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And the RANTS Just Keep on Coming By Arthur Gurmankin
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A compilation of RANTS against mostly RIGHT-WING politics and ideology; but a number of liberal Democrats also receive the RANTS they deserve. Each Rant can be read individually – this is one... More > of those books you can pick up and begin anywhere among the 92 pages. Not much is sacred in this book – literally – religion-in-politics is a frequently RANTed topic.< Less
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REVERSE MENTALITY, REVERSED! is my new book that discusses and tries to correct the most strategic and sensitive part of human character and nature: The mind. This book in no small way reveals the... More > great thinking defects that has so subconsciously infected our mindsets for ages, Leaving the reader in amazements how reversed our thoughts and opinions has been even in our perfect education and upbringings. It however does not contradicts religious standards, as it so excellently upholds religious and Christian virtues while trying to level it to our everyday application and use. REVERSE MENTALITY, REVERSED! is a radical attempt to effect global change by changing the way we think, yet It directly targets to improve and develop the character, motivation and ideology of the average individual, for a much more peaceful, freer and prosperous world - OAT DALLY< Less
The Taming of the Elite By Keran Kerai
eBook (ePub): $5.92
In a world dominated by evil government and evil people. Overall every nation is in truth ruled by the great elite. They are the people with wealth and power that blackmail those that can make... More > change. The change that will make them more powerful and rich. Very interest that lay true corruption at the heart of lover of freedom destructors. This is written with political view of the charters not myself as parts will be a little controversial. But the people involved will act this way and see the world in this view only some people see in the first place. Do not try to kill me for the piece of history in this book. Some of these events did happen in the real world. This book is quasi-fiction, real people but fictional event following history. This book is given to the world and needs to be seen as such not something that will hurt hearts and minds. Just read it as it is fiction not real.< Less
For The Sake of Nigeria By Edeh Jonathan Onche
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If everything you and i are: all we stand for and would be in the future is dependent on the stability and survival of a certain institution. Shall we then sit by, hands crossed and never do anything... More > while watch the total loss, destruction and failure of this institution, when all the while we had it in our power to turn things around. Such is the Nigeria case, we are at a crossroad in our nation's history, where our corrupt leaders have consistently contributed in taken apart the nation by which a people are called. So invested in this book is a clarion call to save the fatherland. We must do everything in our power, that sole power you and i possess as individuals to save Nigeria- not for your Sake or mine, but for The Sake of Nigeria, by which a people are called.< Less
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The Follower By Bryan Kolar
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In the small, midwestern town of Hopeton, drugs run rampant and the youth are set on paths of self-destruction. Enter Dylan Clark, a vagabond with an uncanny wisdom and a complete lack of fear.... More > The estranged widow he befriends, along with a quartet of misguided teens, are intrigued but skeptical about this man's strange power. It seems that everywhere he goes, people are either inspired or terrified by him. Hopeton has its secrets, and Dylan is determined to root them out, no matter what the danger, in order to stop the cycle of corruption that pervades the hearts and minds of those in power and those who grow up in their shadow. But it will take more than just one man to set things right. Those under Dylan's tutelage must decide how much is too much. When is taking a chance for the better of the community worth the risk of ridicule or alienation?< Less
The Prodigy By Sydney Alyk Walker
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Fifty years have passed since the Guides have last been in battle and the threat to the planets have been, for the most part, taken care of. After all those years, Virgo and Capricorn begin the... More > second phase of their plan: revenge. If the Guides had trouble controlling their powers, then the Prodigies can barely grasp theirs. A trail of death and pain is their legacy as the nine scramble to control their new abilities granted to them by their ancestors before the Dark Matter finds them first. As they run short on time, a truth makes itself known and refuses to be ignored: They were betrayed, but nothing is quite the way it seems to be for them. Their destiny is so much bigger than any of them realise, a select portion of the truth revealed to them, and there is a higher power orchestrating their plight. As they prepare for battle and flee the danger of Perfidus and his army of Forsaken, all their plans will change when the hunt begins, and they are the hunted.< Less
The Scow: Free Flight By A.K. Child
eBook (ePub): $4.99
GalaXcow is in serious trouble. The Central Brain has gone missing, the fleet of garbage scows is drifting off into space, and Nashville Tennessee’s lunch is once again disagreeing with... More > him. When the universe’s most powerful garbage collection company is beset by computer problems, everyone suffers. Prophitonian power mogul, Memphis Tennessee, is on the verge of losing his paranoid mind when he’s accidently pulled into his own computer system and faces the evil lurking inside. His illegitimate son, Nashville, and the intrepid crew of GalaXcow Vessel 4 drift into space and encounter the god-like Syllestians, while GalaXcow’s Vice President of Monitoring does his best to take over the company. Join the insanity as lives change forever and the universe is turned topsy-turvy in a riotous romp through the stars and inside the very make-up of humanity.< Less
Search for Truth: The Seeker Begins... By Bryan Radzin
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Our minds and thoughts are like nuclear bombs. When we drop them, I mean really let go and drop them on something that allows them to flow freely, there is nothing more powerful on earth, not the... More > toughest armies or biggest guns. If a pen is mightier than the sword, then the mind and thoughts are the ink that goes into the pen. And if we don’t spend time to gather the best quality ink, we’ll drop a dud when we try to help the world consciously evolve. Are politicians making money hand over fist because the companies that employ immigrants make truckloads of it themselves and therefore contribute more to campaigns? The vigilante types are probably linked to the corrupt politicians, who both stand to lose equally if immigrants were made legal. The politicians would lose the status quo of cheap labor they can take advantage of, and the vigilantes would have to deal with a multi-racial society; which is all meant to benefit the status quo.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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