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The Nuclear Raccoons Color My Book By Charles Thomas Gilbert
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Nuclear Raccoons is a fast moving story of mutant raccoons saving New York from it greatest evils drugs and guns. During breaks in their war on Crime, they relax by eating cheeseburgers and hot... More > dog. Radiation from the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island alters six raccoons who happened to be in the vicinity. It makes them five feet tall,endows them with human (and superhuman) powers.They fight the Evil Weasel and the muskrat, otter and mink that make up the Crackpot Gang.In between time, they even lecture kids in school about the evils of drugs and guns< Less
Chubby Panda vs. Chubby Raccoon By Thyyen Ta
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A beautiful friend-foe-relationship between a Chubby Panda and a Chubby Raccoon
Little Raccoon and the Light in the Woods 12 x 12 By Holly Sedgwick
Hardcover: $71.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a beautifully illustrated children's story about a little raccoon who is invited to Bear's tea party across the woods. Despite the snow and wind, our courageous furry character finds a light... More > that leads to love, friendship, tea and a good night sleep.< Less
Grizzly Bear Raccoon Gets a Christmas Tree By Kathy Dorsett
Paperback: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Go with Grizzly Bear Raccoon as he searches for his very own Christmas tree. You will meet his friends, Chattertail Squirrel, Rambler Opossum, and Breakneck Bunny as well. This is the first in a... More > series of books about Grizzly Bear and his forest friends.< Less
A Raccoon on the Run - Book Three of the Harlie Series By Joe Prussing
Paperback: $21.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Everyone else is dead, including Colonel Rusty ‘Red-Beard’ Horn who is alone responsible for all that had happened up on the mountain that day. Elmo Cotton, the Harlie, is the only one... More > left; he alone has survived. And he didn’t come home empty-handed. But there’s a dead man on the mountain with a hole in his chest, and a sheriff in town who wants to know who did it. The Harlie knows he’s innocent, but proving it may take a miracle or two; and he still doesn’t know what to make of the black diamond, the Motherstone. On the advice of his fly-catching uncle, Elmo Cotton leaves everything behind and becomes a fugitive, a raccoon on the run; and from now on, things will never be the same. Along the way he stumbles upon an old Indian camp where he is ceremoniously christened the ‘Great Raccoon’ and thus becomes a demi-god. He also meets up with Sherman Dixon, a big brown turtle with a gregarious heart and a taste for cat-fish and carrots...< Less
Towerld Level 0014: The Raccoon Rescue Rally By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Towbie the Twisted conducts the Raccoon Rescue Rally. The winner of the event obtains the right to marry Wendy, the postal princess. Hector_1304 wants to establish a polygamous relationship with... More > Wendy and Ephemera. He has to participate in and win the event to reclaim the right to make Wendy his bride. The entrants are; Hector_1304, the Stairway Shieldian, the Detachables (Belestekoff the Legs and LeMarr the Arms), JoJo (also known as many other aliases), the Wild Cards (the Fay Ministress and Benny_2319), and Prop-Alla-Din. Who is the favorite, heel, underdog, wild card, or dark horse? Who are willing to win the competition more strongly? Is there any collusion among the participants? Why is the Stairway Shieldian acting so strangely? Towbie the Twisted adds a twist to the event, to showcase his not-so-secret weapon, named Prop-Alla-Din to many other floors in Towerld. Can anyone escape from, or prevail over the mean meat-grinding menace? When the dust settles, a new star is born.< Less
Metabolic Adaptation to Climate and Distribution of the Raccoon Procyon Lotor and Other Procyonidae By John Seidensticker
Paperback: List Price: $7.67 $3.84 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The Little Black Traveling Cat: EIGHTY - Six Raccoons & The Big Black Bear By Ingrid Claus
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Abandoned as a kitten, Eighty finds refuge with a caring and loving family. Come travel with Eighty as she discovers love, friendship, and adventure.
Towerld Level 0014: The Raccoon Rescue Rally (Jp) By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
This book is the Japanese version of “Towerld Level 0014: The Raccoon Rescue Rally”. The story is exactly the same, but the text in this book is written in Japanese for the people who... More > need the Japanese version. So if you want to read this work and its details in English, please check the English version of “Towerld Level 0014: The Raccoon Rescue Rally". Also, this work was exclusively written as one of the made-in-Japan contents belonging to The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less
2020 Planner | Raccoon Label | 12 Months Week to two-page Diary 150 pages 8.5 x 11 with Contacts - Password - Birthday lists By Helene Malmsio
Paperback: $8.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
2020 Daily Weekly Monthly Planner - 12 month organizer * Durable Paperback Cover * Size 8.5”x11” (21.59 x 27.94cm) * Monthly and Weekly sections have extra spaces for appointments, To... More > Do’s, Habit tracking and Notes. This 150-page/75-sheet notebook includes: * Two page 2020 calendar planner * Two pages per Month Planner for 12 months * Two pages per Week view Diary schedule & Notes * Contact & Phone lists * Password Security list * 12 month Birthday list * Reference Calendars for 2019 - 2022 Check out author page for the whole range of designs in this series of planners! A lifetime fan of Diary & Journal creation for her own writing and embellishing, Helene Malmsio has compiled a collection of Diaries, Journals and Bullet dot grid Planners in paperback soft cover books for your pleasure. “When you use one of my Journals I want it to make you feel good. Knowing you can use these as a creative tool to craft a better life for yourself and your loved ones, is my inspiration – ENJOY!”< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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