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Remembering Beautiful You - 111 Days of Sacred Healing By Rachelle Rose
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There are so many different programs that have been ingrained into our minds as we have been culturally conditioned on this Earth. Like a computer with many programs running, our minds too have been... More > programmed throughout life. Many of these programs keep us in bondage and need to be deleted from our minds so we can have true freedom. Deep within our DNA, our original God given operating system lies in wait. We must recognize the learned operating system of this world so we can release it and allow our innate Original Divine Blueprint to operate. The meditations in this book are designed to help activate remembrance of our God given true nature and help us recognize mindsets that go against this. This book can be read one meditation per day. It can also be used as needed when things come up for us that we need assistance with. These meditations have been given to me through Holy Spirit over a 6 year period. God bless you as you walk through this Sacred Healing process.< Less
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deez- commentary28 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
My memoirs are about the things I remember. My decade in rehab created a lot of recalling. That created a lot of topics. Right now, I have 32 pages of topics. My brain is still tired from writing all... More > day yesterday. I stopped reading to take time to store up topic ideas. If I hadn't done these many topic ideas in my decade rehab, it'd be a lot different. I mourn all that “wasted time,” but in truth that time is most lucrative. I don't want to waste an ounce of that time I used working on my memory. I also had 1000s of pictures to reflect over. Granny LOVED taking pictures. There were so many. I'd look at them & get topics to talk about in rehab. The more I talked, the more memories I had pop up in my injured brain. Therefore I want to spend the rest of my life working on my memories. My traumatic brain injury was 8,843 days ago. Now I am capitulating off my immense education. I read ~10k books because college held em in 4 classes, TMC, saying they couldn't get permission to let me out of them from< Less
deez- commentary66 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Max, the producer of “Catfish.” I love the show. I love seeing fake people manifested. I love “Breaking Amish. It has people leaving a cult, finding life. 219 women rejected me. I... More > was called away from my ejectors. Maybe that's why I love “Breaking Amish.” When you see you're in the wrong thing, you need to make the decision to get out of it. I just saw a Judge Mathis case. The woman thinks it's OK for her to talk to men, but she doesn't let him talk to women. That's so Sharon, my ex! She was sweet. Birthdays 2 weeks apart, we got along well. The season similarly honed us, so that we were analogous. I told Mom we're going to start auctioning. I said that because I want to go to auctions. I just read “Guideposts” 50 minutes in the sun. It's 3:28p. Judge Mathis is on TV. I just had an Espresso. The news said caffeine grows your brain cells. I started consuming coffee like crazy. But I don't think i''ll ever compare to my brain injury buddy. He consumes 12 pots of coffee a day!< Less
ماما إقرأي هذا الكتاب من أجلي By محمد الديب
eBook (PDF): $12.99
This book is a summary of each with regard to pregnant women since the first day until weaning the baby. Pregnancy symptoms, find out the baby's sex, pregnancy diseases, breastfeeding, important tips... More > to avoid a miscarriage, the reasons for the fall of the pregnancy, how Taaji your child from the womb until weaning General information< Less
Il Mentalismo Scientifico By Vinz
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Il Mentalismo Scientifico, è un trattato sul moderno mentalismo, scritto da Lord Vinz. E' il primo testo in italiano completamente dedicato a questa moderna forma d'intrattenimento, e contiene... More > teorie, un numero completo e tanti effetti di mentalismo scientifico. Dice del libro Francesco Tesei: "Il Mentalismo Scientifico" di Lord Vinz non è solo un approccio serio e profondo alla magia mentale moderna, ma anche una collezione di effetti ben strutturati, coerenti e di grande impatto sul pubblico. Finalmente un libro in italiano che può introdurre i neofiti (e aiutare i professionisti) a scoprire ciò che Lord Vinz chiama "Psicoarte": la capacità di presentare appassionanti effetti di comunicazione subliminale in maniera coinvolgente, credibile e spettacolare. I miei complimenti a Lord Vinz per questo godibilissimo libro, che raccomando vivamente." Recensione del libro:< Less
1200 Chistes para partirse: La colección de chistes definitiva By Berto Pedrosa
eBook (ePub): $11.40
Este volumen incluye los títulos: 1000 Chistes para partirse 200 Chistes reducidos a la mínima expresión —¿Cómo es eso que se hace para que no te copien... More > las fotos? —¿Una marca de agua? —Aquarel. Pero dime lo de las fotos. —Veo en su currículum que sabe inglés. ¿Sabría decirme cómo se dice mirar? —Look... —Muy bien, ¿podría construir una frase? —Look, yo soy tu padre... —Sólo me he tomado una cerveza, princesa. ¿Te puedo llamar princesa? —No. —Está bien. Sólo me he tomado una cerveza, Agente. —¿Cómo te llamas? —Jara. —¡Qué nombre más bonito! —¿A que ji? Odio ser bipolar... ¡Me encanta! —Amor, ¿este vestido me hace gorda? —No, mi amor, lo que te hace gorda es toda esa grasa. —Perdone, ¿el doctor Ferrán? —En el despacho contiguo. —¡¿Conmiguo?! ¿Cómo es posiblue? Esto es sólo una muestra, sólo algunos de los 1200 chistes que encontrarás en este volumen. Cómpralo, no te arrepentirás.< Less
Un comienzo para un final By J. K. Vélez
eBook (ePub): $3.80
Un viaje que comienza como tantos otros en un tren y que puede ser el principio de la locura o, quizá, de una nueva e inesperada vida. Fragmento: Todo empezó hace tres meses.... More > Conozco a Esteban desde hace muchos años. Puedo decir que no creo que haya quien lo conozca mejor que yo. Cuando Esteban está deprimido, yo lo sé. Cuando Esteban está fingiendo estar estupendamente para que yo no sepa que está deprimido, yo lo sé. Cuando Esteban está exultante, para que no se note que está fingiendo estar estupendamente para que yo no sepa que está deprimido, yo lo sé. Hasta cuando Esteban está espléndido para que se me pase por alto que está exultante para que no se note que está fingiendo estar estupendamente para que yo no sepa que está deprimido, yo lo sé. Por eso, cuando entró en la redacción aquella mañana de Junio, saludando efusivamente, sonriendo a todo el mundo, amigos, enemigos y simpatizantes, convertido su andar en una danza...< Less
Punjabi Poetry By Sukhbir Singh
eBook (PDF): $2.00
This book contains punjabi poems which is written by me with the blessings of god.Read & Give Your Suggestions at

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