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The Prince and the Panther By Shiree McCarver
Paperback: $15.46
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Sir Lucian Gilbert, master of lies and disguises has retired from Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Service to find the answers to his past. He will journey from England to the Turkish desert to... More > uncover the circumstances that caused his mother to abandon him. Zeundi, a Nubian assassin raised in Japan is preparing to meet her demise; but as fate would have it, the very same Englishman that her assassin ‘sister’ Sauda messenger her to protect, is the same man that rescues her from the Grand Vizier’s arena of death. Now she is determined to stay alive and help Lucian on his mission while hiding from those who seek her life for the bounty price. Lucian and Zeundi, both, pompous, proud and overbearing come to realize their destinies are intertwined and in each other a peace they’ve never found before. As they search for Lucian’s truths inside the guarded palace of the Ottoman Empire, love is what they discover. Once Lucian uncovers the truth will the Zeundi still have a place in his life?< Less
SWORDefense - Stifle The Adversary By Prince Azariyah
Hardcover: $19.95
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In the recent past the adversary used murder, genocide, slavery and lies, to subdue and overcome the true Hebrew Israelites spoken of in the Bible. Today he still uses lies, murder, genocide and... More > slavery (through the prison industrial complex and through global hypnosis), but he's added an array of new weapons to ensure his continued strong hold over the true Hebrew Israelites. By the power invested in governments, he has created the CIA, the FBI, heroin, crack cocaine, Planned Parenthood, HIV, AIDS, Three strike laws, Stand your ground laws, and Stop and Frisk. Overcoming a monster of this magnitude might seem impossible, but there is a way.< Less

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