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Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church (English Edition) - Second Edition By St. Mark Preaching Ministry
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This book contains the text and rites of one of the most holiest seasons in the Coptic Orthodox Church. All Holy Week readings are in English. The Holy Week of Pascha is central in the church life. ... More > It is a celebration of God the Heavenly Father’s love. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16, NKJV). It is also a living remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ, “who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God” (Heb 9:14, NKJV).< Less
Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church (English/Arabic/Coptic) By St. Mark Preaching Ministry
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This book contains the text and rites of one of the most holiest seasons in the Coptic Orthodox Church. All Holy Week readings are in English, Coptic, and Arabic. This version is unique in many ways;... More > it is the first version to include Coptic, English, and Arabic texts that are readable, coherent, and easy to understand. This is the first version to include a contemporary and elegant English and Arabic translations that are most often quoted by our beloved father H.H. Pope Shenodua III and all the clergy of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The file is formatted for viewing on large eBook readers such as the Apple IPad, Kindle DX, Android tablets and laptops.< Less
Fifty Shades of a Preacher By Preach Elder Brown
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We have seen scandal after scandal, sexual immortality and abominations throughout our world, and in our churches. We’ve seen the place we worshiped for years before our eyes, turned into a... More > club of liars, backstabbers, and hypocrites. There was a time when people would not smoke in front of the church, use profanity near the church; but we have preachers fighting over positions and money in the church. So what goes on outside the door, isn’t so bad as what’s going on inside, many may say. The ground needs to be toiled, “church” needs to close, and real ministry needs to be birthed forth. Fifty Shades of a Preacher gives an in-depth look at over 50 shades of characters, personalities, behaviors and identities of preachers, compiled in 50 chapters. Change needs to take place in our churches around the world, and it will take something to expose this tyrannical behavior in our worship institutions.< Less
Preaching the Kingdom By Wayne M. Hoy
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I have often incorporated story in my homilies. Sometimes I’ve used the same story more than once when it fit the occasion. I firmly believe that statement, “Truth wrapped in story is... More > irresistible.” Unlike scientific truth which can be proven, religious truth appears to be an oxymoron by our secular educational system. Truth, in fact comes in many different ways, in many different modes besides science. To again quote Father Bousch: “Are we to say, for example, that the fictional works of Dante, Shakespeare, Dickens, and Wharton carry no truth of any sort, no wisdom? Is the fictional story of the Good Samaritan without truth of any sort? Is the wisdom behind Aesop’s talking animals useless and silly? Is To Kill a Mockingbird simply a good read and not a moral imperative? Is there no truth to Atticus Finch’s life?”< Less
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This is the best book on the art of expository preaching that you can find anywhere
Treatise on Preaching By Humbert of Romans
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The majority of modern books on preaching fall rather easily into one of several categories: collections of sermons, suggested outlines for sermons, or the method of writing sermons. This volume,... More > written by Humbert of Romans, the fifth Master General of the Order of Friars Preachers, is more fundamental. It is concerned with the basic principles and consequently, even though it was written in the thirteenth century, it is timely and applicable today. Humbert treats the main aspects of preaching and displays a happy capacity for combining general principles with minute details. The general tone is lofty with a wealth of quotations from Scripture and the Fathers and the whole is studded with many excellent practical suggestions.< Less
How to Preach By Ken Down
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I am an experienced and popular preacher. I believe that anyone can preach provided God has called them to do so. Although God can speak through the most feeble of sermons, yet as good workmen we... More > should do our best to make our messages interesting and acceptable to our hearers. In this book I share 40 years of preaching experience, recognising that what works for me may not work for you. My prayer is that at least some of the ideas in this book will help you become a more effective servant for our Master.< Less
Preaching Essentials By Chad Meza
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Preaching Essentials provides a foundation for developing and delivering sermons, outlining several proven methods and best practices. Broken down into two sections, you will first learn how to... More > select a main passage of scripture to preach from, utilize Bible study tools to understand the passage, and create a sermon outline. From there, you will discover invaluable tips for delivering a sermon effectively, including preparation ideas, time management, and much more. Invest in yourself, invest in your ministry, become a more excellent preacher today.< Less
SNEAK A PREACH By Avery Kinney, Avery Kinney
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Prophetic nuggets for your next level.
SNEAK A PREACH By Bishop Avery Kinney
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Nuggets of wisdom from the next level in your life! The wisdom contained in this book will "strengthen you for the climb" to your next!