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Rags and Riches By Dave Polner
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A set of twins at the same starting point in life, end up in completely different financial situations. The book will teach you what you'll need to do to become wealthy; at the same time you're... More > enjoying a great story with very endearing characters!< Less
Rags to Riches By Hallie Ranta, Virginia Ranta, Hoppity
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"A year in the lives of two inseparable friends, four-year old Hallie and her treasured rag doll Hoppity. It was the unforgettable first year of their battle against cancer." So begins... More > "Best Friends," the first entry in this three-part true story of friendship. Rags to Riches begins when Hallie and Hoppity are new to the world and continues on through to the present day, more than 23 years later. Along the way they find themselves on one of life's scariest roller coasters, and all they can do is hold on to each other as they are taken along for the ride.< Less
Riches To Rags By Nakia Holden
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Life's roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors! No matter the storm we must trust that God is still in control!
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RAGS TO RICHES: PART 1 By Richard Roberts
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FREE GRAPHIC NOVEL PREVIEW... Enter the world of Rags to Riches, the clothes shop where the costumes come to life. Eager for a headline, RAGS, Editor of the clothes’ regular gossip magazine... More > ‘The Weekly Rag’, finds himself embroiled in a quest led by respected uniform GENERAL HOMESTORES BLAZER to find the mastermind behind a series of inexplicable attacks. When suave suit SAVILLE ROW is shot with red wine and elegant TIFFANY BALL-GOWN is discovered ripped in half on the changing room floor, the clothes fear for their material lives… Who is the culprit? The flamboyant MADAME CHENILLE? The brooding pinstripe suit, VALENTINO? The mischievous gloves FINGERS and THUMBS? Dotty POLY ESTHER DRESS, or one of the other colourful characters that inhabit Rags to Riches?< Less
War, Peace, Rags & Riches By Peter J Sell
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This is a fictional novel based on the true story of four family's and how they went from rags to riches and back again several times over throughout the hundred or so years that the novel covers. ... More > It follows them through three wars and into eventual peace times.< Less
From Rags to Riches By Carolyn Tharp
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From Rags to Riches is the story of a missionary who lived for twelve years in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Relive the journey of Carolyn Tharp, her husband, Doug Tharp, and three sons as they... More > struggled to adapt to a completely different culture. Be inspired as you read about how they learned to put their complete trust in God and persevere through many trials.< Less
Rags 2 Riches By Rehema Stephens
Hardcover: $25.00
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Rags 2 Riches is the Diary of a Christian Athlete. Rehema Stephens, MBA, shares her athletic exploits from the time she picked up a basketball as a young girl to the time she retired as an... More > accomplished professional athlete. The life lessons she learned along the way makes this book a MUST READ! She writes with a bold voice, blending together actual events, poetry and the Word of God. This book was written to INSPIRE those that read it. God Bless!< Less
From Rags to Riches By Peter Greisl
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The Story of a Migrant from Austria who's dream is to find the The illusive Opal which he called Rainbow Rock, In his quest it took him and his family to Andamooka, a South Australian Opal Mining... More > town where he spent three years in the desolate and heat scorching outback of South Australia and in this time he experienced a lot of hardship, toil and tribulation from Disasters to Murder and Suicide, none of these stopped him to follow his dream. His stamina and powerful desire to find Opal, turned his life From Rags to Riches. It is an excellent book full of adveture and action. If you are an Opalholic or adventures person you most certainly will appreciate this book. This Book has not been edited it is written in the Austrian/English grammar, just like the Author spoke to establish the authenticity.< Less
War Peace Rags & Riches By Peter J Sell
eBook (ePub): $6.61
The novel is based on stories that I was told throughout my life from friends and relatives about our families past. They say that truth is stranger than fiction and when I started to put the stories... More > together in note form I thought “You couldn’t make this lot up”. The first 10 Chapters introduce the main families or rather their earliest relatives, starting in the late 1800’s through to about the 1914’s. Each of the Chapters in this novel is in chronological order It is therefore necessary to leave each family in limbo at times to maintain this date / time order within the book. This is the story of four families and how some of them went from rags to riches and back again several times whilst others never made any wealth at all. It is the story of their trials and tribulations, the inadvertent interactions between the families and famous historical figures throughout history from the late nineteenth century to the very beginning of the twenty first century.< Less