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The Pretender By James Orr
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Do you really know who you are talking to on the gay apps messaging services? Meet Alan, a married man who enjoys gay sex and his jilted lover. Set in Brighton, East Sussex centred around two of the... More > most popular gay cruising areas. Find out how he used the apps to locate Alan's position, and how he tricked Alan into thinking he was sending messages to a new mate. Erotic fiction. There are various ways for gays, lesbians and bisexuals, as well as transgender people to meet each other on the internet. One of the best gay apps on iPad, Android and IPhone is Bender, primarily designed for those interested in gay dating. Those, who wish to date with prospective gay and bisexual partners can find video facilities that will enable gays to talk and chat with such people who may be interesting for them. Bender also has instant messaging and more.< Less
The Pretender By Anna Sawyer
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A long time ago, in space, there was a cloud of dust. The dust started to stick together, making the earth. What most people don't know is that on that day seven earths were made out of that cloud of... More > dust. Each earth is different from the other, some are like the stories that we tell to children, and others are in a different time period than ours. If we knew about the other earths, then we would destroy each other. So one person from each earth was chosen to protect the earths from each other and from other threats. Each person was given a charm. The charms gave them their power. The charms were to be passed down to those who were deemed worthy, along with the powers. Each charm had a different shape. The charm's shape would adapt as it was passed down to another person. The charms would zone in on what made the person who wore it unique. The charm would focus on their personality and change it's shape to what it thought would be the best for them.< Less
Exercise in Pretending By Mary Catherine Miller
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Trusting Your Inner Voice: Exercise in Pretending - We all know how to pretend. When we were children we played pretend. This exercise in pretending teaches you to trust your intuition, your inner... More > voice.< Less
Reasons to Pretend By Andrea Romansky
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Reasons to Pretend is a collection of three short stories written by Andrea Romansky, each involving elements of time, love, and loss. Under the Frame of a Walnut Door tells the story of a young... More > couple that has suffered a miscarriage, and how the tragedy affects their marriage. Boundaries explores the thin line between imagination and reality in the lives of several characters as the relate to each other, tied together seemingly only by one place: a coffee shop. Lips Together tells a story of unrequited love and longing as two people who grew up together grow apart. All three stories are poetic, imaginative, and slightly experimental.< Less
Let's Pretend By Kelvin Obareti
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My heart goes out to the Belgian kids who lost their dear lives on the school trip. May the good LORD comfort their friends and families and may such a loss never repeat itself again. To the Afghan... More > civilians who lost their lives this month and to the Syrian masses, I pray that peace will reign with you in Jesus name. Thanks for downloading this instalment of the monthly giveaway. God bless you as you read this. Don’t be selfish so share the message in this issue with families, friends, and enemies lol. The April giveaway will be based on Easter and God’s love.< Less
Pretending to Blush By Kate Powell Shine
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pretend this is a title By bon wolfe, Boni fox
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think about it. you shall see what only the mind can see. dfe feefefe
Lexi Pretends: Xander the Dragon! By Rachel Plummer
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Lexi has an active imagination and likes to pretend all sorts of fun things. What will happen when she pretends her little brother Xander is a dragon? Xander the Dragon is the first title in the... More > series Lexi Pretends. The series focuses on simple concept stories for little kids and developing readers.< Less
Lexi Pretends: There is a Monster in the Closet By Rachel Plummer
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Lexi has an active imagination and likes to pretend all sorts of fun things. But there is a noise coming from the closet. What could it be? 'There is a Monster in the Closet' is the second title... More > in the series 'Lexi Pretends'. The series focuses on simple concept stories for little kids and developing readers.< Less
Just Pretend a storybook rhyme By Londis Carpenter
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A children's story, illustrated on each page and told in verse.