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Calculus and Probability for the Actuarial Student By Alfred Henry
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From the INTRODUCTION. Actuarial science is peculiarly dependent upon the Theory of Probabilities, the solution of many of its problems is best effected by resort to the Differential and Integral... More > Calculus and in practical work the Calculus of Finite Differences is almost indispensable. Excellent text-books on these subjects are, of course, available but none of them has been written with the special requirements of the actuary in view. In beginning his training the student is, therefore, confronted by the difficulty of judicious selection and in the circumstances it has appeared to the Council of the Institute of Actuaries that a mathematical text-book sufficiently comprehensive, with the standard works on Higher Algebra, to provide the ground- work of an actuarial education would be of great value.< Less
Elementary Concepts of Probability & Statistics By Roes Budiman & Deborah Gaffney
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This book provides a concise exposition of probability and statistics concepts for undergraduate engineering students. It is achieved by presenting the concepts as coherent stories stitched together... More > by appropriate mathematics without unnecessary formality. There are exercise problems at the end of each chapter. It starts with notions of probability: statistical independence, conditional probability, Venn diagram, Bayes' theorem, and then continues to discrete and continuous probability distributions: binomial, negative binomial, Poisson, beta, normal, gamma, Weibull. They are followed by confidence intervals and hypothesis tests. Central limit theorem and chi-square distribution function are derived in details. The last chapter covers parameter estimators. This textbook offers a fresh alternative to more bulky undergraduate-level textbooks that strive to be complete vessels of information: too many formulas, examples, figures, and exercise problems.< Less
Statistics Probability Independent events By Homework Help Classof1
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"If E and F are independent events with Pr (E) = 0.5 and Pr (F) = 0.2, then Pr (E  F) A. 0 B. 0.1 C. 0.6 D. 0.7 "
The Poisson Probability Distribution By Homework Help Classof1
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The Poisson probability distribution, named after the French mathematician Siméon-Denis. Poisson is another important probability distribution of a discrete random variable that has a large... More > number of applications. Suppose a washing machine in a Laundromat breaks down an average of three times a month. We may want to find the probability of exactly two breakdowns during the next month. This is an example of a Poisson probability distribution problem.< Less
Ethical Issues and Probability By Homework Help Classof1
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Ethical issues can arise when any statements related to probability are presented to the public, particularly when these statements are part of an advertising campaign for a product or service.... More > Unfortunately, many people are not comfortable with numerical concepts (see reference 5) and tend to misinterpret the meaning of the probability.< Less
Probabilities : An aid to Faith By Martin Farquhar Tupper
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Martin Farquhar Tupper (17 July 1810, London – November... More > 1889, Albury, Surrey) was an English writer, and poet, and the author of Proverbial Philosophy.He was the eldest son of Dr. Martin Tupper (1780–1844), a medical man highly esteemed in his day who came from an old Guernsey family, by his wife Ellin Devis Marris (d. 1847), only child of Robert Marris (1749–1827), a landscape painter (by his wife Frances, daughter of the artist Arthur Devis).Martin Tupper received his early education at the Charterhouse. In due course of time he was transferred to Christ Church, Oxford where he took his degree of B.A. in 1832, of M.A. in 1835 and of DCL in 1847. Excerpt from:< Less
Statistics Probability Compound Event By Homework Help Classof1
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A six-sided die is rolled. What is the probability that an even number or a number less than 3 is rolled? Show work.
You Are Probability: Surfing The Matrix By Andrea Diem-Lane & David Christopher Lane
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Just think of your father’s sperm as a starting off point. A usual male produces about 100 million sperm per ejaculation. Only one of those sperm will survive the arduous journey to its... More > terminal apex. How many sperm does a male produce in, say, an 80-year life span? No precise count is possible, since it varies with each individual, but one can roughly estimate the number to be around 500 billion or perhaps more impressive sounding as a ½ trillion. If your own father had five children, this would mean that just in terms of sperm, you are a 1 in a 100 billion winner! Couple this with the rarity of your mother’s egg (of the nearly half million follicles where only about 400 or so will become viable) and the very fact that you are alive reading this essay is beyond any moneyed lottery you will ever enter.< Less
Math Mammoth Statistics & Probability By Maria Miller
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Math Mammoth Statistics & Probability is a worktext covering statistics and probability topics for 6th-7th grades. Being a worktext, the book contains BOTH the instructions and exercises. The... More > statistics lessons in the first section are for about 6th grade level, starting with the lesson Understanding Distributions. The concept of distribution is a fundamental theme in the study of statistics. A distribution is basically how the data is distributed. The distribution can be described by its center, spread, and overall shape. The shape is read from a graph, such as a dot plot or bar graph. Two major concepts when summarizing and analyzing distributions are its center and its variability. We study the center in the next lessons about mean, median, and mode. Students not only learn to calculate these values, but also relate the choice of measures of center to the shape of the data distribution and the type of data.< Less
The Probability that the Average Length of a Sheet By Homework Help Classof1
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The population of lengths of aluminum-coated steel sheets is normally distributed with a mean of 30.05 inches and a standard deviation of 0.2 inches. A sample of four metal sheets is randomly... More > selected from a batch. What is the probability that the average length of a sheet is between 30.25 and 30.35 inches long?< Less

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