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ÉMILE ZOLA Drink The early days of Émile Edouard Charles Antoine Zola were sordid and unromantic. He was born at Paris, on April 2, 1840, his father dying while the son was quite young,... More > and leaving his family no legacy except a lawsuit against the municipality of the town of Aix. And it was at Aix, which figures in many of his novels under the name of "Plassans," that Zola received the first part of his education. Later he went to Paris and Marseilles, but failed to get his degree. A period of terrible poverty followed, Zola existing as best he might in a garret at Paris, and employing his hours in writing. Towards the beginning of 1862 he obtained a position as clerk in a publishing house at a salary of a pound a week. Two years after his first novel, "Contes à Ninon," appeared. The book was only moderately successful, but attracted sufficient attention to justify Zola in abandoning clerking, and taking seriously to literature.< Less
Workable Steps to Quit Drinking Alcohol By Okongor Ndifon
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This ebook about Workable Steps to Quit Drinking Alcohol is out to help you quit drinking alcohol, which has brought many untold problems to the health, career, social, and family life of people.
Stop Drinking Alcohol: Quit Drinking with the Alcohol Lied to me Method By Craig Beck
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My name is Craig Beck and I am the internet’s foremost expert in helping people quit drinking alcohol. I have already helped thousands of people just like you get back in control of their... More > addiction or stop drinking alcohol completely. I understand how it feels to be worried about your drinking because for nearly 20 years I struggled with my own problem. I tried everything to stop drinking alcohol from creating silly rules about what I was ‘allowed’ to drink, going through torturous ‘dry months’ to taking dangerous prescription only medication! Absolutely nothing I tried worked until I dramatically changed my thinking. I also discovered some disturbing secrets that the alcohol industry does not want you to know. Then used my former experience as a clinical hypnotist to construct a system to help anyone get their drinking back under control. I cured my own drink problem (virtually overnight) and now I can help you stop drinking alcohol using the exact same, painless method.< Less
Effective Resolutions To Quit Smoking, Drinking & Gambling By WorkAtHomeSuccessAcademy com
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Early on recovery begins a little bit before you even become clean and sober. You’re in the mental process of arriving at the decision to alter your life. Then you really go through with the... More > conclusion and take true action. This sets in motion a roller coaster of an emotional ride that we may simply describe as becoming a furious, up and down ride.Early on recovery is like that. Your emotions are helter skelter, because you're ultimately feeling them once again (on the face of it for the first time), and you're essentially in shock from merely becoming sober... includes chapters on: Phases Of Recovery, Errors And Correct Choices In Early-On Recovery, Seek Your Path, You Must Take Action and What’s Next...< Less
'I Don't Drink!' - How to Quit Alcohol - A Drinker's Tale By Julian Kirkman-Page
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You hate alcohol dictating your life. You want to quit drinking and massively improve the way you live and feel. After 40 years of drinking and ending up a total mess with type 2 diabetes, high blood... More > pressure and high cholesterol, regular bouts of crippling gout and a frighteningly short-term outlook on life, one day in 2012 I decided to quit alcohol forever. Without resorting to drugs, rehab or any outside help I have never touched a drop since, and have never been so wonderfully healthy or happy in my life. This book takes you through how I did it and what a phenomenal difference it has made to me, so you can do the same! It works, it’s focused, it’s unique and most especially, I make quitting alcohol great FUN! This comprehensive guide includes: Ideas and discussion; My proven methodology; A day to day guide; Tales of my hilarious drinking experiences to help give you a ‘been there – done that’ state of mind; A free downloadable hypnosis session and further stories.< Less
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Smoking and Drinking By James Parton
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: James Parton (February 9, 1822 – October 17, 1891) was an... More > English-born American biographer who wrote books on the lives of Horace Greeley, Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Voltaire.Parton was born in Canterbury, England, in 1822. He was taken to the United States when he was five years old, studied in New York City and White Plains, New York, and was a schoolmaster in Philadelphia and then in New York. He moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he died on October 17, 1891.Parton was the most popular biographer of his day in America. Parton's nonfiction combined elements of novel writing, which made his books quite popular. Excerpt from:< Less
Silverman the Chimp is not Quite Himself By Vincent Lewis
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Silverman the chimp saves the day again as he battles "The Boss" and Patty's advances.
Agent G: Hit It & Quit It By R. W. Clinger
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Agent G is back in spying action in a sequel to Hugs and Slugs ... When sex and lies occur in Brussels over international secrets, a man from G's past surfaces - the hot and steamy, Toby McDade.
Never Quite Depraved By Andrew Wells
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Set in 1979, Harold Lawson's life as a hi-tech yuppie goes slowly to hell in a Southern Gothic when his father's mistress hires him to edit her dead son's writings... and investigate the... More > circumstances of his death... John O'Hara meets Kurt Vonnegut channeling Raymond Chandler drinking with William Faulkner...< Less