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Premi Sant Jordi 2013 By Escola Montserrat Terrassa
Paperback: $3.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
Aquestes històries son les dels contes guanyadors del premi Sant Jordi 2013 de l'Escola Mare de Déu de Montserrat.
VIURE. Premis literaris 2008-2011 By David Valle
Paperback: $9.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
VIURE, neix amb el propòsit de publicar els relats amb els que vaig guanyar diversos premis literaris entre els anys 2008 i 2011 i altres contes inèdits. Tracten sobre aspectes cabdals... More > en la vida dels homes, com: l'amor, la mort, el progrés, l'acceptació de la vellesa o el vertiginós ritme de la vida moderna. Retalls de món que ens demostren ho meravellós, i complicat, que pot resultar VIURE.< Less
Guida per ricevere premi Apple a soli 12 euro By Cinzia Biagini
eBook (PDF): $20.29
GUIDA PER acquistare iphone 5, ipad, mini ipad ect a soli 12 euro con ... guida su come ricevere quasi gratis prodotti apple a soli 12 euro, e non solo iphone, ...
How I got the name changed [Shaun]! By Joseph Russell, Jr.
Paperback: $9.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
The girls counted it distant love. The fought tooth and nail to backbite my balance book and manner able sin underneath her anger and raiment her friends forgave us with locks of curried hair. ... More > Initially for years, I felt honestly assured by his ways. The Dark horse lives and rides today. A prideful laugh I misunderstood was regaled as an assault but smile given instead. I understood the five mysteries and eleven wonders of the world. But this day way unique unto its own. I said its not hard; girlfriends are connecting. How about making legs of it? And like John I was preaching to the choir. UN abashedly in her own debt. I offered her three amazing and yet precluding chances to be updated and in a moment; as a another servant swayed even so she too might live. Beowolf and I together drank thin air as mother rose to Patragal and I, Samuel UN believed as something less innocent had to be done.< Less
Aero's first flight The NICU adventure By Rachel Walton
Paperback: $25.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
My son Aero's first few months of life were terrifying. Here is what we all went through explained through my camera.
Answered Questions By Frederick Alan Casemore
Paperback: $32.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
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A wild, wild tale of life and love, growing up, and not getting caught. It's not a ''nice'' story, so don't read it if you are easily upset - you have been warned.
My NICU Baby By P.F Pinnell
Paperback: $13.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Adding a family member can be a confusing time for small children . Explaining the complications that can come along with having a baby in the NICU can be frightening to little ones when they try to... More > understand what is taking up so much of mommy and daddies time. this is a book written for exactly that reason. My NICU Baby is a way to help little ones understand what is going on as well as provide a bit of advice and information from personal experience.< Less
Nella carne e nel sangue è la parola By Massimo Fabrizi
eBook (PDF): $2.21
La parola che nasce dalla carne e dal sangue dell'io, da ogni sua fibra, e che si fa portatrice di senso nel mondo e strumento di indagine sull'uomo e sul mistero della vita umana.
New York Times mener blødning Kypros er "Sterk medisin" By Kimberly Mendeni
Paperback: $10.13
Prints in 3-5 business days Jeg annonserte the NewYork Times-prisen for inkompetanse i... More > makroøkonomiske rapportering (IMR, uttalessom "screamer"). Jeg foreslår at papiret tilbyr som premie tilawardees en to timers lunsj med Krugman der han gir en remedial økonomiforelesning. Mitt premiss er at det er umulig å være en NYT reporter og unnlateå vite at papiret har en nobelprisvinner i økonomi som skriver en vanligkolonne for papir og ofte diskuterer å gjøre økonomiske downturns verre ved åpåføre selvdestruktiv nøysomhet. Mer her: Du kan vise dette:< Less
IN VIAGGIO CON JOHNNY DEPP qui puoi vedere tutti senza essere visto da nessuno By ALANIS E LEONA KORY
Paperback: $21.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Alanis e Leona Kory dedicano questo volume in bianco e nero, in edizione economica, a Johnny Depp. Attore eccellente, poliedrico, carismatico, mai scontato e di una bellezza disarmante. Antidivo per... More > antonomasia. A Johnny si perdona tutto anche gli eccessi.< Less