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Financial Statement Analysis Ratios By Homework Help Classof1
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"Bunyan Lumber, LLC, harvests timber and delivers logs to timber mils for sale. The company was founded 70 years ago by Pete Bunyan. The current CEO is Paula Bunyan, the granddaughter of the... More > founder. The company is currently evaluating a 7,500 acre forest it owns in Oregon. Paula has asked Steve Boles, the company’s finance officer, to evaluate the project. Paula’s concern is when the company should harvest the timber. Lumber is sold by the company for it “pond value”. Pond value is the amount a mill will pay for a log delivered to the mill location. The price paid for logs delivered to a mill is quoted in dollars per thousands of board feel (MBF), and the price depends on the grade of the logs. The forest Bunyan Lumber is evaluating was planted by the company 20 years ago and is made up entirely of Douglas fir trees. The table below shows the current price per MBF for the three grades of timber the company feels will come from the stand. "< Less
Limitations of Ratio Analysis By Homework Help Classof1
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The debt-equity ratio gives an indication of an enterprise’s ability to sustain losses without jeopardizing the interests of creditors. This ratio is based only on information provided in the... More > balance sheet. Although stockholders’ equity serves as a buffer to protect the creditors’ interests, it should be kept in mind that the earning prospects of the enterprise are also relevant in judging a firm’s ability to survive the long run.< Less
Calculation of Dividend per Share and Retention Ratio By Homework Help Classof1
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"a) A for-profit hospital earns a gross profit of $10 million. Twenty-five percent (25%) of this gross profit is retained earnings and another 30% is charged to corporate tax. If there are two... More > 25% preferred shareholders and ten 10% ordinary shareholders, how much will each shareholder earn as dividend? b) If each preferred shareholder pays an income tax of 33.33% on their dividend income, what will be their net dividend earning? c) What is the retention ratio? "< Less
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FIN 390 WEEK 2 WHAT ARE RATIOS AND WHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT? Or Email us on FIN 390 WEEK 2 WHAT ARE... More > RATIOS AND WHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT? When we do financial statement analysis, why do we need to study ratios? Why can’t we just look at dollars of sales, dollars of debt, or dollars of profit?< Less
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Production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs (plans, know-how) in order to make something for consumption (the output). It is the act of creating an output, a... More > good or service which has value and contributes to the utility of individuals.Economic well-being is created in a production process, meaning all economic activities that aim directly or indirectly to satisfy human wants and needs. The degree to which the needs are satisfied is often accepted as a measure of economic well-being. In production there are two features which explain increasing economic well-being. They are improving quality-price-ratio of goods and services and increasing incomes from growing and more efficient market production.< Less
Financial Statement Analysis By Homework Help Classof1
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Selection, classification and interpretation. The first step involves selection of information (data) relevant to the purpose of analysis of financial statements. The second step involved is the... More > methodical classification of the data and the third step includes drawing of inferences and conclusions.< Less
Seven Science Articles on Nanotechnology, Chaos Theory, MATLAB, Solving Equations, Differential Equations, Golden Ratio, etc. By Peter Kattan
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This is a collection of seven original articles written by the author over the past several years. The articles deal with various issues in science and mathematics. Here is a list of the seven... More > articles: (1) Ratio of Surface Area to Volume in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, (2) Chaos Theory Simply Explained, (3) Solving Equations with MATLAB, (4) Differential Equations with MATLAB, (5) Fibonacci Numbers with MATLAB, (6) The Golden Ratio with MATLAB, and (7) Regression Analysis with MATLAB. It is hope that the reader will find this collection useful and informative. It is good to have these articles available in one single volume.< Less
Financial Statement Analysis Liquidity By Homework Help Classof1
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"You have been asked to attend the corporate meeting next week to discuss the performance of your division. To help you prepare for the meeting, you requested the following information from the... More > Chief Financial Officer. Determine the company’s budgeted break-even point in dollars, contribution margin ratio and contribution margins per unit by product. "< Less
The Other End of the Spear: The Tooth-to-Tail Ratio in Modern Military Operations By John J. McGrath
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This book looks at several troop categories based on primary function and analyzes the ratio between these categories to develop a general historical ratio. This ratio is called the Tooth-to-Tail... More > Ratio. McGrath’s study finds that this ratio, among types of deployed US forces, has steadily declined since World War II, just as the nature of warfare itself has changed. At the same time, the percentage of deployed forces devoted to logistics functions and to base and life support functions have increased, especially with the advent of the large-scale of use of civilian contractors. This work provides a unique analysis of the size and composition of military forces as found in historical patterns. Extensively illustrated with charts, diagrams, and tables. (Originally published by the Combat Studies Institute Press)< Less
Company Analysis - POSCO By RNCOS
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POSCO is a global player in the Steel industry.This company analysis covers information on the business structure, and products & services offered by the company. The analysis is based on... More > extensive research using data from credible publications, trade journals, industry associations and the company sources. The analysis gives a comprehensive data of the company encompassing information on its M&As, financial data, and ratio analysis supplemented with tables & graphs for better understanding. The analysis covers the SWOT analysis & analyst view by our research expert to help you understand the business of the company. Business profile of the top competitors of the company has also been given to present its current picture in reference to the industry. < Less

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