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Advances in Electric Power Engineering By Hajar Bagheri Tolabi
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In the 21st century, electric power engineering is going green and smart. In this century, the increasing search for the efficiency, the computational continuous improvement and the development of... More > new effective mathematical methods are three impelling forces for the utilization of optimization in electric power systems. Nowadays, it is unlikely to find an electric company that does not use optimization methods. This kind of processes is utilized in both planning and operation calculations for the generation, transmission and distribution areas of power systems. Electrical engineers face these new operational methods, in some cases without the adequate preparation. This book aims to include some of the present and foreseen applications of the optimization in electric power systems, explained by main experts in the field. Furthermore, this book may serve as state-of-the-art for undergraduate and graduate students worldwide.< Less
Engineering and Design By Amit Kumar Sahoo
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Power augmentation and new capacity installation or power distribution has seen a significant growth starting from Infrastructure and Automobile Manufacturing industry to Agriculture, fertilizers,... More > mining, Minerals, Metals and Oil & Gas/Refineries & Pharmaceuticals. Major products for installation that vastly sell in these industries are HT Switchgears and Power Transformers with Manufacturing Pioneers like ABB, Schnieder, Areva, L&T, SIEMENS, C&S, which require a lot of time invested to train newly recruited engineers for deploying them in a project. This book is inclined towards teaching the foundations for a newly recruited Engineer for a Site inspection & during vendor drawing review and approval based on certain basic awareness in the field of installation of HT Switchgears and Power Transfomers. Although for Power Transformers, a detailed version of the book is yet to be published with more elaborate views on all accessories, which depends on the readers review of this book.< Less
Kirby Engineering By George Clapper
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Kirby Engineering is the story of the nation's power grid and the people who build and maintain the grid. This book is about two young people who grow up in the industry and the paths they travel.
Kirby Engineering By George Clapper
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Kirby Engineering is the story of the nation's power grid and the people who build and maintain the grid. This book is about two young people who grow up in the industry and the paths they travel.
HHOPP engine By TR NoWry
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The HHOPP engine design is a way of building HIGH DISPLACEMENT engines (internal combustion, stirling, and diesel) in incredibly small physical packages. With all other things considered equal,... More > the HHOPP version of the same power and displacement engine will be 1/4 the size or smaller than conventional designs. The core achievement of the HHOPP is dramatic size reduction that drives manufacturing costs down and translates into large weight savings with no loss in power or efficiency. Feel free to explore the large preview or order a full color print from< Less
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Timeless Sales Strategies By Business Engineering
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Do you want to Leverage on Powerful Online and Offline Strategies to Boost Your Sales! Welcome to the Timeless Sales Strategies e-Book.
Electrical Engineering for Non-electrical Engineers By S. Bobby Rauf, P.E., C.E.M., MBA
eBook (ePub): $99.99
This book is designed to serve as a resource for exploring and understanding basic electrical engineering concepts and principles, as well as related analytical and mathematical strategies. Topics... More > include critical electrical engineering components of energy projects, electrical-related energy cost factors, tips on improvement of electrical energy intensity in industrial and commercial settings, an update on generation of electricity from renewal sources, basic principles of illumination and efficient lighting, and an explanation of important energy engineering terms and concepts. Also included is a discussion of the skills and preparation necessary for succeeding in the electrical engineering portions of various certification and licensure exams. Practical examples and case studies of electrical applications in industrial and commercial settings will be used to demonstrate the topics and procedures covered. Example problems, along with solutions are also included.< Less
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В пособии рассмотрены основные... More > постановки обратных задач электротехники и электроэнергетики, их особенности и проблемы, воз- никающие при их решении. Представлены современные методы, поз- воляющие получить адекватное решение обратной задачи даже в усло- виях, когда цепь описывается жесткой системой дифференциальных уравнений (при описании во временной области) или системой алгеб- раических уравнений с плохо обусловленной матрицей (в установив- шемся режиме).< Less
50 Secrets of Success Powering the World's Largest Search Engine Company By Brenda Flinn
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Discover 50 principles driving the historic success of America's fastest growing, largest, and wealthiest search engine company. Adopt a few for yourself.