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Language By Aria Vaillancourt
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All levels and aspects of life contain an inherent expression, a language meant to interpenetrate all that contains life. Through language we connect to all that is around us, forging connection,... More > communication, and a sense of community. Language represents a point in my life where personal and spiritual expression took a fundamental role in how I chose to interact with the world around me. Here, I gained a creative voice and develops the means to express it to the external world. Communication and expression are the mesh that holds our worlds and realities together. Whether through literal language, imagery, emotion, or intellect, we seek a fundamental connection to all that is around us. It is an inherent and powerful seed of life, driving inspiration, action, and motivation.< Less
Language and Power: A Search for Perspectives with Reference to English as Second Language in India By Russell Al Farabi
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The colonial decision to replace Indian languages by English initially as the medium of administrative and legal procedures was to alter the course of our history in decisive ways. Macaulay, in his... More > Minute, was to pronounce a single shelf of European books of greater worth than all the learning in Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic put together. The remarkable thing is that suddenly the eternal value of the Indian classics and antiquity had come to loss all relevance. The continued status of English as the guarantee of upward mobility within a still rigidly stratified society, there has grown to be a segment of the English- knowing middle class which holds the view that English has been ‘naturalized’ in this country, and hence ought properly to be seen as one of the Indian languages.< Less
Body Language By Robert McMurtrie
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Learn The Power of Body Language and How it Can Benefit You! Have you often wondered why some people make you feel inferior, or how some people are able to communicate so completely, often times... More > without uttering a word? In those situations and so many more, the people with the power have learned how to use "body language" to their advantage, from landing that sweet job to the perfect partner. Maybe you would like to learn "flirting body language". Or the "eye body language of love". Learn "body language and sign of attraction". Learn "body language when falling in love". If you are a female learn about "reading a man's body language". If you are a man learn about "reading female body language signals". Buy this cheap book for £1.25. Download immediately after payment is received. Learn now how to read body language.< Less
Language Of Love By Joy Brisbane
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Language Of Love is a collection of love poems that span twenty years of writing. Love...perhaps the most complex of all emotions. I do not try to define love; for me it simply IS. As with all of... More > our life's experiences, there is a balance; the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, the ego and love of the soul, the loneliness and the fullness, the pain and the ultimate peace of that inner knowing of the divine self. Love has many faces and many forms of expression, yet they all lead back to one simple truth...what you give you receive. There is no power in all of the universe greater than the power of love. It all begins with SELF. When we learn to love and honour self then can we truly love another.< Less
The "People Power" Education Superbook: Book 7. Language Learning Guide (Free Language Materials On the Web) By Tony Kelbrat
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This is a simple book that lists websites about languages, websites to learn languages, websites to learn English, language schools, books, tapes, linguistic organizations, etc. Languages at the... More > library go from #400 to #499. The general breakdown is: 420. English & Anglo-Saxon. 430. Germanic Languages. 440. French, Provencal, Chatelaine. 450. Italian, Romanian, Etc. 460. Spanish & Portuguese. 470. Latin Languages. 480. Classical Greek. 490. Other Languages. 491. East Indo-European and Celtic. 492. Semitic languages. 493. Hamitic and other languages. 494. Ural-Altaic, Dravidian, etc. 495. East and southeast Asian languages. 496. African languages. 497. North American Indian languages. 498. South American Indian languages. 499. Austranesian and other languages.< Less
The Ultimate Guide to Body Language By Max Samadi
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The gestures and signals made by men, women, children-and even pets-often communicate true feelings and desires more than words do. This fascinating study offers insight into gender differences in... More > body language; how to interpret flirtations; meanings associated with specific body parts; the role of body language in the development and promotion of consumer products; how to control yourself in business meetings and interviews; how to know when someone is lying; and much more. This book teaches you how to speed read other people's body language to such an extent it is as if you are a psychic reading their mind. It also teaches you techniques to control and improve your own body language to get the results you desire in social situations.< Less
The Power of Haiku By Parole Amica
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Stunning photography with thought provoking words bring you "The Power of Haiku"
English is a Foreign Language By Alain English
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The power of poetry to change a life it pack a mighty punch. Poetry from the the heart of an Autistic poet
English Is a Foreign Language By Alain English
eBook (ePub): $7.85
The power of poetry to change a life it pack a mighty punch. Poetry from the the heart of an Autistic poet
Siddhartha / Siddhartha (Dual Language) By Hermann Hesse
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A powerful allegory by German master Hermann Hesse, this short novel details the journey of an Indian man as he searches for the meaning of life. Presented in the original German with English... More > translation in a parallel format for learners of German through literature. 124 pages.< Less