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This is a book about German Helmet Lot Numbers produced during 1935-1945. UPDATED 04/2017 (REVISION - 9) A handy study guide for those German Helmet collectors and researchers wishing to know more... More > about Lot Numbers and how they relate to their own German helmets. ET/ckl, SE/hkp, Q, NS, EF, and qvL/bvL helmet factories are discussed with over 20,800 lot number entries overall. M35, M40, M42, and M38 helmet shell types are listed along with DD, SD, and ND examples with factory decal drops. Specifications: paperback, 8.5 X 11 (1-1/2 inch thickness) 715 pages. Copyright 2011 by Brian Ice NO new period or factory documentation was used in the creation of this book.< Less
Pendulums By Anthem Flint
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This is Anthem Flint's first book. It covers the art of using a pendulum in the real world and in performance. Anthem Flint begins by teaching you how to make decisions using the pendulum. Then, he... More > shows how to help others make decisions with the pendulum. From there he moves onto jaw dropping and emotionally powerful routines that will stick with you wherever you go. Anthem teaches hard-hitting mentalism with emotional undertones, an unwritten Q&A, and mental magic routines that will leave your audience floored. Anthem has been fooling even the most learned magicians with his 1 in 52 routine. Anthem Flint's mentor, Losander, even said it's one of the best card tricks he's ever seen. Anthem Closes the book by teaching an effect that will involve everyone in your audience and leave them with a memory and a souvenir that will stick with them forever! If you want to lift your magic to new levels, read Pendulums by Anthem Flint!< Less
Guns of Justice By Hal Jons
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Des Willard was on the run for the alleged murder of his brother, Jeff, when the six-strong posse caught up with him. The posse didn’t get their man and returned one man short. According to the... More > other five, Willard had got the drop on them and shot Sheriff Suter dead in cold-blood. A lesser man than Des Willard would have kept running but he knew he was innocent. Only the horse-rancher, Jack Mallory believed in him, but when the Banker, Ezra Scott, was murdered even Mallory doubted Willard’s innocence. Fortunately, the beautiful Sal Dormer, daughter of Seth Dormer, horse-trader, in Butane to buy Mallory stock, did not see Willard as a killer. When violence erupted, fomented by Hubert Dainton, Willard’s uncle, Somers the Lazy Q rancher, Kershawe the Stage-line owner and Smeaton the Indian trader, Dormer, backing Sal’s instincts, took a hand. Gristly evidence is faked to settle Willard’s hash once and for all and even with the Dormers’ help things look bleak. Salvation for Willard teeters on a knife-edge.< Less
Meat Eighteen Digital Edition By Adrian Lourie
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This digital edition of meat eighteen reproduces the print version faithfully. Our cover star is aerial circus maverick Arian Levanael who we hooked up with for an intimate shoot and chat. This... More > summer we also got to hang out with LA Queer Rapper and GoGo Boy Rica Shay, who was happy to drop trou around the back streets of Hackney as well as answering our meat Q&A. Hopping on the tube to Vauxhall we met up with the gorgeous Rowland (who is also our naked calendar cover star), before scooting over to East London for some (trousers)downtime with photographer Joerge and cute cubster Paul. Leaving us just enough time to get out into the park with Daniel and invite another couple of dudes back to meat towers for a quick session. Added to that we’ve got a great portfolio of work from one of our favorite photographers Jeremy Lucido of LA based Starfucker magazine and writer Simon Jay shares his illustrations of 10 famous fellas who don’t fit the mold of unrealistic model perfection.< Less
The Corliss Group Review: What Consumer Electronics Show has in Store for the Future By Hannie Molish
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Here is a short Q&A that provides an overview of Consumer Electronics Show: Q: What is the Consumer Electronics Show all about? A: The Consumer Electronics Show aims to serve as a launching... More > pad for a new must-have gadget as spending on such new tools drops as the whole globe reaches a saturation point on the use of tablets and smartphones. Beginning on January 14, 2014, CES promises to showcase an “Internet of Things” with users at its heart. Once a venue for showcasing TV technology yearly in Las Vegas, CES now promotes once-dumb devices which are turbo-charged with interconnectivity capabilities for the modern IT user.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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