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Six Sigma By Homework Help Classof1
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Currently, a popular approach to total quality management is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a quality movement, a methodology, and a measurement. As a quality movement, Six Sigma is a major player... More > throughout the world in both the manufacturing and service industries. As a methodology, it is used to evaluate the capability of a process to perform defect-free, where a defect is defined as anything that results in customer dissatisfaction.< Less
Physics of the World-Soul: Whitehead's Adventure in Cosmology By Matthew T. Segall
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Whitehead was among the first initiates into the 20th century’s new cosmological story. This book bring’s Whitehead’s philosophy of organism into conversation with several... More > components of contemporary scientific cosmology—including relativistic, quantum, evolutionary, and complexity theories—in order to both exemplify the inadequacy of the traditional materialistic-mechanistic metaphysical interpretation of them, and to display the relevance of Whitehead’s cosmological scheme to the transdisciplinary project of integrating these theories and their data with the presuppositions of human civilization. This data is nearly crying aloud for a cosmologically ensouled interpretation, one in which, for example, physics and chemistry are no longer considered to be descriptions of the meaningless motion of molecules to which biology is ultimately reducible, but rather themselves become studies of living organization at ecological scales other than the biological.< Less
On What Is By Stephen Halston
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An average young male is confused, he understands very little. A husband and father of three his confusion has a negative impact on his life. Frustrated by his admitted ignorance and in search of... More > answers he embarks on a voyage of self discovery. There is something wrong with him; there is something wrong in this world.< Less
The Proper Mind-State for a Harsh World By Cyrus Harper
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The Proper Mind State for a Harsh World is just a realization of the ways of society influences and sculpts a youthful mind. These perspectives are provided for you with the purpose of opening your... More > eyes on what may be happening in your community, circle of friends or workplace. It’s often easy for us to go through life with blinders to fallacies and evil taking place in our lives. We seek entertainment to give us information, then never question where that particular source of information’s origin or possible bias. As a result, we judge others based on visuals, we look for shortcuts in life, and then our pride restrains us from growing. Consider the chapters in this book nine cups of water. You can choose to drink whichever cup you desire, but I hope you at least take a sip from each cup.< Less
Enlightenment for Dummies By Sara Aoki et al.
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This book will help you to understand the backstories, thought processes, and concepts of philosophers from around the world.
The Go-To How-To Book of Anarchiving By SenseLab
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NOT QUITE AN ANARCHIVE There are now so many archives in the world, and ever more archiving. As a result, it is no longer a question of “the system” that presents itself, but rather many... More > questions from so many systems, more in fact each day. The need for the anarchive has well and truly arrived. For if the archive promises order and authority, and the ability to do many things, it does so at a sometimes heavy price. The anarchive promises a way out of systems, often from within, to life’s living. The Go-To How To Book of Anarchiving is a serial attempt to go where something’s happening. Andrew Murphie< Less
A Consciousness-Based Biology By Orogee Dolsenhe
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This essay examines what Thomas Kuhn has referred as the "crisis-provoking problems" to demonstrate the inadequacies of materialistic reductionism and Darwinism. Due to the intellectual... More > repression, alternative views hardly had opportunities go very far beyond vague and general descriptions. I hope to overcome the predicament by offering a unified approach of life based on metaphysics with emphasis on plain and straightforward explanations.< Less
Truth, Will & Relevance By Brian Frank
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Truth, Will & Relevance: Essays for a Generative Age outlines an innovative way to understand human nature and conduct — conceived specifically to address today's complex opportunities and... More > challenges using the technology that defines our time.< Less
Truth, Will & Relevance By Brian Frank
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Truth, Will & Relevance: Essays for a Generative Age outlines an innovative way to understand human nature and conduct — conceived specifically to address today's complex opportunities and... More > challenges using the technology that defines our time.< Less
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Wisdom can only be obtained in measurable quantities from experience and the process of aging. I suppose it is because at some point in life man quits following and worrying about his little head... More > and commences using his big head. There is an old German saying "Too soon we get old - too late we get wise (smart)" - you get the idea. The characters in this book are purely fictional but each was constructed from a collection of wise men I have known over many years.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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