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The Power Series By Chris Bellows
eBook (PDF): $2.10
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Originally posted on the author's blog, this series of short stories is offered for a nominal sum. More of Chris Bellows available from
A Series of Events at Huxley Castle By William Power
eBook (PDF): $19.52
This is the diary of Huxley Castle which is in Avery, a country that occupies the same island as the UK but in a parallel universe. It describes the various events that take place during a year in... More > Huxley and is written by Ringlet, the 'Keeper of the Castle Diary'.< Less
Paperback: $37.75
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Written in diary format, the story details the day to day events that occur in a land called Avery, the capital of which is Huxley which, in turn, is dominated by a huge castle in which the seat of... More > government resides along with the royal family and other assorted characters. The land of Avery is situated where Britain lies now and is in fact in a parallel universe to ours, but which can be accessed through a portal that appears twice a year: at winter and summer solstice. The diary is narrated by a central character called Ringlet who records not only the everyday events at the castle but also those in his own private life, including his friendship with a witch called Mantissa and her fiancée Edwy, and his courtship of and subsequent marriage to Mantissa’s cousin Eleleth. The main plot revolves around the portal and a ‘rogue’ portal which manifests itself unexpectedly and leads to the four main characters investigating the mystery. This culminates in their visit to Banbury, Oxfordshire.< Less
A Series of Events at Huxley Castle By William Power
Hardcover: $29.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the diary of Huxley Castle which is in Avery, a country that occupies the same island as the UK but in a parallel universe. It describes the various events that take place during a year in... More > Huxley and is written by Ringlet, the 'Keeper of the Castle Diary'.< Less
The Powers That Be By Janice Stuart
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $17.00 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Imagine the lines of good and evil being drawn in a Southern city, and lines being held by ordinary people with extraordinary existences! The novel traces one special young woman’s struggle to... More > accept the magic she wields, that can become the focus for either good or evil. She is the target for two juntas which will ultimately fight for dominance in one small part of the world. Readers will relate to many characters from both juntas: the lycanthrope, the spiritualist, the healer, the nosferatu, the warrior or the ordinary human. Finally there is the sorcerer Aric and the would-be sorceress Trina who will struggle with choices that must be made at many levels, all of which could destroy their very souls. This is one of a series in which the characters will continue to struggle against the forces of good and evil, where the lines blur for everyone involved. If readers enjoy fantasy and dark fantasy, they will enjoy the adventures of Trina and her junta.< Less
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Michael Lee Young is an American graphic novel author. Extremely talented in visual designs. His latest novel scales of power, takes through the journey of humans as of AD 2008 interact with the... More > outside world beyond our universe. Buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride…< Less
Power Quest The Series By J. Alan
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Great land of Nazareth has come under seige and four people must band together to defeat the great Red Dragon in this epic journey. What they find with themselves will not only shape what they... More > have are but what they will become by the time it is all done.< Less
Mystic Heart - Book One of the Mystic Series By J.L. Powers
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The world we lived in isn't as black and white as we first thought. Hawk understood this better than anyone, he's always been a part of that world. For Skye and I it's so new, a world where fantasy... More > and reality collided. Through this new world we'd uncover longtime secrets and gain new knowledge about the people we held dear to us. However, danger also awaited us around every corner. Those who didn’t want their secrets known, who had more sinister plans. Those dangers would throw us into new areas of the world we’d just come to understand, creating more questions about ourselves and the paths we should choose. Will we make the right choices or find ourselves torn apart from each other? Will the friendship we tried so hard to maintain be in fact the one thing that destroyed us in the end? Can love prevail and show us anything is possible if you fight hard enough? The future is unknown to all of us but one thing is for sure it will come. Question is are we prepared for the consequences of what it holds for us?< Less
Seed of Power: Book Two of the Dark Pilgrim Series By R. Peter Ubtrent
eBook (ePub): $5.00
The escape was successful! Ailanthus, Tethys and their friends have escaped from the penal colony and the first place they find themselves is the black market planet of Kali Prime, home to some of... More > the worst criminals and cheats not locked up. Wanting to ditch their stolen transport for something a little less obvious, they quickly learn that life outside K'ar Krack'a isn't all that different than it was inside, as the friendship fused together in the hell that was the penal colony quickly begins to melt. Meanwhile, Rohini and his spy master begin their attempts to hold the Imperium together from the rebellion boiling over at the heavy-handed methods of the new emperor. The Dei Glorium and her High Confessio of The Church of the Blessed Prophets begin their effort to destroy that which they want to save and Lord Cardinal Cebrenia Caroli begins her bumpy road toward revenge.< Less
The Price of Power: Book Two of the Aspen Series By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
After the battle of Rosehill, Thorne and Aspen Darktower come face to face with finding the balance between peace and justice amidst the adversity that meets them head on as they explore their new... More > positions as the Grand Duke and Duchess of Elgolan. Being led forward by the imperious Sir Lernmoore, they find their relationship tested by the powers granted them by the king and the bonds of their love are stretched by the evil that surrounds them, unable to be found. Together they learn a new nobility through the people they meet and the places they see on their quest to return home. Their tale continues from the unforgettable story, Noble Courage! "There is a price to be paid for the power which we hold." ~ Hans Broadleaf< Less

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