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Dreams & Visions : That's All There Is By Ed Augusts
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Here are the fascinating visions & theories of Sigmund Freud, C.G.Jung, Alfred Adler, Edgar Cayce, & G.W.Domhoff amidst their personal worlds of dreams & nightmares. Their birth charts... More > are examined & compared in relation to each other & to their dream theories. Author & Mystic Philosopher Ed Augusts, in his 31st book, sizes-up how much we owe not only to our nocturnal dreams but also to our amazing DAYDREAMS which help inspire & spur-on our creative accomplishments. Although much of our nights are spent in dreams, most of our days are spent in a state of visionary mysticism which are commonly called daydreams, and this is what not only helps us get through many an unpleasant task or dreary day, but also feeds the flames of WRITING, ART and MUSIC! When do mere daydreams turn into visions? Here we discuss hallucinations of various kinds, and see dreams as they were understood by the ancients. Apocalyptic visions, the source of some of our religions, are also discussed.< Less
They Shimmer Within: Cognitive-Evolutionary Perspectives on Visionary Beings By Bruce Rimell
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The use of psychedelic drugs plants is rising, and with it the number of reports narrating encounters with otherworldly visionary beings. Approaches to these experiences have often been literal,... More > archetypal or dismissive. Evolutionary psychology and the cognitive science of religion suggest innate and non-imagistic mental foundations for these phenomena arising from easily-triggered evolutionary functions during emotive periods of high cognitive demand. Such functions include agent detection, social intelligence faculties and metacognition. This wide-ranging book explores how our deepest mental processes predispose us as humans to believe in supernatural agents, and presents a new hypothesis of how these same cognitions facilitate the emergence of those agents to become present when psychedelic drugs and plants are ingested. Bruce concludes that visionary beings shimmer within as awe-inspiring products of the mind, an experience which rests at the heart of what it is to be human.< Less
Empathy as the Basis of Delusion, and Yage as a Potential Treatment By Brendan Bombaci
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This brief theory paper is suggestive of a plant-based medicinal method to help bipolar and schizophrenic sufferers of untreatable psychoses. The argument is founded on scientific research in... More > psychology, psychopharmacology, origins of religion.< Less
Searching / Found By CB Terry
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The scarcity of clarity and its collusion with confusion brought understanding. Woah, now available in english, this very warm and once-encrypted work is the manuscript for my upcoming film, Higher... More > Selves: An Introduction to your Knew Capabilities. The pure objectivity of the context will be continually undermined by the persistently presented premise, and this is purposely intended, as to obscure the analytic abilities of the experiencer, and bypass, certain, security features, inherent in the human bio-firmware. Yesh, it's deep. All funds will directly further the global philantropic pursuits and research of the universe. Conspiracy free!< Less
The Vestibule; Confessions of a Hierophant By Andrew Rutajit
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Author: Andrew Rutajit Foreword by Peter Gandy Introduction by Dr. Dennis McKenna Our relationship with entheogens extends beyond the cradle of civilization. To ignore the importance of these plants... More > and mushrooms when researching history, myth and/or religion is to make an enormous oversight. This book is an exploration in comparative religion, human consciousness, occult anatomy and symbolism, alchemy, the ancient mysteries, Gnosticism, and Tantra through the eyes of the ancient shaman. From the Back Cover: “A veritable feast of fascinating ideas awaits you within The Vestibule.” - Timothy Freke “If this book doesn't make you question your idea of reality then you aren't paying attention. There is a real mystery, a knowable mystery, behind all outward forms of religion and spirituality; Rutajit dives into the mystery headfirst and pulls the reader along with him on a most unusual journey of consciousness.” - Clark Heinrich< Less
Blue Sun Chronicles By Andie Kirkdale
eBook (ePub): $9.99
A young woman named Jane researches her grandfather’s mysterious work during the Third Reich. Her quest takes her from Germany to a blue sun planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. There with the help... More > of a telepathic spider, she discovers traces of a previous alien civilization and the aliens’ connection with Earth. She then risks everything to investigate what happened to the shadowed souls of history who found themselves on a bright, psychedelic planet in an afterlife they never expected. Will Jane discover the planet’s hidden history before the blue sun goes supernova? Combining elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and speculations about what happens after death, Blue Sun Chronicles presents an alien landscape where minds are made manifest, where inner and outer space meet, and darkness lifts into light. This collection is the ebook edition of the author’s 2016 works Blue Sun Chronicles #1: Illumination, Blue Sun Chronicles #2: The Road Home, and Fragments from a Blue Sun.< Less
Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars - The Best 100 Obscure Rock Acts 1968-1976 By Ra'anan Chelled
eBook (ePub): $10.99
Meticulously researched for years by 60's-70's Rock connoisseur Ra'anan Chelled, the book "Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars" compiles the finest 100 obscure bands from all the corners... More > of the world and from all shades of Rock music in the years 1968-1976: 500 pages worth of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Krautrock and more. It covers from semi known yet under-appreciated bands like Hawkwind, MC5 and Nektar, through esoteric cult icons such as Rodriguez, Flower Travellin' Band and Linda Perhacs, and on to downright obscure acts like Josefus, Cressida and The Plastic Cloud. It also offers over 30 exclusive interviews not to be found anywhere else and many photos which add a personal touch to these often untold stories. If you're a fan of 60's-70's Rock music – this is going to be your bible, your guide to the uncharted musical territories of the era. Just read this book, put your earphones on and let your mind be blown.< Less
Echoes of the Great Farewell By Ben Goertzel
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Adopting a wildly poetic style oscillating transchaotically between SF, prose poetry and avant-garde literature, "Echoes" explores the life and mind of an crazed AI researcher in a... More > near-future world, as he indulges in excesses of sex, drugs, metaphysical and cognitive philosophy, and communication with elusive microscopic aliens. Does his superintelligent AI come close to destroying the world, or only his mind? Only the Psychedelic McBuddha Machine knows for sure.< Less
The New Hermetics Equinox Journal Volume Two By Jason Augustus Newcomb
Paperback: $21.95
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The second volume of the New Hermetics Equinox Journal contains several practical articles by Jason Augustus Newcomb on Angelic Vision Magick, Crystal Balls and Magick Mirrors, Creating Inner Harmony... More > within the New Hermetics and the function and role of the imagination in magical practice. This volume also has a wonderful article from Philip H. Farber on creating a personal pantheon of gods as well as an extensive interview with psychedelic DMT research doctor Rick Strassman MD. Additionally, this book contains other great practical articles ranging from Alchemy to the Eight Sabbats or seasonal festivals.< Less
The Entheological Paradigm: Essays on the DMT and 5-MeO-DMT Experience and the Meaning of it All By Martin W. Ball
Paperback: $14.85
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The Entheological Paradigm is a must-read for anyone who is interested in DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and the nature of unitary consciousness. In this groundbreaking work, entheogenic researcher, Martin Ball,... More > Ph.D., presents a coherent system of analysis for understanding the psychedelic experience, human identity and consciousness, and the nature of reality as a unified energetic system. Free from speculative metaphysics, The Entheological Paradigm promises a revolution in humanity’s understanding of itself as well as gives practical methodology for achieving non-dual awareness. Provocative, challenging, and ultimately liberating, this collection of essays is bound to leave its mark in the quest to understand the meaning of it all. Includes the essays, “Digesting the Spirit Molecule,” “The Avatar Dreamhunt,” “Energy, Ego, and Entheogens,” and much more.< Less

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