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This book contains results of investigations into previous births, the activities of astrals and practical time travel; that is attempted verification of past events.These things are not accessible... More > by the normal "tools" of investigation. These “tools”, apart from pure reason and logical probability, are invariably tools which measure material evidence; which means data collected at the five sense doors. Astrals, being mentally constructed forms, cannot normally be perceived by senses whose function is to contact the material world. There is in existence, however, a continuous mental facsimile of events in the material universe – the time track. It bears the same relationship to the material world as a mirror except that when the material events cease and disappear, the continuous reflected images continue to have the potentiality to “exist”. The mental eye (Third-Eye) can be used to see mental forms (astrals) that exist now, just as the physical eye is used to see physical forms that exist now.< Less
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You can pray instantly with the psalms in hebrew without any previous hebrew knowledge. Praying with the hebrew psalms can help you to overcome many problems in your life . Psalms are very powerful.
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You can pray instantly with the psalms in hebrew without any previous hebrew knowledge. Praying with the hebrew psalms can help you to overcome many problems in your life . Psalms are very powerful.
Lives of the Poets By Samuel Johnson
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Lives of the Poets was a work by Samuel Johnson, comprising short biographies and critical appraisals of 52 poets, most of whom lived during the eighteenth century. It is arranged, approximately, by... More > date of death. Six of the Lives have been singled out as the most "important": John Milton, John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison, Jonathan Swift, and Thomas Gray. One of the lives, Richard Savage, was previously printed as Life of Mr Richard Savage in 1744.< Less
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I'm really excited to present this book to you.I've broken away from all previous story lines about space fantasy and approached it in a scientific way that acturally is possible under the right... More > conditions. The story questions your intellect and challengers your logic as it flows through the story line that changes direction in rapid suscession with each new clue. I never knew where it was going myself until I started writing. As mysteries go this is not an easy one to figure out. As crimes are concerned, these are huge ones.< Less
The Living And the Inanimate By Elisa Gonzalez
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This is a portfolio made by Elisa Gonzalez, First year student at Saint Xavier University. This is a collection of two series. One is the new which deals with comparing and contrasting living and non... More > living things. The living mostly consist of plants and humans while the none living, or inanimate, usually consist of robots. The second is a collection of the previous top ten pieces of artworks. There is no real connection with the top ten other then the fact that they are the top ten. They vary conceptually, composition-ally, and craft wise. The first series consists of mostly water color, with the exception of a few Photographs and drawings done with color pencil. The second series consists if various different types of art from photography, drawing, and painting. Please buy a book if you are interested in watercolor. Please also buy a book if you Are a good person and willing to help a college student with extra disposable income.< Less
Nine Lives By Susy McPhee
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A young soon-to-be mother, Christine, is saved from attempted suicide by Gavin, a disaffected youth with a chip on his shoulder. But in a twist of irony Gavin is already dead, having killed himself... More > the previous evening. He's now stuck in limbo with a penance to pay before he'll be considered for entry into heaven. And in the meantime, Christine is the only person on earth who can see, hear and touch him. Guided by his spiritual mentor, a bible-bashing angel called Clavis, Gavin embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads him to discovering the answer to the question that hangs over all of us: the reason for his existence. But by the time he's earned his place in paradise, the very thing that drove him to suicide in the first place has come full circle and he can't go. A witty, heartbreaking and thought-provoking read.< Less
Family Constellation and Past Lives By Jasmin Schober-Howorka
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Is it really true that what we’ve done or experienced in our previous lives has an effect on our current situation? If so, how does it affect our partnerships, our relationship to sexuality and... More > career or our ability to overcome illness? Based on numerous case studies, the author examines the correlations and shows resolution possibilities on a very personal level. Jasmin Schober-Howorka, born in 1962, is a trained life and social counselor for systematic family counseling and an instructor/trainer for “Integrative Family Constellation” in individual, group and remote constallations. She has established a holistic approach to constellation work with her innovative methods. The integration consists of ancestor work and processing childhood experiences, negative belief patterns as well as the resolution of entanglements from previous lives, such as promises, contracts oft he soul, oath, and vows. You can also free yourself from old burdens and enjoy the liberty of a fulfilling life!< Less
Living a Lie, A Transgendered Journey By Jameylynne Bishop
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This book fills in the blanks and answers the questions previously unexplored in the study and treatment of Gender Dysphoria.
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a small chapbook of poems by Sam Silva some of which have been previously published om online journals.

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