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Problem? Solved! By Kent McManigal
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Many people claim that "libertarians are always whining about government being the problem, but they never offer solutions." Let "Problem? Solved!" offer the solutions they seek.... More > This is an alphabetically arranged list of common problems in society which are used to justify a government, and some of the possible, liberty-compatible solutions that could be used to solve the problems. No coercion needed!< Less
The Mystery of Problems: The Art of Solving Problems By Sunday Joseph Adenuga
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Life is full of problems, but these problems are not intended to kill man or wicked him, they are allowed by God to happen to man so that they can help man to develop his world. I have seen through... More > history of man that every problem that came to humanity had been subdued... The mystery of Problems was written to help you see the innate power within you that can help solve any form of problem that life may have tossed at you. It will let you see the fact that you can make it, this book will inject fire into your soul and energize you to stop at nothing less than the perfect solution to that problem plaguing you and your family. You will see the reasons why God allowed problems in your life and the way out of every problem, you will learn from this book the powers behind your problems and how you can dethrone them. You are created to solve problems not to be overwhelmed by them. There is a tremendous capability inside you: you are giving unlimited capacity for success, in fact, nothing is impossible for you.< Less
Mastering the Art of Problem Solving By Barbara Dixon
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Solve your problems is 5 simple steps. Every problem has a solutions knowing that is half the battle.
Problem Solving Dynamics By Irish Molven
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The psychological dynamics of problem solving are well known. When a problem is identified and assessed, and when a corrective strategy is formulated and activated, then people begin to feel better.... More > Hope replaces the feeling of inevitable defeat that is the result of inaction. Uncertainty and procrastination are corrosive to contentment and lethal to optimism.< Less
Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively By Papy Elungu
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Increase proficiency in analytic problem solving Recognize personal conceptual blocks Enhance creativity by overcoming conceptual blocks Foster innovation among others
Problem Solving Maps Workbook By Danilo Sirias
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In this workbook, you will learn a new approach to teach math using a set tools referred to as Problem Solving Maps. The process is very simple, but requires viewing the purpose of learning math in... More > a different light. It is not about WHAT to teach but HOW to teach math. These maps are generic enough that can be used to teach a large variety of topics from middle school to college math. The workbook includes all the reflections to understand the process, a summary of the maps, and several examples of how to use them.< Less
Problem Solving at your Fingertips By Elizabeth McNally
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PROBLEM SOLVING at YOUR FINGER TIPS is an easy read and bedside reference helping you to explore a variety of down to earth, step by step tips and alternatives to resolve situations encountered... More > through life. The author lets you in on effective ways to deal with issues and move on with self-confidence. Entertained by the depicted anecdotes, you will enjoy the opportunity to connect and reflect on the experience`s deeper meaning. Outstandingly useful for people of all ages!< Less
Computer Based Problem Solving By Patrick Coxall
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Computer Based Problem Solving is a guild for students who are new to computer programming. It takes them all the way from a structured approach to problem solving and coding all the way to an... More > introduction to Object Oriented Programming.< Less
Dog Barking Problem Solved By Jack Moore
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Dogs barking at our neighborhood are a constant bother to us. Thus, the need for us, pet owners to take measures, to ensure that our dog will not be as bothersome, as most other dogs are. Sometimes... More > nuisance dogs are the cause of trouble among neighbors and some even reach the courts to settle the issue. Now that is something we don’t want happening to us. The more we try to spend time and understanding with them, the more we will be able to get their trust and obedience. You will read in this helpful ebook: My Dog Barks My dog loves to bark I heard some stories I don’t want my dog getting hurt Dealing with barking problem Controlling his ARF-ARF-ARF Curious about barking reasons There are still reasons left? Camp barking Training a Dog yourself the easy way What about a watch dog Dog vs. the neighbors Uh oh puppies I could only tolerate so much Me and my dog Be in touch with your pooch The justice system< Less
121 Heuristics for Solving Problems By Marco Aurelio de Carvalho, Semyon D. Savransky, Tz-Chin Wei
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Creative solutions are easily recognizable, after they have been created. But how to attain them? This book is about a promising approach to creative problem solving - the use of heuristics. The main... More > purpose of an heuristic is to make problem solving more efficient, by making past experience - which could guide the generation of new solutions - promptly available. The heuristic approach is widely used in TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Successful results of using heuristics have been reported by companies such as ABB, Bosch, General Motors, Ford, Mitsubishi, Philips, Siemens, among others. With this book, the reader will be able to: - Understand the 121 Heuristics for problem solving, both from their descriptions and from selected examples; - Find the more promising Heuristic(s) for the solution of his/her problems; - Apply the heuristics and find creative solutions to his/her problems.< Less