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The First Men In The Moon By H.G. Wells
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The First Men In The Moon By H.G. Wells
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Delaware Title 8 (Unauthorized Mashup) By People of Delaware
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This book is an unauthorized mashup of the Delaware Corporate Code, Title 8 of the official law of the First State. Section 397 of that code says you can't copy Title 8 without prior permission and... More > threatens the violator with jail. That's nonsense. The law is owned by the people and no bureaucrat may take away the right to read or speak the laws by which we choose to govern ourselves. On top of Title 8, we threw in some great artwork of seed catalogs from the Smithsonian Institute because federal "Works of Government" have no copyright. The dividers come from the Library of Congress, which asserts no control, and come from a trove of child labor photographs from turn of the century from Delaware. Anybody should be able to copy any edict of government without penalty because the law belongs to all of us. See more at (Note: Purchase price is 100% for book printing. Public Resource does not retain any revenue!)< Less
Report to the Archivist By Carl Malamud
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Report to the Archivist of the United States of America, National Archives and Records Administration.
Black Cobra By A Farrell Production
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The cold and cunning men in the kremlin were worried, and they had reason to be! For out of nowhere, like a scourge of evil, came a man who was more than a match for the red tyrants! His strength was... More > as great as theirs, his guile even greater, and he made unrelenting war on the power-crazed clique who schemed to crush a world beneath their blood -stained boots! The story begins in Washington, as the black cobra battles the voice treason…< Less
The Death of the Authors: Rabindrath Tagore & Virginia Woolf & Their Return to Life in Four Seasons By Constant
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A generative novel based on texts of authors that arrived in the public domain in 2012.
Slightly Scary By Cady Lewis
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Not all scary stories are the kind that will make you scream. Sometimes all you need is one that is slightly frightening to keep you on your toes. Included authors: Edgar Allen Poe, Charlotte... More > Perkins Gilman, Ambrose Bierce, and Washington Irving.< Less
Dolly and Dan and the Dipledees By H Brooke Levering
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Dolly and Dan walk into the woods and explore - this 100+ year old classic that was probably the inspiration for many classics to follow (Through the Looking glass, Alice in Wonderland, Disney,... More > etc.). Note this original was gifted to a 2 year old in 1917 - see inside the front cover!< Less
Categorical Confusion: The Strategic Implications of Recognizing Challenges Either as Irregular or Traditional (Enlarged Edition) By Colin S. Gray et al.
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Strategic concepts and the theories they encourage and enable are discretionary intellectual constructions. Strategic concepts are not dictated to us; rather, we choose them and decide how they can... More > serve as building blocks for the edifice of theory we prefer. When strategic theory is confusing, misleading, and not fit for its practical purposes of education and even advice, then it is akin to bad medicine that we take in the mistaken belief that it will do us good. Unfortunately, it is necessary to alert Americans to the inadvertent self-harm they are causing themselves by the poor ways in which they choose to conceptualize strategic behavior.< Less
How to Use Images Legally By Scott Tambert
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If you are a designer, artist, DVD producer, video producer, or web page designer, you can work with images more confidently after you've read How to Use Images Legally. This is the book used by The... More > New York Times Photo Department, Time-Life Books, Weekly Reader, Pacifica News Service, SuperStock and thousands of others. How to Use Images Legally can quickly show you: Two quick tests to see if an image is public domain When you can't use public domain images How to avoid "underlying rights" traps The differing laws governing editorial, advertising and commercial use of images The four layers of ownership you must have to legally use an image 20 common objects in photos that cause copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or violate trade secret laws How to avoid infringing on the five rights of copyright Many other topics< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
Paperback: $14.36
Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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About Face About Face By Eric Dohner
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What May Come What May Come By Robert Grant
Paperback: $12.71