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Dog Barking Problem Solved By Alex S.
eBook (ePub): $20.00
Do not wait for your neighbors to come and visit your house, complaining about your dog. This is not a good sign and might cause a rift between you and your neighbors. Make sure that this won’t... More > happen. As quoted by a professional on the field, “A dog that barks appropriately saves you from trouble. Firstly, you won’t have police knocking on your door, responding to neighbor complaints. Secondly, if your dog knows how to effectively use barking to communicate, you’d know danger even before you see it. Also if your dog is known to bark appropriately, neighbors would know when to check in on you. In rare but very possible cases, like when you’ve fallen terribly ill or unconscious; your dog’s bark can attract help.”< Less
Dog Barking Problem Solved By Jack Moore
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Dogs barking at our neighborhood are a constant bother to us. Thus, the need for us, pet owners to take measures, to ensure that our dog will not be as bothersome, as most other dogs are. Sometimes... More > nuisance dogs are the cause of trouble among neighbors and some even reach the courts to settle the issue. Now that is something we don’t want happening to us. The more we try to spend time and understanding with them, the more we will be able to get their trust and obedience. You will read in this helpful ebook: My Dog Barks My dog loves to bark I heard some stories I don’t want my dog getting hurt Dealing with barking problem Controlling his ARF-ARF-ARF Curious about barking reasons There are still reasons left? Camp barking Training a Dog yourself the easy way What about a watch dog Dog vs. the neighbors Uh oh puppies I could only tolerate so much Me and my dog Be in touch with your pooch The justice system< Less
Dog Obedience - Train Your Dog Effectively to STOP Behavior Problems By Dog Obedience
eBook (PDF): $16.90
Discover Proven Ways And Methods You Can Use To Get Them To Change!! With the Dog Obedience guide (Train Your Dog Effectively to STOP Behavior Problems!), you as a dog owner will be able to do more... More > for your dog in terms of getting them to do what you need them to do. They need to learn to be obedient and do whatever you say, within reason. They need to understand that you are the dog owner and that they are to respect you as such. They need to get the message that disobedience will no longer be the norm in your household. You need to communicate to your dog what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is off limits. They need to know where you stand in everything. You have to be consistent and make sure that they know you mean business.< Less
Dog Obedience Training - Train Your Dog Effectively to Stop Behavior Problems! By Jack Moore
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Discover Proven Ways And Methods You Can Use To Get Them To Change! There have been times when you as a dog owner become increasingly frustrated. Your dog doesn’t want to obey your commands and... More > do as you say. Even with trying to coax your canine, sometimes it still does not work. You will read in this ebook: •Introduction •Biting Behaviors •Whining, Howling And Excessive Barking •Problems With Chewing •Jumping On People •Pulling And Tugging On A Leash •Inappropriate Urination •Not Heeding The Owner’s Call •Chasing People, Objects And Other Things •Escaping And Roaming •Dog Fighting •Begging •Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Garbage •Aggressive Behavior •Digging Up Holes In The Yard •Obsessive Compulsive Disorder •Conclusion< Less
Puppy's Problem By Liz Bell
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Puppy decides to go on an adventure with a husky in the forest, but realizes he likes his home life as well as his new one.
Puppy's Problem By Liz Bell
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Puppy decides to go on an adventure with a husky in the forest, but realizes he likes his home life as well as his new one.
Neighbour Problems By Graham Deakin
eBook (ePub): $10.73
It is well known that many of us have neighbour problems this is no secret but how to deal with them is another matter. In the pages of this book you will learn how to deal with issues such as... More > boundary disputes, noisy dogs, cat fouling, troublesome neighbours, noisey children, nosey neighbours, gossip, and lots more. I have tried to cover all possible scenarios so I am sure there will be an answer to your problem. It also introduces you to the world of magic where you will learn how to deal with people using metaphysical methods dolls, lemons,Goofer dust and more. Also more importantly it tells you what not to do and how to protect yourself from the evil eye. its all here waiting for you. always make sure that you have the knowledge before you ever need it then should a problem arise with your neigbours you will know what to do.< Less
Good Dog? Bad Dog? By Rosie Barclay
Paperback: $15.07
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book concentrates on changing the traditional views of how we perceive and treat our dogs using what we have learned from scientific research so far. It starts at the beginning by looking at... More > ways of how to choose and bring up a new puppy that may reduce the likelihood of future problems. It then goes on to cover different problems that commonly occur between owners and their maturing or adult dogs by discussing real case studies. It also looks at how modern methods may not be as effective as everybody believes and how behaving as if you were an "alpha dog" can actually be quite harmful in some cases. Rosie is a fully qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist(CCAB) and a full member of The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). She holds a BSc (Hons)in zoology and an MPhil in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. She has regularly featured on Channel Fours "Pet Rescue" and is a contributing author in "The APBC book of Companion Animal Behaviour".< Less
How to Stop Dog Aggression: A Step-By-Step Guide to Handling Aggressive Dog Behavior Problem By David Christopher
Paperback: $10.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
As a dog owner, you have great responsibilities. You are not only responsible for the care of the dog and for the health of the dog, but you are responsible for your dog’s actions as well. ... More > The dog is your pet and therefore your responsibility. If you have a dog that bites somebody, then you are responsible. That responsibility can be scary if you have a dog that is aggressive; you love your dog and do not want to give up the dog, but the responsibility that comes with an aggressive dog is very high. Many of these dogs end up in shelters if the owner cannot control their behavior. Formal dog training is expensive, not all dog owners can afford that. This book will help you with your aggressive dog, to help you understand why your dog is aggressive and how to cure it. Our methods are effective and focus on positive reinforcement to help you, and your dog.< Less
Stop Dog Aggression: Everything You Need to Know to Handle Dog Behavioral Problems By Daniel Joseph
Paperback: $10.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Problems with behavior are a common thing in canines. If you look back at the history, and lineage of dogs, their relatives being coyotes, wolves, and various other animals of pure aggression puts... More > them in the middle of a difficult situation. When you decide to handle your dog's behavioral issues, you need to understand the multiple, different causes of them. Every issue can be grouped with others and canines will continue to do them and they will evolve into worse things later if not restrained, and trained. Dogs with aggression express it in a couple of different types of behaviors including the most common, which are biting and barking. This book will tell you everything you need to know about owning, buying, breeding, and taking care of your new dog or puppy. It will show you ways to stop aggression in your dog, and tell you everything you need to know about dog aggression, and all kinds of information about the breeds of dogs.< Less