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Is It True? By Reasonable Robinson
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Can you use the same approach to understanding the world of people as well as the natural world? Are people the same as protons? When we are getting on with our everyday lives we don't usually ask... More > ourselves about the basis of what we believe about the world. Many of us operate on the principle that seeing is believing. What we see is real and anything else is made up and fictional. If we dig a bit deeper though things start to get a little more complicated. There are implications here for scientists, market researchers, social researchers, and everyone else who is trying to make sense of the world. There are several schools of thought each one with a point of view about how to get at the truth of the things we observe. The question is do any of these approaches help us understand the world more accurately?< Less
Math in Society: Edition 2.4 By David Lippman
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Math in Society is a survey of contemporary mathematical topics, appropriate for a college-level topics course for liberal arts major, or as a general quantitative reasoning course. Editable copies... More > of this book are available at< Less
Managerial Performance Measurement By Homework Help Classof1
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To compute any quantitative performance measurement of an operating unit, it is necessary to arrive at reasonable income and investment measures for the unit. There are a few shortcuts in undertaking... More > an intelligent analysis of financial statements. Knowledge of accounting theory and practice is desirable to ensure a sound interpretation.< Less
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The intent of this concurrent mixed methods study was to examine the use and impact of accountability designations and assessment data on educational organizations serving populations of varying... More > socio-economic status. Through surveys, quantitative data was collected to evaluate the impact of accountability system designations on teacher morale and the extent to which teacher perceptions of accountability measures vary by district socio-economic status. Simultaneously, factors in effective use of accountability and assessment data in district planning were explored. Additionally, a multiple case study explored the use of data collected via traditional and value-added assessment models. The reason for combining both quantitative and qualitative data was to better understand this research problem by converging both quantitative survey (generalizable conclusions) and qualitative (deeper analysis) data.< Less
High-Profile Celebrity Court Cases: A Look Into Audience Needs and Motivations By Raqota Berger
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This book analyzes the various social and psychological theories that relate to why people watch high-profile celebrity court cases (e.g., Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, O. J. Simpson, Michael... More > Jackson, Britney Spears). It attempts to document the range of reasons that audiences are so interested in these ongoing legal battles and the mediated courtroom drama. It also utilizes statistical analysis in the findings section for the more quantitatively inclined. The basic objectives are to capture the uses, gratifications, and motivations of the viewing audience and to more fully understand why these cases are so popular in our modern culture.< Less
Designing Educational Computer Games By Kehinde Dunsin
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The book presents the implementation and evaluation of designing educational games using Game Maker. The implementation involves the co-ordination of diverse software and hardware resources to... More > produce a set of educational games as a single software package. A critical comparison between the original objectives of the project as specified in the project investigation report and what was achieved at the end of the project was also undertaken. The report also presents a critical comparison of using educational games in teaching Quantitative and Qualitative reasoning at the primary school level against using traditional teaching methods to achieve the same objectives.< Less
Introduction to Parallel Processing By Gage Taylor
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The field of digital computer architecture has grown explosively in the past two decades. Through a steady stream of experimental research, tool-building efforts, and theoretical studies, the design... More > of an instruction-set architecture, once considered an art, has been transformed into one of the most quantitative branches of computer technology. At the same time, better understanding of various forms of concurrency, from standard pipelining to massive parallelism, and invention of architectural structures to support a reasonably efficient and user-friendly programming model for such systems, has allowed hardware performance to continue its exponential growth. This trend is expected to continue in the near future.< Less
Acquisition Analysis Tutorial By Richard Malekian
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The purpose of this tutorial is to provide the framework as well as the tools to conduct a proper quantitative analysis of acquisition opportunities. Initially, the various reasons why a company may... More > want to engage in an acquisition will be explored and critiqued, and the importance of “synergy” in determining the ultimate value of an acquisition will be addressed. The next section of the tutorial will address how acquisitions can be quantified and valued using a Free Cash Flow approach. In this section, we will address the quantification of total value received versus total value paid, and the determination of whether value is either created or destroyed for the acquiring company’s shareholders. The last section of the tutorial will address how acquisitions can be alternatively quantified and valued using an Economic Profit approach.< Less
Fossil Fuels in the Arab World: Facts and Fiction By Basel Asmar
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Is the Arab world an indispensable energy source without which our civilisation will come to a halt? Is this the cause of political and military meddling in the Arab world’s affairs, and the... More > reason given by democratic western leaders to defend supporting autocratic and authoritarian Arab governments to stay in power? Is the world really this vulnerable? Assessment of mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels, particularly the position of the Arab world, is performed by analysing the three types (oil, natural gas, and coal), which are in essence convertible. Fossil fuels are tackled from two angles: clarifying the terminology used by the media, politicians, scientists, and so-called experts, when discussing fossil fuels; evaluating the hard facts and separate them from fiction by analysing the numbers and scrutinise them impartially to come with a definitive quantitative answer. Finally, a further investigation examines fossil fuels in relation to alternative energy, and from political perspective.< Less
Modeling and Solving Linear Programming with R By Vicenc Fernandez, Jose M Sallan, Oriol Lordan
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Linear programming is one of the most extensively used techniques in the toolbox of quantitative methods of optimization. One of the reasons of the popularity of linear programming is that it allows... More > to model a large variety of situations with a simple framework. Furthermore, a linear program is relatively easy to solve and it allows to solve most linear programs efficiently, and the Karmarkar interior-point method allows a more efficient solving of some kinds of linear programming. The power of linear programming is greatly enhanced when came the opportunity of solving integer and mixed integer linear programming. In this book we provide a brief introduction to linear programming with a set of exercises that introduce some applications of linear programming. We also provide an introduction to solve linear programming in R. For each problem a possible solution through linear programming is introduced, together with the code to solve it in R and its numerical solution.< Less