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everything must go, or a journey to obtain an all-access pass to existential anxiety and attain some kind of enlightenment By sejo vega-cebrián
Paperback: $11.11
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overwhelmed by the thought of climate breakdown and the collapse of civilization, i started this work with the premise that "everything must go" in order to get to a new world order. i... More > arrived at depths i didn’t know existed, and after embracing them i’ve found myself with another (and somewhat positive) way of looking at the world. this book is the companion of the performance i created with the same name: a panel discussion about radical change (?), featuring silence, pre-recorded laughter, and cyborg in existential anxiety, and moderated by a chance-based computer system. or the performance is the companion of the book. or neither of them. or both.< Less
The Juzek Dilemma By Andrew Felix
eBook (ePub): $1.49
An existentialist essay on unexamined life, unrequited lust, and unrealized artistic ambition in pre-Guliani NYC.
Simeon Stylites, I Bet You're Only Sticking Around Because You Want This Tip By D.N. Nation
Paperback: $12.69
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Simeon Stylites is an average man in the 21st century. He lives, he whines, he drinks, and he dies. And dies. And dies in any lifetime, in any universe. Until powers beyond grant him the ability to... More > be more, and from there...< Less
The Juzek Dilemma (PDF) By Andrew Felix
eBook (PDF): $1.49
An existentialist essay on unexamined life, unrequited lust, and unrealized artistic ambition in pre-Guliani NYC.
When verses versus Sam By dwgpoet aka Donald Gomez Jr
eBook (PDF): $1.19
Begin exploring "When" global non-excusers conspiracy theory began. Humor yourself "when" SAMs' exploits & His_Story sucked worse than #1 World War films. Poetry, accidentally... More > on purpose reports the scariest news, true news; not condoning or pre-judging or repenting or spewing Condemn-Nations.< Less
Phenomenology and The Ghost in The Machine: An Investigation into Wilfrid Sellars, Jean--Paul Sartre, Gilbert Ryle and The Concept of Mind By Timb Hoswell
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Take a journey through Jean-Paul Sartre’s trans-phenomena of consciousness, into Gilbert Ryle’s Linguistic Behaviourism and on to the outer reaches of Wilfrid Sellars’ Rylean... More > ancestors and their ‘Messianic Behaviourist’ Jones. Phenomenology and the Ghost in the Machine begins by investigating a historical connection between Jean-Paul Sartre and Gilbert Ryle. The book exploits this connection to explore an attractive relationship between ordinary language and consciousness, thus providing plenty of chances for readers to learn Sartre’s phenomenology and Ryle’s linguistic analysis of the mind along the way. This work is a one way ticket to the outer reaches of the mind, arguing that language is insufficient to ground a theory of mind because it fails to capture sublinguistic layers of thought. Only a ‘first person science’ exploring the nature of mind, and heralded by a return to a Pre-Fregeian Psychologism, can penetrate these mysteries of thought.< Less
Ovoid the Void By Peter Steiner BSc DDS MHR*
Paperback: $19.14
Prints in 3-5 business days
An inquiry into the relationship between the primordial Pre Big Bang Void and the Existential Void of dysfunctional behavior.How emptiness,creativity and depression are related with respect to... More > egocide, suicide peripateia and the Dark Night of the Soul. Change as a necessary ingredient of the Universe,Life and Sentient Life. The interplay between the Inner Self and the perceived Outer Reality (Universe). A new theory of interacting with the inner Void of the Soul without perfectionism, addictions and dysfunctional stuffing of the Void. The role of extremes in creativity,addictions, dysfunction and how they relate in a world of attoseconds and billions of lightyears. A new Paradigm way of dealing with an increasingly stressful modern world without becoming a workaholic or a hermit. Relating to the mysterious as the unknown we cannot even imagine.< Less
Uit het leven gegrepen (derde druk) By Titus Rivas
Paperback: $19.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
Zestien artikelen van drs. Titus Rivas, verbonden aan Stichting Athanasia en Stichting Merkawah, rond parapsychologisch onderzoek naar een persoonlijk voortbestaan na de fysieke dood en... More > reïncarnatie. De auteur bespreekt diverse soorten bewijsmateriaal voor een leven na de dood en staat stil bij de vraag wat we er zoal over te weten kunnen komen.< Less

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