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The Wheel Of Love By Gilda Viale
eBook (PDF): $5.55
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Follow Emerald’s quest to discover the truth about Tesla’s evolution, astral travellers, energy, love, family, quantum jumps, fourth dimension and become part of a living story. It is... More > time for evolution!< Less
Xeditorial By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $13.54
A quantum jump for an astrologer equals instant miracle in a magician. The Academic Zodiac and Reality Rendering team up as a winning team of the New AEon. The October Editorial contains a detailed... More > report on the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, besides many useful information in zodiacal reformation.< Less
eBook (ePub): $2.00
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Over 20,000 words downloaded from the 5th dimension. Go portal jumping in "Cowboys & Gateways." "Smoke pours from their barrels as they discharge their bullets, resembling the... More > chimneys those easterners light in their homes in the winter to stay warm. They can't wait to get revenge for the killing of their brothers. This is church to them; this is the only preaching they know; a song of bullets is the quire and somebody's got to pay them tithes with their souls." Or travel to the other side of the universe in the story "Out There." "Suddenly, a dimensional rift rips space time, vortices of brightly colored light swirl creating a dark magnetic anomaly on the face of the star. This black spot morphs into a sphere as it moves deeper into the bright searing hot plasma. Double flares of immense energy thousands of kilometers high shoot up and arc around this bubble. Another light appears inside the sphere of darkness. It is Dominakas, entering the third dimension." Download the Beam!< Less
AstroMatriX - Unexpecting Kalki By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $8.99
They expect Kalki as pseudo-religious "everything's fine" leader with so much jingling bells, bouncing tambourines, pageants, fanfare and whistles; someone who will understand them from on... More > high down to gutter because he or she or whatever is (like unto) them – who were miscreated - someone or something that will tell them do that they are OK - I am OK - you are OK as there were nothing but sheer bliss within a fool's paradise reach - a quantum jump back to kitchen TV and Mickey Mouse ascended.< Less
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Johnny Hollywood and the Case of the Hard-Boiled Canary By Terran Boylan
Paperback: $10.99
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What would you do if you had a machine that let you jump feet-first into every movie ever made? Johnny Hollywood is a first year film student with an encyclopedic knowledge of classic cinema. Come... More > along as he meets Professor Noah Odysseus Taradiddle, an eccentric literary scientist with a highly unusual device... Mixing equal parts Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, Turner Classic Movies and the Adventure-Choosing books you loved as a child, Johnny Hollywood and the Case of the Hard-Boiled Canary plunges its hero into the shadowy world of the 1940s detective. Do YOU have the guts and brains to help Johnny solve a brutal murder without landing him in jail... or in the morgue?< Less
Schrödinger Gearbox By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $14.99
What if we began with the Schrodinger's cat paradox and considered this as an initial condition through which to reinterpret this principle as a machine instead of a riddle? Schrödinger Gearbox... More > examines what happens when we apply an evolutionary jump onto our way of thinking through various machines based on this paradox. A controlled paradox generates a movement differential capable of being used to drive machinery, and this is the basis for the Schrödinger Gearbox. In this volume, we conduct a Moment Theory analysis specifically on machines generating heat, movement, thrust, and electricity, while mapping alternative paradox-based quantum observational dynamics onto electricity itself, causing us to ponder the possibilities of a new type of machinery, allowing our extrication from movement technologies based in a cognitive paradigm now outdated by two centuries. This volume introduces a new concept referred to as asynthetic engineering, resulting in more robust designs. (MT Vol.3)< Less

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The Auctioneer's Apprentice  A Parable For Living An Abundant Life The Auctioneer's... By Chad Coe
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