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Protein: Protein Food By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Protein: Protein Food by certified trainer, nutritionist, and author Cathy Wilson contains proven strategies and take action steps on how to lose weight, increase metabolism, and feel good about your... More > energy, body, and life! Sneak Peak of What You'll Learn Inside... *Eat Healthy Protein *Sample Protein Food to Lose Weight FAST *Protein Strategies to Boost Metabolism and Blast Fat FAST! *Protein Tips That Detoxify Your Body *Pointers and Action Steps +++ Protein: Protein Food is your first step in healthy, happy, sexy, skinny strong! Are you ready to get started?< Less
Protein Dictionary By Michael Truman
Paperback: $19.99
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Contains protein values for thousands of common foods.
Protein Dictionary By Michael Truman
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Contains protein values for thousands of common foods.
Whey Protein By Loren Ward
Paperback: $19.90
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Whey proteins are a popular source of dietary protein. Learn how whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolates and other whey-derived ingredients are made and one specific application of how a... More > whey protein ingredient is being used to decrease body fat and increase muscle.< Less
The Protein Plague By Markus Heinrich Rehbach
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This book is all about the perils of high protein diets, fructose, meat, eggs, and milk. This book will probably surprise you as much as I was surprised when researching it. The good news is that it... More > is much simpler to gain the optimal nutrition than we have been mislead to believe. No more worries about 'am I getting enough protein'. This book explains the modern Western epidemics of cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, obesity, arthritis, depression, anxiety, hyper-tension, heart disease (heart attacks and strokes), and senescence, in the context of the recent massive overdoses of protein, especially from animal sources, that have become the new norm. In evolutionary terms such high protein diets are new. We simply have not evolved in a high protein diet environment. This fact appears to be mirrored in cancer rates that are today many thousands of times higher than they were just a few generations ago.< Less
The M Protein By Alexandros Daskalos
eBook (ePub): $1.99
M is not an ordinary protein. Soon after his birth, he enters the cell nucleus where he is told that he is a Mutant. The guardian proteins of the human cell order him to report to lysosome number two... More > and undergo degradation. Faced with the terrifying idea of extinction, M undergoes a rapid existential transformation that defines his fate and leads him to a breathtaking journey of self-awareness. Follow the M protein and discover the basic properties and functions of a human cell. Written by a biologist who is font of fantasy fiction, this book interweaves the educational procedure with the thrilling aspects of an adventure inside a magic, new world.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Learn about when a high protein diet is a risk and what to do about it--naturally.
Rich Protein Vittles Galore By Noureddine Khiti
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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“Rich Protein Vittles Galore” is an ultimate guide for a happy and healthy living through eating high protein foods, this book is designed and devoted to man, women, kids, bodybuilders,... More > vegetarians, either dietitians or not dietitians also fat people and pregnant women. Forsooth, this diminutive book has been written based on plausible researchers and adroit figures in this ground. Indeed, the purpose of writing this little book is mainly to inform and enlighten people who are seeking for the next level in their lives. In order words, people who are depressed, chubby, they cannot find trusted or suitable resources or diets and they barely seek to live a happy and healthy living.< Less
How to Build a Protein Skimmer By Danoreef
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This ebook describes how to build a counter current protein skimmer. For years and years counter current skimmer were considered to be the best way to remove DOC's from your aquarium. I still think... More > it is. The skimmer I built works awesome. It is built using standard white PVC pipes and fittings that can be bought at any hardware/home improvement store.< Less
The Biophysical Chemistry of Proteins By Thomas Creighton
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The physical and chemical properties of proteins are described: their structures, physical properties, sequences and synthesis, evolution, chemical reactivities, unfolding and refolding, ligand... More > binding, cooperativity, allosteric interactions, catalysis by enzymes and their regulation. Full color is used throughout to enhance the many illustrations. These chapters are taken from the larger volume "The Biophysical Chemistry of Nucleic Acids & Proteins" (2010, Helvetian Press,< Less