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If I place a crystall ball in your home and your married life improves, or if I hang a mirror in the corner and your income suddenly jumps, then what you have witnessed are noticeable results. Just... More > because modern science cannot explain why these things happen doesn't mean they don't happen. If your business is failing or has become slot it's not because your customers don't want your products or servides anymore. Most likely there is some unexplained cycle that, unlike the examples above, is affecting you, your business'location, name in a negative manner. We all know that to have a successful business, you need to increase your sales and minimize your expenses. If you are not prepared to face both the hard times and the good times of your company, then you are not prepared for business properly and could ultimately lose it. This book prepares you to avoid these pitfalls by helping you to master the Vedic Mathematical Sciences behind running a succesful business.< Less
Marketing Manual for the Construction Trades By Charles Countryman
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Discover a number of marketing strategies that will make you a top marketer. You will learn from countless years of testing hundreds of different marketing strategies. The most important system to... More > create in your business is an effective marketing system. Moreover, an effective marketing system is one that delivers predictable results from repetitive use. The end result of using the marketing techniques described in detail in this manual will provide the maximum-effectiveness with a predictable income.< Less
Evaluation of Common Stock By Homework Help Classof1
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Sooty Iron works, Inc has had declining sales and increasing expenses over the last decade and expects this trend to continue. As a result the company predicts that earnings and dividends will... More > decline indefinitely at a rate of 4% per year. Sooty’s last dividend (D/0[) was $2 per share. If the market required rate of return is 12%, estimate the value of Sooty’s common stock.< Less
Online Marketing Simulations By Kevn Hillstrom
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The Online Marketing Simulation is a methodology used by CEOs, CMOs, Web Analytics Experts, and Online Marketers to understand how customers evolve and change over time, allowing business leaders to... More > optimize the long-term profitability of a business. By analyzing purchase activity, Mr. Hillstrom demonstrates how customers with specific habits (i.e. customer clicks through a paid search ad or buys from an e-mail marketing message) and merchandise preferences evolve over time. The methodology in this book allows the Business Leader to predict future sales, and based on a five year forecast, make changes to the business today that result in a positive future outcome.< Less
CenterBrain Thinking...A practical guide to positioning your brand, product or service By Jim Ebel
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Being able to access both sides of his brain to simultaneously apply strategic and creative thinking was the way Jim Ebel positioned himself when he broke away from his corporate job, and went out on... More > his own as one of America's first positioning and branding consultants. Now, 20 years later, having launched over 170 new brands, products and services that today generate nearly $4 billion dollars in annual sales for his clients, Ebel lets you in on his secrets for creating positioning and branding success. In plain talk he leads you through a process that teaches you how to recognize a good idea using a simple 5-step method, how to develop positioning that meets the Three T's test, how to predict how big your idea will be using simple arithmetic, and how to launch your idea using inexpensive and often forgotten marketing tactics. He uses real-world examples from his actual experience. This book is written for the Chief Marketing Officer and the Small Business Owner. Makes a wonderful textbook.< Less