it all figured out. I have spent a lot of money trying different things. I've used posting services, (not successful) I've used auto posting software and gotten my IP address blocked.I've tried many things! In a nutshell, this e-book is the answer to all of my questions. Go ahead and take a look at it. It has changed my business, and is responsible for generating my increasing downline. The website is:< Less
Basic Principles of Unit Processes and Unit Operations In Chemical Process Industries By Dr.Pratik Dave, Dr.Bharat Makwana, Dr.Ashish Zala
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Dr Pratik N. Dave Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, H.V.H.P. Institute of Post Graduate studies and Research, Kadi KADI SARVA VISHVAVIDYALYA-GANDHINGAR Mob:-9428222436, 917372177
Facing It: 2010 to 2011 Poetry Posted on Facebook By Cherie Hanson
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This anthology of poems records the journey of the particularly dark days after the sudden and unexpected dissolution of a 16 year marriage. While recovering from major abdominal surgery, the poet... More > was left to deal with physical, emotional and financial crises. The anthology includes the postings of short, lyric portraits on Facebook of the process of coming to face shock and grief. These short poems record the transition as the poet realizes the delusions she has embraced. It is a journey to forgiveness for both her ex-husband and for the choices that she made in the past that lead to such wounding. The poems range from dark musings to outrageous humour and are illustrated by the author's brilliant art work.< Less
Torchlight for Change Post-Graduation Action Plan By Tracy Maxwell
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The Post Graduation Action Plan (PGAP) will assist young students in developing working strategies for their future as they navigate through high school. Whether they are seeking general employment... More > in the workforce, living on their own, joining the military or planning to attend college this plan will allow youth to begin a process of making choices and taking the necessary steps to make their dreams a reality. The PGAP is an interactive workbook that should become a student’s life plan guide from their freshman year of high school to graduation. It is a workbook that should be completed in pencil by the student with a educator, parent or guardian. Remember: A student’s life plan can change in a moment’s notice. Stay focus! Work your plan! You can accomplish whatever you Will. Tracy Maxwell< Less
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The Military has used listening posts for early warning detection of their opposition for as long as warfare has been around. When night comes, a company commander will send out a two-man team some... More > distance beyond the company’s fortified combat perimeter. This team will have special instructions to listen for unusual movement that may harm the company. Furthermore, using a password enables the team to return to the fortified area when needed.< Less
Reclaiming Baltimore's Invisible Harbor : Mapping the Edge in a Post-Industrial Landscape By Allison Thurmond
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An investigation of both social and technical processes of landscape reclamation through a study of the Middle Branch waterfront in Baltimore MD. A sixty-year master plan guides the creation of a... More > diverse urban landscape connected by water and 6.7 miles of trail.< Less