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Savage Destiny By Jewel Adams
eBook (ePub): $3.99
On a wagon train that journeys from Baltimore to the Northwest Territory, Cali discovers the land that touches her heart with its beauty. She pesters the old scout, to teach her all he knows,... More > embracing the new land she needs the old man’s knowledge to survive. But all her lessons can’t prepare her for the very real Indian that hunts her down. And like the hawk that holds his prey in his talons, Cali looks deep into the coal black depths of the man that is her savage destiny! Blackhawk’s senses pulse in possessive yearning for the woman he took captive. Nothing will make him set her free, not even her own wild spirit. But can he save her from the dangers, ones that come from his own tribe and want her death? Two beautiful people find a love worth fighting for in the wilderness of 1795 in the Northwest Territory of the American frontier. Let your emotions run through the smoke fires that dry buffalo meat, feel the biting sting of a knife’s killing blade and touch the love that finds ecstasy in SAVAGE DESTINY!< Less
The Garrow Boy By Sasha Faulks
Paperback: $16.60
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When recently widowed Jess Martin leaves London for a new life in the country, she swaps the constraints of her well-meaning in-laws for the mixed morality of small town rural England. Together with... More > her young daughter, who has been deaf from birth, she sets about renovating a cottage for their future, unaware that they will both find love and liberation in a surprising place… Jess is befriended by good time girl Suzy Fallon and finds herself falling prey to the charms of local widower Nigel Gilbert, whose parents are the hub of the small village’s social scene. In the meantime she appears to have secured the attention, and affection, of the Garrow boy, the son of an elderly villager who has a reputation for witchcraft. Unwilling to give in to the small-mindedness and gossip mongering of her superficially God fearing neighbours, Jess can’t help feeling there is more to Lee Garrow’s story than meets the eye…although she hopes he won’t distract her from making the most of her new life, and her new romance.< Less
Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind By Teresa Garcia
Paperback: $16.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Every girl yearns for adventure, romance and magic in their lives. BlowingWind had all of these and lost them, just as she was starting on what she thought would be the greatest adventure of her... More > life. Now, she is being called out by the forces of life and undertaking the journey into adulthood alone. However, journeys always seem to entail healing, and a quest to find her lost love turns into something even greater. Take Ryu is a boisterous magma ryugami trapped for five years beneath Mt. Fuji for the crime of becoming too engrossed in human affairs. Upon the end of his imprisonment he emerges to find a strange and undefended shaman woman within his territory. Falling prey once more to his kind heart he too is swept up in the threads of a destiny that neither human nor dragon could have ever believed. ISBN 0-9788028-0-2 ISBN13 978-0-9788028-0-6< Less
Diary of a Slave in Training (BDSM Sex Slave Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
She once had a normal life. Then the man she knows only as Master took her away, and forced her into a dark world of pleasure, pain, and discovery as she slowly bends to his will. Now Master has... More > demanded she record her trials, and so she writes, reliving the ecstasy of her days as a slave in training, where, captive in his dungeon, she began to break at his expert hands. Excerpt: I was taken seven days ago. I had been jogging through the park when his car pulled up, a Rolls Royce, long and sleek. I didn’t even have time to scream before he dragged me away. He was stronger than me, and he wanted it more than I had power to resist. I’d struggled inside the silence as his driver guided us away from my old life, but no one could hear. No one could see past the tinted windows to the man holding down his reluctant prey, caught in the snare his passion had wrought. I call him Master now.< Less
Last Train to Moonrise: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Penny Wise And Pound Foolish – When a woman sees the shambles of a trading post in Colorado where she is to become the bookkeeper for her uncle, she almost turns around and runs out the door... More > – until, later, a bible salesman with a broken wheel stops by. Riders From The Storm - The widow of a clergyman heads off to be a mail order bride to a Civil War vet with PTSD. She knows he’s troubled about the war and soon, she is drawn into his terrors; all of which appear to be focused on a tornado. A Conflict Of Beliefs - A woman makes a solitary journey, along with a few wranglers, to the California home of her future husband, only to find a situation that goes against what her husband fought and died for in the Civil War. Orphaned Grace, Child Of God - An abused orphan is turned out onto the streets of New Your City after reaching 18 and rapidly falls prey to some devious souls who roam the streets looking for lost and lonely women.< Less
Girl Recruits Her God: Chapters 1-7 By Ami Sakurai
eBook (ePub): $6.00
When she was young, Yuri lost consciousness after being locked in a sun-heated car by her mother, having an illicit love affair at the time. The experience traumatized her, and she grew up to be a... More > high school girl who could not love or open her heart to others. She was afraid of hurting her own feelings by dealing with others, and wanted to become a mindless ‘object’. Yuri met Kenji, whose leg had been crippled by bullies. To extort money from middle-aged males, they used a telephone dating club named Lover Line, a prostitution match-maker offering high school girls. She had a one-night stand with a ‘prey’, who had a shocking secret. The author Ami Sakurai, whose previous work “Innocent World” was translated into many languages and received massive attention, describes in her second work real lives of Japanese high school girls who live on the impulsive edge in order to overcome suppression. This is the first half of the work, which was originally published in 1997 from Gentosha Inc.< Less
Greasy Lips & Bacon Strips By Bobby Donuts
Paperback: $9.00
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“Then Ben saw Mira, He completely dropped his bag of corn chips. “Hi.” Ben said, picking up his chips. “Hello.” replied Mira, walking slowly around Ben like a cat... More > circling its prey…but for Ben she looked more like bacon wrapped around a chili dog. It got even more intense once Ben realized she was about to speak. Ben was sweating now; he was short of breath and didn’t know what to say. Mira was a sexy and forbidden woman of obvious great intelligence. Ben then yelled the greatest best lie he could think of: “My cat is going to die at 5 o’clock today!” Mira and the sound of her black and turquoise colored 4 inch high heels came to a halt. She turned to Ben; she licked the Kit Kat chocolate off one finger and then after a brief pause said: “Did you say cat… or… kitten?”< Less
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Billionaire Bondage Bundle - 3 Stories of Dominant Billionaire Erotica By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The Billionaire Bondage Bundle contains three erotic scenarios of rich, powerful men demanding total control over their submissive female subjects. WIth over 15,000 words of BDSM, restraints,... More > handcuffs, ropes, and lots and lots of toys, these tales are sure to keep you tied up for the evening! This bundle includes: 1. Kidnapped and Tied for His Pleasure Rachel awakens in an unfamiliar place, bound and blindfolded... and subject to the whims of her mysterious captor. Whoever it is, he knows what he wants - and is prepared to take it. He wastes no time in seducing his vulnerable, helpless prey, and Rachel finds herself unable to resist his advances. ...not that she could do anything to stop them, even if she wanted to. 2. Billionaire's Pet at the Masquerade When a confident, dominant billionaire leads a curious, submissive young woman into a hidden world of vice and reckless abandon, passion is sure to follow. 3. Caught in the Act: The Billionaire's Bondage Game< Less
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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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