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Of the Single Rapier By Reinier van Noort, Johannes Georgius Bruchius
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In 1671, Johannes Georgius Bruchius published the "Grondige Beschryvinge van de Edele ende Ridderlijcke Scherm- ofte Wapen-Konste" in Leiden, in the Netherlands. In his work, Bruchius... More > described a style of rapier fencing that evolved from the teachings of Fabris. He presents this style through a brief explanation of the principles of fencing followed by 212 lessons. Bruchius' weapon was the rapier: a dangerous yet elegant sword of the 17th century. Its usage was dynamic and effective, with a focus on personal safety through controlling the opponent's blade. Not only does this treatise discuss bladework by way of thrusts and parries, Bruchius teaches grappling and disarming techniques, and provides many solutions to common problems that occur during fencing practice.< Less
The Thieftaker By Darren Rapier
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Darren Rapier's Epic big cast play, exploring monetarism and corruption, as well as the idolisation of criminals. Set in the 18th Century.
The Little Mermaid By Darren Rapier
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The Little Mermaid is a play for young children, with songs, for four actors and four or more child performers.
Extensions of Love By Darren Rapier
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A play for two actors, written by Darren Rapier from an original concept by Stuart Murdoch. EXTENSIONS OF LOVE examines the effects of erotomania, or psychoses passionalle: The obsessive... More > relational intrusion of one person to the detriment of another. LENA KERN is a relatively successful outgoing person. She is not a superstar, a celebrity or in charge of a large corporate organisation. She is merely the object of AMANDA JUDD’s affection. But that affection is all consuming. Through that alone LENA loses her job, her relationship, her friends and even her own sense of who she is. Their lives are fused beyond separation, the events pull both of them from the world they know, to where priorities and routines are distorted beyond recognition. The thoughts and feelings provoked are way beyond friendship, concern or even hatred, they are pathological extensions of love.< Less
People in Glass Houses By Darren Rapier
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People in Glass Houses is an absurd comedy for six actors.
Boom! By Darren Rapier
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1936 - As the country claws its way out of economic recession and the crown wavers, under the abdication of the king, the South East evolves from countryside to suburb. During the biggest housing... More > boom ever seen, the local boroughs are transformed forever. Using original songs, in the style of the time, BOOM explores the comedy and drama of people’s changing lives as the ‘sub-urban’ landscape we know today begins to take shape.< Less
The Private School of Defence: The Rapier Method of G. H. 1614 CE By Walter Green
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This teaching guide examines the rapier system of G. H., an English gentleman fencer who wrote a brief monograph in 1614 describing a simple method for fencing with both single rapier and rapier and... More > dagger. G. H.'s work is important in that he recognizes the impact of complication on the ability to make decisions in combat and has deliberately simplified his technical range to minimize these. He emphasizes the importance of skill development and provides guidance for fencers of different physical characteristics as well as strategies that fencers with disabilities may use to defend themselves. G. H. does not fully describe all of the elements of his practice, and the guide provides logical interpretations to address these gaps. The guide is designed for use by instructors in planning classes to teach G. H.'s method, and makes accessible the 6th of the series of English language fencing manuals published between 1594 and 1617.< Less
Gagueux gais gagas gags à gogo, tome 1 By Julien Cachemaille, La Rapière
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500 blagues de La Rapière, avec des illustrations de Julien Cachemaille.
Naked Sunfish - Best Bites By Rick Brown
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Best Bites is a retrospective of Rick Brown's observational non-fiction (and a memoir of sorts) taken from the virtual pages of Naked Sunfish! His enthusiasm for life's mundane events is refreshingly... More > humorous and many times poignant.< Less
Treatise or Instruction for Fencing: By Hieronymus Calvacabo of Bologna and Patenostrier of Rome By Rob Runacres
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In 1597 the great French traveller Seigneur de Villamont translated a fencing manuscript by his teacher, Girolamo (in French ‘Hieronyme’) Cavalcabo of Bologna, along with a shorter piece... More > by Paternostrier of Rome. This treatise seems to have brought Cavalcabo to the attention of the French court and he, and later his son César, would be invited to teach the future Louis XIII. This treatise may represent survival of the great fencing tradition of Bologna, and could have influenced the development of French swordplay in the early seventeenth century. Now translated into English, this treatise offers an insight into the fighting style of the period.< Less