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Resume Writing Secrets By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Discover The Hidden Rules & Secrets Of Crafting A Professional Resume That Will Never Required You To Follow The Rules You Hear From The Grapevine And Easily Find Your Dream Job To Fit Like A... More > Custom-made Suit! It doesn't matter if this is the first time you are trying to write a professional resume for finding your dream job, this guide will help you to get on a right track of resume writing.< Less
Write a Powerful CV / Resume By Terry Jones
eBook (PDF): $11.83
In ‘Write a Powerful CV’ you’ll discover how to… * Start from zero in the CV stakes and raise your confidence in the employment race. * Work your way through a whole load of... More > pre-designed examples covering all the sections needed to create a great CV that will get you noticed. * Unlock your potential as your CV passes the ’20 second sift’ to make the top of the interview pile. In ‘Write a Powerful CV’ you’ll discover the professional tips needed to get ahead in the CV stakes. Presented as a step-by-step, easy to follow guide, ‘Write a Powerful CV’ offers up to date advice to guide you through the whole process of producing your own 2 page CV for a fraction of the cost.< Less
A Professional Approch to Resumes and Cover Letters By Thrive Living Library
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Employers are forever on the lookout for the resume that jumps out at them. Not in terms of being fancy and pretty to look at. Employers are looking to be impressed! Reading your resume, they want... More > to be able to feel that YOU are the right candidate for the job. They want to be able to do this before ever setting eyes on you! Tall order, right? You betcha it is! The very first step in landing that ideal job is to write an ideal resume and cover letter. Without those two most primary of introductions, there most likely won’t be a first interview! Your resume places you in the front lines when job hunting. It becomes your calling card. It is not about compelling drama or clever prose; it’s a few simple pages, expertly written, containing information that is all about you. Your resume will either place you front and center where all the good jobs are or it will not -- there is no middle ground. Get Your Copy Today!< Less
Resume Writing: Helpful Tips and Tricks On Writing a Great Resume By Lucio Whitney
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A resume is a one- to two-page document summarizing your career objectives, professional experiences and achievements, and educational background. It is very important for the employer, so they can... More > see your full potential when you apply for a job. However, many details are often overlooked; even the small ones most don’t even think about, such as spelling and grammar. This ebook will give information and great tips on how to make your resume the best and land any job you pursue. GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
A Killer Resume By Riley Rose
Hardcover: $29.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
What happens to your resume after submission? Why isn’t it bringing you the opportunity you desperately want or need? Creating a killer professional resume will give you the edge you need to... More > gain access past the scrutinizing gatekeepers who screen your resume and select the candidates’ resumes that contains the language they seek.< Less
Resume Writing Secrets: How to Craft Professional Resume to Land Your Dream Job By Anthony Ekanem
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Everyone in the business world knows that having a good, strong resume can mean the difference between getting a job and not getting a job. You will need to have a resume that is crafted... More > professionally and that will reflect you, your job abilities, and your experience.Having a good looking resume is so important when you are searching for a job that it should be your number one priority. There are all sorts of ways you can go about crafting a resume that works, but there is no magic formula for a resume that will work all the time. The choice really is up to you how you put together a resume, but there are certain nuances that you will need to be included in your resume that every employer looks for.It is not difficult to put together a resume that works, but it is important that you not overlook what makes your resume most effective. This one or two page document speaks about you, your abilities, your experience, your education, and your accomplishments.< Less
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NRS 451V GC WEEK 1 PROFESSIONAL RESUME AND COVER LETTER Just Click on Below Link to Download This... More > Course: NRS 451V GC Week 1 Professional Resume and Cover Letter NRS451 Professional Resume and Cover Letter NRS451V Details: Write an introductory cover letter of no more than 500 words in which you explain your professional objectives, professional interests, and strengths as an applicant. Create a resume detailing your license(s), earned degree(s), certification(s), professional experiences, previous positions held, membership in professional organizations, publications, and skills.< Less
Resume Writing Etiquette Guide Advantages to List and Other Things to Do Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Resume 103 Get a Better Invitation to Get a Better Offer By Harold Almon
Paperback: $7.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Resume Writing Etiquette Guide provides information on how to fill an anticipated need in an existing or upcoming vacancy: advantages to list on your resume, and other things to do: what the job... More > requires, and how to make a Job Sales Kit. It is designed to get you a better invitation: show someone your benefits, why you are the bigger and better deal, and to get you a better offer: let you know advantages to list on your resume, and other things to do to It will let you learn what the job requires & how to make a Job Sales Kit: get job listings and descriptions, complete company fact sheets and applications, get references, list references, and prepare follow-on letters to complete mission one: fill an anticipated need in an existing or upcoming vacancy. It will allow you to amass a composite of information to find out what the job is, wants, pays, help get you an offer, and if you accept, to help determine what the pay will buy.< Less
Resumes - What you should know By Paula Philip
eBook (PDF): $15.99
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How To Write Resume To Find Your Dream Job Easily By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $27.50
Through this ebook, you are going to learn what you will need to know when writing out a professional resume that will easily strike your dream job... Here's Part Of The Topics, You'll Learn... More > Inside: Discover What is a Resume. Learn Parts of the Resume. Find out how Thing to Keep in Mind. Learn The Reference Sheet. Discover Cover Letters. Discover what you should look for Finding and Getting That New Job. Find out about Making Sure You Are Ready. Discover Resume Sample. Learn Reference Sheet Samples. Learn how to explore the types of jobs that are available. Learn the fastest growing jobs in America. Discover Cover Letter Samples! Learn about The Interview. Plus much MUCH More!< Less

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