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Equivalence: A Quantum Revolution By Mark Dalliston
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This is a work of science fiction more like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, than ‘Star Wars.’ The ideas for this work came from the theories of relativity, quantum physics, and... More > equivalence. It is a story of fictional theoretical physics. I initially thought that Equivalence would be the basis for another revolution of science. My change of mind was prompted by encountering a new theory that led to the general acceptance of parallel universes. Naturally, my take on this theory was different, and led me down an unexpected path.< Less
The Awakening: A Conscious Shift to a Higher Realm By Vicky Anderson
eBook (PDF): $12.50
The Awakening is the true story of one person's spiritual awakening. The various progressions and levels of awareness that are achieved from the initiations in this process are similar to those... More > achieved in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. This book was written especially for the Christians and Agnostics who are still actively searching for the Truth. It bridges Christianity and Eastern Mysticism with Western Science to provide a crystal clear picture of what is really happening to mankind today. 203 pages< Less
THE UNIFIED THEORY : A complete paradigm shift in Physics & Cosmology By Rati Ram Sharma
Paperback: $30.00
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This book on Unified Theory is an update on the 1990 book ‘Unified Physical Theory’, the 2002-book Realistic Foundations of Physics & Cosmology and the 2010-book THE UNIFIED THEORY A... More > complete paradigm shift in Physics & Cosmology. In a paradigm shift the Unified Theory singly presents the grandest ever ‘unified’ replacement for the Relativity, Quantum, Quark-lepton, Higgs, Electroweak, Supersymmetry, String & Big Bang theories. New Priciple of Null Action replaces the Uncertainty Principle. Findings of the 1990-Physics Nobel lauretaes and conclusions of 2011-Physics Nobel lauretaes are contested. The Universe does NOT have accelerated expansion and will not end as an empty space. Reader will be amused to count the number of Nobel laureates whose work and thought have been correctingly commented on. This present book will serve as a source to revise the syllabai and textbooks at the University & College levels of Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology &c. Book is worth translation into major languages of the world.< Less
Law of Attraction: Manifestation Exercises-Transform All Areas of Your Life with Tested LOA & Quantum Physics Secrets By Elena G. Rivers
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Ready to Overcome Resistance to Manifest Faster? Perhaps you have tried affirmations and other LOA techniques. Yet, you are still not getting the results you deserve. You see, it’s not about... More > WHAT you do. It’s about HOW you do it. To create the life you want using LOA, you need to shift your mindset and transform your energy. This is what Law of Attraction – Manifestation Exercises is all about. It’s designed to help you FEEL free from RESISTANCE. So that you can manifest from your CORE and easily step into the FLOW of love, ABUNDANCE, and happiness. Inside you will find personalized meditations and exercise to help you re-align with your core so that you can take inspired action from a place of abundance. From there, incredible things will happen and all your friends will be amazed at your “superpowers”. Order your copy now and turn your vision into reality!< Less
Our SETI Problem By Robert Stetson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The dialog begins with a look at how an ancient tribe would search for intelligent civilizations. Then it continues to look at how we search the cosmos for intelligent alien communications. This... More > paper explains the concept of Quantum Entanglement. It gives you a basic understanding of what it is and how it works. Why are we searching the stars for alien radio signals? Quantum Entanglement would allow communications across the cosmos at a rate 10,000 times faster than the speed of light. We might as well be looking for smoke signals. I have also included the title of an article, the author and the issue date in Scientific American that has the plans that will allow you to build your own phase differentiator and measure the phase shift in a Quantum Entanglement experiment of your own.< Less
The Ego and The Soul - Living and Leading From The Inside Out - A Map for Humanity's Ultimate Thrival By Ariole K. Alei
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Why is humanity so reticent to change? What must we do now to ensure our species’ survival and ultimate thrival? We have become masters of reason. Despite this triumphant accomplishment,... More > “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” (Einstein) It is time to transcend even this evolutionary ceiling to become masters of a far more expansive omni-view. We must step up a notch in our consciousness, a simple yet profound quantum leap in our existence as a species. Our egos have become rigid, clinging tenaciously to their illusive dominion. It is time to teach our egos, leading them lovingly by the hand, introducing them to a new role, one that is flexible, resilient, curious, co-creative, and inclusively cooperative. Nothing short of this will avert our truly feasible extinction. "Future Shock" can now be laid to rest. Ego – reinvented and rebooted – truly does become the hero in our story, the story of our species’ salvation, the most significant story we’ve ever told.< Less
A Child's Garden of Physics By James Carter
Paperback: $30.00
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This is an autobigraphy of my life and and the development of my physics theories. It describes the three principles of Circlon Synchronicity. Photon’s have mass, gravity falls up and electrons... More > shrink. It contains complete descriptions and calculations of matter, photons and gravity. There is a step-by-step description of the evolution of the universe from before its beginning creation of 2256 atoms to the present with an exact Blackbody temperature of 2.726˚K. There are hundreds of drawings and illustrations of experiments, atoms and photons. There is a drawing of the nuclear structure of the most common isotope of each of the chemical elements. This book is based on Newtonian force and motion but it also examines the deep philosophical and psychological foundations of Quantum Mechanics and the Special and General theories of Relativity. Non-dimensional point-particle theories are replaced with the Fine Structure constant and the Bohr radius to provide the measured circlon shape and size.< Less
Things Forgotten pocket By daniel maitland
Paperback: $11.32
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Just your standard, run of the mill, quantum, imaginary-friend, existential jaunt through the ever shifting parameters of a little girl's world.
Things Forgotten pocket By daniel maitland
eBook (PDF): $3.08
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Just your standard, run of the mill, quantum, imaginary-friend, existential, jaunt through the ever shifting parameters of a little girl's world.
Quinta Essentia - Part 3 (US Letter) By Riccardo Storti
Paperback: $49.95
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A Practical Guide to Space-Time Engineering: Particle physics is a rapidly expanding and highly dynamic sphere of knowledge supporting a landscape of constantly changing hues. Experimental boundaries... More > are being shifted with exciting reductions in uncertainty at a staggering pace. This text develops the Electro-Gravi-Magnetic (EGM) construct to define relationships between the distributions of mass-energy over space-time of fundamental particles. The correlation of EGM calculations for mass & "size" to experimental evidence is astonishing, to at least four orders of magnitude greater that can be physically measured. Most of the contents herein have been peer reviewed & published in scientific literature. For particle enthusiasts, this text is a must.< Less

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