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Quit Smoking Guide (2015) By Jonathon Tyson
eBook (ePub): $1.54
The effect of nicotine only physically lasts in the body for a maximum of 6 days. After that, it has no physical hold on you….. you just want it instead….. which is totally different to... More > having an addiction, that is just a self destructive tendency! If you get your attitude right then the heart and mind will follow. The biggest problem most people face is that they don’t want to give up. They are doing it because they are being pressured to by a loved one, so go through the motions…… something we call ‘smoking when no one is looking!’ If you really want to become a non-smoker, there is light at the end of the tunnel…. you can do it…. and…. it’s not actually as hard as you may be thinking… all you have to do it want to be a non-smoker more than you want a cigarette. The only reason you light your next cigarette is because you lit your last cigarette…… so stop lighting them….. read on for the complete picture…. and… good luck!< Less
Quit Smoking Now! By Mark Mincieli
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This is my own personal story about how I quit smoking after 22 years of nicotine addiction, and how I finally quit after smoking a quarter of a million cigarettes. I overcame dozens of failed... More > attempts at breaking the constant habit, and I've spent the last 2 years of my life putting this publication together to share "exactly" how I did it. Caution: Weak-minded people should NOT read this material, and should continue to smoke.< Less
Stop Smoking Quit By david hill
eBook (PDF): $62.50
Why waste hundreds of dollars on products that might not work, find a sure way to quit smoking in this ebook
How to Quit Smoking By Julian C. Arhire
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Did You Ever Thought You Could Quit Smoking And Live A Healthy Life? Research shows that most smokers do want to quit smoking and they are waiting for that auspicious day eagerly. But still,... More > quitting the smoking becomes impossible for them. They do try but again got caught in the same grip of an addiction. They want to get succeed but again find themselves standing on the same point from where they have started their journey for a good cause. This does not happen with one or two smokers. It is a case with every other smoker. They are trying hard to quit it but are not capable because of the love for nicotine. Nicotine is a deadly drug but its addiction is very powerful. Everything you need to know to quit smoking is included here: - Advantages of Quitting Smoking and Disadvantages of Smoking - Affect of Smoking on Mother’s Womb - Affects of smoking on your skin - How to educate your child about smoking - Tips for Goodbye smoking - How to handle the pain of not smoking< Less
Commit to Quit Smoking By Stacey Lloyd
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The Commit to Quit Smoking ebook is a step-by-step guide, written by an ex-smoker, that provides specific instructions and information for people who want to quit smoking. Provided throughout the... More > ebook are specially created smoking cessation "tools" that will help you to become a non-smoker. Begin your journey as a non-smoker today! It's never too late to quit smoking.< Less
You Will Quit: Guaranteed! By John E. Topham
Paperback: $25.17
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you want to quit smoking, if you need the help to do it, this is the only thing you will ever need. This book is a direct transcript of the final stop smoking lecture series given by John E.... More > Topham; leading expert in the field of smoking cessation. That means you will finally be able to quit smoking as so many have with the help of this outstanding, innovative and down-to-earth approach to quitting. No wonder his final lecture series sold out within hours leaving only standing room spaces. Having been a smoker, a heavy diehard 3-pack-a-day smoker, John E. Topham knows just how difficult it can be to quit, thanks in part to far too many myths and misconceptions. It is this honest approach that relates to smokers that has made for success. So the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to remain a slave to tobacco, or whether you want your freedom. This book will lead you on the road to freedom; guaranteed.< Less
Quit Smoking: How to Stop By Laurie Woods
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Why not join the thousands of people already quitting smoking without effort? This is the simplest method in overcoming smoking and the problems normally associated with quitting; without feeling... More > hungry or unnecessarily stressed. It takes hard work and a lot of effort, but you CAN quit smoking! Weight gain, short-temper, anxiety and hunger aren’t deterrents when the reward for stopping smoking is your health! You will live longer and better, reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer; improve your chances of having a healthy baby; your children will be healthier and you will have extra money to spend on things other than cigarettes. What would you pay for extra years of life? Personally I would pay a lot. I gave up smoking many years ago and have had no regrets. My wife is also very happy because in her words, my kisses after quitting smoking have been so much sweeter. So, if you have a partner they will be very happy! And just watch your bank balance grow!< Less
The Clever Way To Quit Smoking By Paul Mather
Paperback: $6.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
A short guide to quitting smoking using self-hypnosis. Includes link to a free MP3 download.
Quit Marijuana Guide By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you addicted to marijuana? Do you want to quit smoking marijuana and relive a clean, simple life once more? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of people have the desire to quit marijuana once and... More > for all. This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL quitters around the world, sharing their experiences and how they manage to quit smoking this killer weed. Read through this ebook, make notes and start planning your method. Remember, no matter what good method it is, without your own determination, no method is good enough. You have to be really determine to stop touching marijuana. Before it causes more harm to you and your family, get this ebook right now!< Less
How to Quit Smoking By Thrive Living Library
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Have you ever thought about quitting smoking, but either thought it was impossible or just simply wasn’t that important? Research shows that most smokers do want to quit smoking and they are... More > waiting for that auspicious day eagerly. But still ,quitting the smoking becomes impossible for them. They do try but again got caught in the same grip of an addiction. They want to get succeed but again find themselves standing on the same point from where they have started their journey for a good cause. The fortunate thing is that thousands of people are successfully trying to escape its grip and many have already succeeded. They are same people who once have thought that they would not be able to quit. Finally they won over evil and turned their dream into the reality. Their determination has worked for them, it can work for you too and I want to show you how. I compiled this short book for you with the key points of what I found. Get Your Copy Today!< Less

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