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Psychopomp By Curious Matter
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Curious Matter is pleased to present an exploration of the psychopomp. Featuring the work of 16 artists, curator, Vincent Como, will guide us along this shadowy path. Arriving just before death, then... More > leading the soul to the afterlife is the role of the psychopomp. It is a beneficent spirit, a horrible creature or in various cultures an animal. Birds, fish, dogs and horses are common manifestations. In ancient Greek mythology, Hermes was called upon to bring Persephone back from Hades so that she could spend spring and summer with her mother Demeter. Afterwards, Hermes would usher her return to the underworld. Assigned the task by Zeus, Hermes became the guide of souls to the realm of the dead.< Less
Psychopomp Magazine 2014 Anthology By Psychopomp Magazine
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This is the 2013-2014 Psychopomp Magazine Anthology. Its release marks the one-year anniversary of the magazine, and it includes all short stories from the first four digital issues of Psychopomp.
Psychopomp Volume #1 By Jacob Milnestein et al.
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Psychopomp is a journey into foreign waters. Featuring short stories by seven new and upcoming authors from North London and around the world, Psychopomp showcases the best in both genre and... More > literary fiction, a combination of challenging and engaging tales to intrigue all readers. Present for dissemination within the first volume are tales of time travel, isolation, obnoxious passengers on public transport, public executions, endless shadows and failed romance. Each story is both a challenge and a secret, an invitation to delve deeper into ideas and events that underpin our everyday lives yet are forever set apart by emotional resonance. Each collection of Psychopomp is a series of tales from worlds we have only previously heard of by hearsay, worlds where we hope never to find ourselves. Imagine that this is a guide book and that your instructor now awaits you at the stern of a boat composed of rotting wood. Step inside and leave the shore on tides of silence. You are now us.< Less
The Psychopomp Book No. 1 By Benny Maniaks
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Joel Magnolia is a teenage prodigy. With the help of his college roommate Sang, Joel designs molecule-sized robots that can be injected into soldiers in order to enhance their performance. As... More > fiercely intelligent as he is, Joel can’t figure out a way to talk to girls. Instead, he resorts to anonymous love letters to Maria Avellana, another brilliant grad student, who is nice to him at the lab. After humiliating himself in front of her, Joel becomes unexpectedly entangled in a series of paranormal episodes. Protesting the use of soldiers as guinea pigs, Joel injects himself with the Nanobot solution and unknowingly becomes THE PSYCHOPOMP. At first, he begins to see strange auras around people. He dismisses it as a side effects of the nanobots, but eventually learns to understand this energy field and control it. This ability makes him extremely valuable to the Department of Defense, and they plan a special operation with him as the key player. The only problem is he has to kill someone he likes.< Less
Speak to My Govi, Travels in the Land of the Dead By D.D Cotton
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After dying a young woman wakes up on the shore of an island, she is soon greeted by the master of that island and is given instruction on the ways of the afterlife, upon finding her mother is not in... More > the same after life she is given no choice but to go look for her, arriving at many underworlds and interacting with many deities and spirits. Along the way she will learn about herself and what kind of person she really is.< Less
Nostos By Allie Marini Batts, Teresa Giordano
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Stories by Allie Marini Batts and Teresa Giordano as selected by novelist Timothy Schaffert for the Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award, 2014
Stockholm 1.0: La courte histoire d'une courte jeunesse By Redkayer
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Psychopompe est le pseudonyme d'un célèbre bloggeur qui a l’air de vraiment mériter son surnom. La mort le suit partout. Il a vu mourir ses amis « les plus proches... More > » ainsi que la fille qu'il aimait « à sa façon ». Son meilleur ami, le seul qui ait survécu, avait compris à la mort de la fille qu'il devait tuer psychopompe pour mettre un terme à tout ça. Mais il échoua. Psychopompe, après sa sortie du coma et après avoir appris une nouvelle qui était censée le bouleverser, a cru qu'il commençait à sombrer dans la folie, alors qu'en fait il expérimentait juste ce qu'était le remords mais le remords n’est-il pas une folie en soi ?< Less
Does the Afterlife Have Skittles? - The 6th Candorville Collection By Darrin Bell
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The 6th collection of the syndicated comic strip "Candorville" by Darrin Bell. Can Lemont make time to interview President Obama’s evolving position on gay marriage and Syria’s... More > vicious dictator, even while he’s suing an evil vampire for custody of their son in a court run by the vampire’s own mother? Will he be derailed by nepotism, by the incompetence of his six-year-old attorney, or by the testimony of his former roommate from the insane asylum? Back home, Lemont’s "One That Got Away" Facebooks him after 14 years, but her mountain of secrets threatens to spoil their second chance at love. Meanwhile, Susan’s boss decides to join the War on Women, and Lemont accompanies Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, and Trayvon Martin on their Final Journeys to the afterlife. And all along, two homeless street philosophers have a strange conversation while they wait by the side of a city road, for *something.* Candorville delivers biting social & political satire to daily newspapers nationwide.< Less
The Dark Half (Study Score) By Christian Erickson
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An impression of the Stephen King psychological horror novel of the same name, The Dark Half musically describes several key scenes from the book. This five-movement composition is scored for two... More > pianos, synthesizer, and percussion. Movement titles are I. Prologue; II. Fool's Stuffing; III. Stark Takes Charge; IV. The Coming of the Psychopomps; and V. Epilogue.< Less
The Song Itself: A Gnostic Remembrance By Yäq Cuartz
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Translated from the Coptic, Pig Latin, Aramaic and Greek by Yäq Cuartz, “The Song Itself” is the memoir of a nameless and sexless messenger whose memory and world are set ablaze by... More > contact with an ancient Gnostic codex. After witnessing the aftermath of a brutal murder ignited by the codex, the protagonist must face a cult of arson-loving linguists, a luthier-psychopomp, an Egyptian alchemist and a Dionysian ghost. Religious, mystical and philosophical elements burn in dreams, conversations and events while the narrator seems to be withholding a ghastly truth. Sacrilegious and controversial, “The Song Itself” is a caffeine ingesting, chain smoking tour through an absurd world that is about to explode into flames.< Less