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Pretty Penny By Dwayne Martin
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Penny is alone and lonely after the loss of first her mother, then her father. Her guardian is inept and unable to fill the void in her life. His untimely death further complicates things, but she... More > bravely moves forward, finding love in spite of it all.< Less
Pretty Mouth By Bones McKay & Ursula Gray
Paperback: $18.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Evan is not a monster, he just has a few extra mouths. After what was supposed to be a one night stand with Rizo, a real monster, Evan finds things difficult to break off. Rizo just might be able to... More > undo Evan’s curse. With a monster in the woods, witches in the shadows, and laughing mouth without a body, Evan needs to decide if it’s even worth putting aside prejudice.< Less
girls like girls & other pretty things By austin anderson
Paperback: $2.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
poems about a girl who likes other girls, struggling to find love, happiness, and herself.
In Search of Helen By Dream Pretty
eBook (PDF): $3.33
A re-telling of Homer's "Iliad" from the perspective of Cassandra, the prophetess of Troy. This book was inspired by many of the things I learned as a freshman and sophomore at Stanford... More > University, as well as my own upbringing as a Tibetan Buddhist. "In Search of Helen" is a spiritual journey, a way of understanding the past, present and future in mythological terms.< Less
Pretty Please With Sugar On Top By Katrina Pope
Paperback: $12.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
A cute story about a little bear who loves to ask her mom for things in her own special way.
Pretty Penguin's Big Dilemma By Stephen Hall
Paperback: $7.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pretty Penguin and Chewie Shark fall in love and must find a way to make things work.
Pretty Penguin's Big Dilemma By Stephen Hall
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Pretty Penguin and Chewie Shark fall in love and must find a way to make things work.
Pretty Forever #73 By SANDY THOMAS
eBook (PDF): $9.99
(1 Ratings)
PRETTY FOREVER-Judd hoped he could return to college as a boy. Then his best friend, Ted came to visit and things became complicated. Illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In The... More > Pink. CONTEMPORARY TV FICTION #73. 80 pages< Less
Sissie Men in Pretty Aprons By Bea
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This book contains three novelettes, with one particular thing in common. The male heroes are submissive. In Men In Aprons, A dominant female friend of the wife is highly attracted to the husband... More > and (with his wife's permission) slowly begins to feminize him. In Made in her Own Image a young, unmarried male falls under the spell of a woman who makes it clear that she wants her male partner to be exactly what she wishes. He is so much in love that he doesn't completely grasp what she wishes him to do. before he knows it, he has become completely changed. In "Office Girls" the mother of a spoiled young man helps him to find a job in a small office. At first he is in a male heaven, but a change in management mandates a modification to his male posturing.< Less
All The Pretty Girls By Katelyn Amos
Paperback: $8.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
Something was wrong. It didn't add up. The bag of bones snags on the bank of the Rideau Canal in the early morning, just as the city drifts awake and the sun filters through the clouds. Inspector... More > Ryan Carr has always thought of the canal, in passing, as a symbol of innocence: children on skates, a pop-up shops with their pastries and hot chocolate. After the bones, nothing is ever the same. When the RCMP calls Ryan and his partner Mark down to the river to investigate, they are blindsided by the possibility of a serial murderer - Ottawa is a big city, but a sleepy city, a friendly city. These things don't happen; except, of course, that they do. With the assistance of anthropologist Harper Rousseau, they piece together the evidence, faced with the grim reality that maybe Ottawa is not as innocent as it seems. Maybe, after all, it's full of darkness, hiding in basements and alleyways, waiting to strike.< Less

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