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8 Steps to Linkedin Success By Raz Chorev
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"8 Steps to Linkedin Success" is a step-by-step process, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of Linkedin and its capabilities. This is a must-read guide for sales people, recruiters,... More > marketing people and even job seekers will find Go, Get Linkedin!< Less
Easy Steps to LinkedIn Success By Raz Chorev
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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It has been 1 year since I've published 8 Steps To LinkedIn Success, the first guide to Linkedin. Since then (and probably as I'm writing this) Linkedin has changed in many ways: design,... More > functionality, capabilities, and obviously the number of users (around 120,000,000 at time of writing, August '11). This edition of the book includes as many new features I could think of, but with them same attitude I had towards LinkedIn, networking (offline and online) and business attitude I had all along< Less
Raz, dva, tri… By Ekaterina Titenko
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Екатерина Титенко Раз, два,... More > три… Сборник стихов О книге. Книга «Раз, два, три…» это сборник стихов начиная с 1988 по 2014 года. Она посвящена жизни, событиям, предчувствиям. Здесь выдумка и правда. А также предсказания и уже сбывшиеся события. Сборник стихов посвящен поколению 90 х годов. Но больше всего я посвящаю ее своим сыновьям.< Less
Až sa raz zastavím. By Peter Kováč
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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My book is full poesie, because I am romantic soul. Book is in Slovak langue.
Esche raz o proishojdenii… By Vladimir Vdovin
Paperback: $19.50
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Rybak – sem raz moryak By Boris Misuk
Paperback: $21.00
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Борис МИСЮК РЫБАК – СЕМЬ РАЗ... More > МОРЯК В море жизнь – это Жизнь! А ныне вообще – почти как у пиратов («Либидиная песнь»). Рыбак клянёт судьбу, но редко до старости меняет море на берег. И как его не любить, такого проклятого? [CODE-ART]< Less
Ne v etot raz… By Emel’yan Egorov
Paperback: $23.50
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Егоров Емельян Не в этот ... More > раз… Занимательная повесть: с песнями, танцами, мордобоем и стрельбой, но со счастливым финалом, наступившем непосредственно перед самым печальным концом.< Less
PEN:Ang Pamamahala ng Oras ng Estudyanteng Nag-aaral Habang Nagtatrabaho By one eight et al.
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Ito ay isang pamanahong papel ukol sa pamamahala ng oras ng mga estudyanteng nagtatrabaho
Fragmante Latè - Fwad Konsèp By Robert Skyler
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Yon avanti sezon nan mal konprann, sa a seri de istwa sikolojik kout, eksplore siyifikasyon yon sibtilite nan sans yo san sans neglije pa konprann tèt li.   Fwad Konsèp: Se Fasil... More > Fè   Malerezman, nan mitan moun travay ki nou briye konsa anpil nan nimewo nan, panse pa ka konte. Men, si listwa nou montre anyen pi plis pase kapasite brit nou an pou vyolans, ak desepsyon ladan l ', li se siman ke nou ka fè plis pase tout tan yo ansanm apa. Nimewo a nan travay yon gwoup kapab briye pi lwen pase moun nan se inonbrabl...   Ak, Senp English Edition: Sad, around those work that we do so great in number in, think can-not be count. Yet if our history show any-thing more than our gross size for anger...   Ak, English Edition: Sadly, among those tasks which we excel so greatly in numbers in, thinking cannot be counted. Yet if our history exhibits anything more than our gross capacity for violence...< Less
Child of the Daystar By Bryce O'Connor
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Among the scattered fringe cities bordering the Cienbal desert, the true name of the Monster of Karth is spoken only in whispers… RAZ I’SYUL ARRO. A sellsword of the utmost caliber,... More > Raz is a killer of paramount skill and highest regard. Towering tall even amongst the atherian, he is the only of his kind to live free in the “civilized” confines of mankind’s varied cultures. He has no need of loyalties, his sole affections pledged to the gold crowns that buy his time and skills. Wed to his blades, Raz’s only friends are the Moon and Her Stars and the shadows they bring with the night. But Raz was not born to the mercenary’s way, to the butchery and battle of day-by-day survival. Raz, like a sword, was hammered from steel and fire and ashy smoke, forged on the ruins of an old life. And Raz knows who he owes this new path to, this carved way of blood and iron. The Monster of Karth, after all, would never forget who gave him that name. And some debts can’t be paid in gold…< Less

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