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Builder 3 and 2, NAVPERS 10648-C By Bureau of Naval Personnel
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This book is written for men of the Navy and of the Naval Reserve who are studying for advancement to the rates of Builder 3 and 2. The first chapter of this book contains general information... More > concerning the work and responsibilities of the Builder, a brief discussion of his place in the Construction Battalion and naval organization, and reference to a valuable supply of source material. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 are especially concerned with the duties of the Builder Light. Chapter 16 is concerned with the basic duties of the Builder Heavy. Safety precautions and first aid are stressed in all chapters. The builder in the Navy 1 Lumber 13 Surface preparation for painting 33 Composition and storage of paint 60 Exterior and interior painting 69 Woodworking tools and building hardware 94 Power tools 122 Blueprints and the steel square 149 Foundation and form building 171 Concrete 191 Scaffolding and staging 214 Woodworking 227 Framing 243 Prefabricated structures 280< Less
Informing The Future By BlueStar ShamaDeerwomon
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Informing The Future is an acknowledgement that each and every one of us has a message within. We are Informing The Future with every truth and knowing that is unique to our individuated selves. It... More > occurred to me years ago that the moment we project an idea into form it becomes archaic. I Am a true warrior of improvisation and have always felt there is nothing more authentic than spontaneity, be-ing in the moment. It seems this way is so clean and immediately femifested directly from Source. It was the pre-fabricated creations that first went through mental gyrations and manipulations that I felt were old and crusty the moment they arrived. But the freshness of clear outburst unencumbered by chewing before spewing was such a delightful sensation. “Informing The Future” is a collection of premonitions, insightful viewings and divinity unveiled. It is derived from a lifetime or perhaps even lifetime(s) of observing deeply. I Am nudged to be the scribe that I Am all for divine purpose.< Less
The Reincarnation of Kong Fizi By Kong Qiu
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My adventures going from teaching Gifted High School Students and helping disabled people from losing their apartments due to rental arrears to ending up without access to my own place to bathe and... More > taking care of my own toilet needs and my eight year odyssey trying to get back on my feet and how I eventually ended up up in China with very little money,not knowing one word of Chinese or even one soul in China became a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and stumbling upon the Prefabricated Bamboo Housing Business, Permaculture, and Aquponics/Aquaculture and how I became known as Kong Qiu (Confucius) after the great ancient Chinese Philosopher.< Less
Asteroid of Fear By Raymond Z. Gallun
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Asteroid of Fear is a science fiction novel written by Raymond Z. Gallun and was first published in 1951. The space ship landed briefly, and John Endlich lifted the huge Asteroids Homesteaders Office... More > box, which contained everything from a prefabricated house to toothbrushes for his family, down from the hold-port without help or visible effort.In the tiny gravity of the asteroid, Vesta, doing this was no trouble at all. But beyond this point the situation was—bitter. His two kids, Bubs, seven, and Evelyn, nine—clad in space-suits that were slightly oversize to allow for the growth of young bodies—were both bawling. He could hear them through his oxygen-helmet radiophones.Around him, under the airless sky of space, stretched desolation that he'd of course known about beforehand—but which now had assumed that special and terrible starkness of reality.< Less
Direct Sell Your eBooks By Robert Stetson
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You may be writing and selling your books through independent eBook websites, but that business is slowing down. I have found ways of selling these ebooks, and software through offline sales... More > channels. This book shows you how to create the offline sales distribution channels. It shows you how to configure a website to broaden your sales experience without the time consuming task of schmoozing on sites like Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have time for idle surfing and neither do you. You can sell more books and get paid directly in advance of the sale, even if the book is an ebook. You know who bought your book. Robert Stetson is a former BASF Systems Manager of Technical Marketing and Computer Systems Design Engineer. He has published over 30 books on a variety of topics. His website,, offers a prefabricated book selling website for sale inexpensively. This is a must read for those who want to boost their income.< Less

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