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Spanish Verb Conjugation: A Hands-On Guide to the 7 Compound Tenses By Brian Ford
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Are you frustrated with the monotonous Spanish verb drills that involve writing page after page of conjugations? Good news! You now have an alternative, Spanish Verb Conjugation: A Hands-On Guide to... More > the 7 Compound Tenses. This unique, hands-on approach allows you to actively learn subject pronouns, auxiliary verbs, past participles, translations and usage of regular, compound tense verbs through easy to use formation charts and cards. This hybrid instructional book and hands-on learning kit will change your perspective on conjugation and you will never look at Spanish verbs the same way again!< Less
Spanish Subjunctive Cheat Sheet By
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Spanish grammar cheat sheet for the subjunctive. All the key info condensed into two pages for quick and easy reference. Latin American Spanish (does not include vosotros) Learn about the present... More > subjunctive (presente de subjuntivo), imperfect subjunctive (imperfecto de subjuntivo), present perfect subjunctive (presente perfecto de subjuntivo) and the past perfect subjunctive (pasado perfecto de subjuntivo). Includes notes on nominal clauses, impersonal clauses, adverb clauses, negative and indefinite clauses as well. Keep a copy on your smart phone, on you laptop and print out a copy for your Spanish notes.< Less
English Grammar and Usage By Manjusha Nambiar
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English is full of problems for a foreign learner. While some of these problem points are easy to explain, others cause difficulty even for the advanced students and learners. For example, how... More > exactly is the present perfect tense used? What are the differences between big, large and great, between come and go? Is unless the same as if not? This eBook is a guide to questions of this kind. It addresses close to 240 points which regularly cause problems for the foreign learner. Rules and guidelines are given, using as little linguistic terminology as possible.< Less
Spanish: From Beginner to Bilingual, Level 2B By Margarita Guarin-Fuentes
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Spanish: From Beginner to Bilingual, Level 2B is part of a series of 10 books and constitutes the sixth step on your journey towards mastering the Spanish language. This book is designed for those... More > who have already studied the content of "The First Eight Weeks" and Levels 1A, 1B, 1C, and 2A. You will engage in the discovery of the formal commands, the present and past perfect tenses, the conditional and the impersonal verbs. You will expand your practice with conversation and activities designed to reinforce the newly acquired knowledge. After you have mastered the knowledge on this book you will be ready to advance to level 2C. Whether you are a young student trying to grasp the basics of Spanish at school or an adult trying to learn Spanish, the explanation and tips provided in this book will guide you in a new way. You will get inspired to keep learning!< Less
Russian language in 25 lessons By Artemiy Belyaev
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The book represents a course of 25 lessons of Russian language adaptedfor self learning that will help to form skills of using essentialstructures of Russian language. The lessons represent essential... More > subjects - the structure of the Russian language in non complicated and easilyunderstandable way. The textbook will be useful for a beginner, as wellas intermediate students of Russian. The learning material is followed by many examples after each lesson. In this book you will learn the whole basis of the language in order to be able to improve the language endlessly knowing the basics: Conjugation of verbs in present, past and future tenses; Prepositions, verbs of motion; Genders and plural; Cases; Complicated verbs "to have", "to need", "must"; Reflexive verbs; Imperative mood; Perfective aspect of verbs and imperative mood; Participles; Short adjectives; Diminutive suffixes;And other subjects. Lessons are followed by many examples!< Less
Russian_language_in_25_lessons By Artemiy Belyaev
eBook (ePub): $4.99
The book "Russian language in 25 lessons" represents a course for a beginner as well as an advanced student of Russian language in 25 easy and understandable lessons of Russian essentials.... More > The feature of the book is that you will learn the structure of the Russian language. The lessons consist of such subjects as: Conjugation of verbs in present, past and future tense; Conjugation of the verb "To be"; Genders and plural; Prepositions an their usage; Cases of pronouns, nouns and adjectives; Reflexive verbs; Complicated verbs "to have, to need, to like, can, must"; Imperative mood; Perfective aspect of verbs; Reflexive pronouns; Participles; Possessive case; Diminutive suffixes; and other subjects; All lessons are followed by many examples. The books also has the additional material: Russian alphabet with transcriptions of the letters, simple rules of reading, numbers,phrasebooks with common phrases. The book will be helpful for a learner with any level of Russian language.< Less
Trixie: The Bilingual Dog By Christina Maria Sabuco
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"Trixie: The Bilingual Dog" is a bilingual book, written in Spanish and English. It is perfect for anyone learning Spanish or English. The book is written in the present tense to better... More > help people learning Spanish. The author is fluent in Spanish and has a Master of Arts in Spanish. (Also written by Christina Maria Sabuco: "Speak And Write Spanish As If It Were Your Native Language") Make sure to check out the author's on-line store:< Less